Democrats Chose Ray Flavin to Challenge Pat Kenneally for State’s Attorney

Ray Flavin

Ray Flavin

With their slated candidate for McHenry County State’s Attorney Jim Harrison having withdrawn (to care for his ailing mother, according to the Northwest Herald), McHenry County Democrats have decided to run Ray Flavin for the post.

The Democrats met behind closed doors at McHenry County College Tuesday night in a double room near the cafeteria.

Flavin told McHenry County Blog he was “running because I’d be the best candidate and I’d do the best job.

With regard to changing direction in the State’s Attorney’s Office, Flavin said he had a couple of things in mind.

The Woodstock resident targeted the relationship of local police with the courts, saying, “the interactions with police could be a lot smoother.

“A lot of times we have police sitting around waiting for [court] hearings that don’t happen.

“I think there should be a little more concerned with the police officers’ time.”

Flavin says he wants to make the office more efficient, giving assistants more responsibility.

“I’d give assistants more authority to deal with cases based on the facts in front of them.

“Then they might be able to reach some sort of accommodation, some sort of an adjustment short of trial.”

Asked if State Rep. Jack Franks was going to assist financially, Flavin wouldn’t comment.

His Republican opponent Patrick Kenneally issued the following statement:

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

“I welcome Mr. Flavin into the race.

“I have serious concerns, however, that my most recent opponent is even less qualified for the job than his predecessor.  He has never prosecuted so much as a single criminal case.

“He ran unsuccessfully for elected office on two prior occasions as both a Democrat and Republican.

“This raises troubling questions of political opportunism and credibility.

“McHenry County residents deserve better than a last minute scramble on the part of Democratic insiders to get a name on the ballot.

“McHenry County residents deserve a serious candidate who wants the job that entails working closely with law enforcement and fighting to keep them and their families safe.”

Graphic on attorney Ray Flavin's web site.

Graphic on attorney Ray Flavin’s web site.

On his web site, Flavin emphasizes cases involving

  • drunk driving
  • domestic battery
  • criminal charges

He lists recent court case outcomes on the left hand side of the internet presence of his law practice.

No dates are given, just case numbers, but there are a lot of “not guilty’s.”

There is also a list of client comments.

These are dated.  The latest is from the April before last.

Two domestic battery cases are summarized.  In both Flavin represented the man.

Describing his background on his web site, Flavin says,

“I have been a lawyer since 1992.

“I graduated from SIU Law School.

“Before that I received an M.A. in Business Administration from Webster University.

“I have also spent six years with the United States Navy and have been a candidate for Illinois State Senate, McHenry County State’s Attorney, McHenry County Judge, Local School Board and Precinct Committeeman.”

The attorney has a blog entitled, “Excessive Bail,” but when one tries to access it, the message “We are temporarily under…”

Flavin ran in the 2002 General Election, losing to incumbent Dick Klemm.

Election results between Dick Klemm and Ray Flavin from the 2002 Republican Primary Election.

Election results between Dick Klemm and Ray Flavin from the 2002 Republican Primary Election.

Two years later, Flavin entered the Republican Primary Election for State’s Attorney.

It was a three-way race between him, Glenn Gable and Lou Bianchi.

Bianchi won, as you can see from the election results below:
Flavin St's Atty 2004 headerFlavin St's Atty 2004 GOP Gable, Bianchi, Flavin
Now, Flavin will face off against GOP Primary winner and Bianchi assistant Patrick Kenneally.


Democrats Chose Ray Flavin to Challenge Pat Kenneally for State’s Attorney — 41 Comments

  1. Flavin is “NOT A REFORMER”

    In my opinion, Flavin will continue the tactics of previous Government officials who were entrusted to represent the people and did nothing but betray the people and promote corruption. He has way too many loyalties in our County.

    Kenneally, is a “REFORMER” and his administration will bring much needed change in Government and will be the guiding light for that change.

    Personally, I trust Kenneally to bring “REFORM,” truth and justice to the people of McHenry County.

  2. Harrison just passed the flip flops to another flip flopper !

  3. I am on Patrick Kenneallys campaign and as I said before he is a man of integrity, a man with the experience to do the job.

  4. Is this like buy one pair of flip flops and get the second pair at half price.

    Patrick will be the next States Attorney !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ray Flavin has said himself that his practice consists almost entirely on DUI’s.

    How in the world could he or the democratic party think that he would be the right choice for State’s attorney.

    Looks like his qualifications are really none.

    Patrick has all the qualifications.

  6. Lets bring Beth Bentley to the forefront of this election between Flavin and Kenneally!

    Let’s bring Beth Bentley Home to the immediate family members that care about her and the people of her community who care about her!

    Let’s see are you investigating Patrick Kenneally?


  7. Let’s bring Beth Bentley Home to the immediate family members that care about her and the people of her community who care about her!

    Let’s see are you investigating Patrick Kenneally?

    Are you listening Ray Flavin?


  8. This has turned into a full on fiasco.

    If Flavin of the Month thinks he’s the best candidate for the job, why wasn’t he the nominee all along?

    They are one more drop out short of propping up a deceased candidate.

    What was their vetting process like?

    He has zero qualifications for this job.

    This guy is a hacky defense attorney.

    His website looks like something straight out of 1996.

    I expect he’s still advertising on Ask Jeeves.

    If the job consisted of representing dead beat dads and town drunks then I think this could be a great fit.

  9. One question for all of the slated Dems…

    “If you think you are the best person for the job, why didn’t you run in the Primary??

  10. GOP DAD, you hit the nail on the head……

    I didn’t know that one qualification you had to highlight was defending drunks.


    Patrick is so over qualified and he will be our next States Attorney

  11. Phen,

    You ask a great question.

    It is one the Dems can not answer with logic or transparency.

    It appears they have a career politician without a single accmplishments over his 9 term, 18 year career, and then a field of inexperienced unqualified candidates.

  12. My question why did the Dems wait if the candidates they have chosen are qualified they should of ran in the primary or do they just like to stir up the pot.

    Patrick is qualified no doubt about it.

  13. Is defending drunks in court somehow worse than having the police called on you for being drunk and belligerent?

  14. lets all not forget who P.K. was mentored under, I wonder if Flavin owns a home near a school?

    or ever plans on it and renting it out?

    something to think about .. $$

  15. How bout it?

    The Democrats are playing pin the tail on the Donkey at the next parade.

    Flavin can be the Donkey!

    That should tell you what some think of him.

    Yep, he’s a grade A Donkey…lol…

  16. The fact that you idiots have nothing good to say about Ray is even more reason why I will be advocating for votes for Ray Flavin.

    Go Ray!

    You Got them on the Run!!

    They’re scared for a reason.

  17. No one is on the run and no one is scared.

    However, we the people are trying to reform the government in our community and in my opinion, Flavin is nothing but trouble!

    There are many, many reasons why people have nothing good to say about Ray Flavin!

  18. Hey, instead of playing the game pin the tail on the Jack…….ss, lets play “FOLLOW THE LEADER” and I will follow…lol..

    Lets follow the leader to the body of Beth Bentley, which is still a mystery.

    In fact, there are many people who could lead the way.

    Any takers?

    Hmmmmmmmmm, who would like to play the part of the leader?

    Just asking!

  19. Ray, You Got This!

    Look at these scared little sissy’s

    They Got Nothing!

  20. The comments have nothing to do with fear.

    In fact, quite the contrary, as you are the scared little sissy who fears that the public will hear the truth.

  21. Stand,
    You are very entertaining. In the face of sure defeat, you still have a sense of humor.

    Flavin is without qualification. He is without relevant experience. He is at best the libs 2nd choice and he is very late to the game.

    In spite of those facts, you claim him to be a viable candidate.

    Where did you study comedy? LOL

  22. What ever happened to Duncan McHenry, Fighting Corruption have you seen him?

  23. No I have not seen her . . . maybe a another name change?

  24. That was the best ever, BTW.

    What happens when the Timothy Smith case comes back?

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