Franks Buys Daily Herald Internet Ad

Embedded in an article in the Daily Herald about how mainstream media articles about Donald Trump got more and more negative as his Primary Election campaign got better and better results is the ad you see below:

Jack Franks ad on the internet at the Daily Herald web site.

Jack Franks ad on the internet at the Daily Herald web site.

There is a link to the property tax part of Jack Franks’ web site in the ad.


Franks Buys Daily Herald Internet Ad — 11 Comments

  1. Why do you give Jack any coverage at all?

    He is soon to be out of the legislature.

    All your doing with the multi-part stories is place his face and name in the forefront of voters.

    Getting elected has much to do with name recognition as it does with policies and experience.

    Perhaps the better thing to do is focus on his opponents and report what they are doing and how they can make a positive difference.

  2. Mainstream Media ?

    They must be referring to the Liberal/DEMOCRAT controlled propaganda machine
    that has NOTHING much to say about HRC and her cornucopia of vile lies.

  3. I hate to burst your bubble Cal,
    but I wouldn’t consider you the mainstream media
    in the traditional sense, as mentioned at the top of this article.

    BTW, you are doing yeoman’s work on this and all
    other news.

    Thanks very much.

  4. Franks voted for tax hiking pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes while a Democrat State Representative for the 63rd Repeesentative District.

    Those are the worse types of tax hikes, as one sentence added to the Illinois State Constitition, approved by voters as a package deal with other changes to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970, states the benefit hikes are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Most of those were unfunded mandate tax hikes.

    To pension and retiree healthcare systems that were already underfunded.

    Sort of like charging more to a credit card on which you are carrying a balance.

    You are just racking up more interest charges.

    Who pays the interest?

    Public sector workers?

    No for the most part, a few exceptions.

    Their percentage of salary payments were typically not increased.

    Taxpayers fund the lion share of those benefit hikes, as part of the hiked employer or state contribution.

    Before voting for Mr. Franks, read Illinois Pension Scam by Bill Zettler.

    Most other State Reps, Senators, and all the Governors since at least 1970 participated in the scam.

    The difference is most do not claim they did not vote for tax hikes.

    He is not being upfront with voters in regards to how pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, result in hiked taxes.

    Not to mention public sector workers endlessly claiming the benefit hikes are a promise, which is what they are saying, when they say, “A pension is a promise.”

    Your hiked property and income taxes fund those hiked benefit promises (there is a hiked employee portion too in some cases).

  5. Frank’s motto

    “Property taxes in Mchenry County are Outrageous: it’s time to roll them back”

    is too little too late.

    Election time is not the time to peddle that idea as the tax problem should have been addressed decades ago.

  6. If Frank’s would win the people of McHenry County better get ready for Madigan.

  7. The interesting thing with the county board race is why.

    Why did jack give up on a legislative position?

    Why county board chair?

    What does a Jack gain amongst his Democratic Party pals by moving to county board chair.

    Do the unions gain an advantage by having him sit on the county board?

    Does his power base grow if elected?

    isn’t it the next office he runs for the real race?

  8. Observer, he plans to bring Madigan politics out to McHenry Co!

    He has no intention of cutting taxes.

    Dems never do!


  9. Dems sometimes cut taxes.

    Under heavy pressure from the Chicago Tribune, Todd Stroger successor Toni Preckwinkle cut back the sales tax.

    She reversed course after having been in office a couple of years.

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