McHenry County’s Chief Financial Officer Ralph Scarbaugh Recognized

A press release from McHenry County:

Ralph Sarbaugh, CFO of the Year

Ralph Sarbaugh

Ralph Sarbaugh

Our very own Ralph Sarbaugh, Associate County Administrator – Finance, has been selected as one of nine honorees for this year’s Daily Herald CFO of the Year Award.

Beginning his career with McHenry County over 24 years ago, McHenry County Government has benefitted from Ralph’s hard work and dedication every day since his arrival.

His outstanding work ethic makes him the perfect recipient of this prestigious award. Hosted by the Business Ledger and sponsoring partners,

Ralph received his award at the 5th Annual CFO Awards of the Year reception on Wednesday, July 20.

As a testament to his accolade, Ralph has successfully implemented a fiscally responsible annual budget that has stabilized the County’s financial condition since the 1990’s.

He has never shied away from a challenge and continuously administered change for the betterment of the county, from modifying the structure of the financial model to developing a system of intercommunication between county departments and elected officials.

Peter Austin

Peter Austin

“Within Illinois, there are few counties in a greater financial place than McHenry County.

“No one is more responsible for this than Ralph Sarbaugh,” said McHenry County Administrator Peter Austin.

Over the years, McHenry County has continuously received high ratings and budget awards that demonstrate the County’s commitment to combine cost-savings and high quality service in every area. Ralph serves an integral role in the success of the County.

As an honoree, Ralph will be profiled in the August edition of the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

McHenry County Government shares in his success and extends our congratulations.



McHenry County’s Chief Financial Officer Ralph Scarbaugh Recognized — 9 Comments

  1. I can think of 40 million reasons why this guy has no business, whatsoever, being CFO of the year.

  2. Open the Books widget

    Ralph A Sarbaugh

    2015 – $156,608
    2014 – $133,575
    2013 – $140,138
    2012 – $135,729
    2011 – $129,395
    2010 – $129,229
    2009 – $117,559
    2008 – $114,504
    2007 – $120,436
    2006 – $106,904
    2005 – $101,018
    2004 – $085,933
    2003 – $078,073
    2002 – $071,885
    2001 – $065,238
    2000 – $060,594

  3. Open the Books Widget

    Peter B Austin

    2015 – $194,327 McHenry County
    2014 – $198,082 McHenry County
    2013 – $169,701 McHenry County
    2012 – $165,332 McHenry County
    2011 – $160,552 McHenry County
    2010 – $158,115 McHenry County
    2009 – $155,397 McHenry County
    2008 – $148,562 McHenry County
    2007 – $140,250 McHenry County
    2006 – $134,277 McHenry County
    2005 – $065,445 McHenry County
    2005 – $068,931 Lake County
    2004 – $097,400 Lake County
    2003 – $090,248 Lake County
    2002 – $086,202 Lake County
    2001 – $065,534 Lake County
    2001 – $014,717 Kendall County
    2000 – $061,358 Kendall County

  4. The latest information from the Census Bureau QuickFacts is the estimated population of McHenry County declined .5% (1/2 of 1%) between April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015, from 308,826 (estimates base) to 307,343.

    Illinois Policy Institute write stories from time to time on the subject looking at taxpayers and IRS migration data, census migration data.

  5. Such utterly disgusting comments from people who obviously have no clue where this county’s financial condition has been and the vital part this man has contributed to the turnaround and to the stability of McHenry County government today.

    Mr. Sarbaugh has quietly worked through one major issue after another as county board members demanded more without a clue how to make it work.

    Congratulations, Ralph! You deserve the honor.

  6. If no one else had said anything, how high do you think the Valley Hi surplus would have reached before the “CFO of the Year” would have said anything?

    Three years from now when it would have hit $50 million?

    Or would he have just continued to say:

    “Let it Ride!”

    until someone finally filed a tax objection suit against the County?

  7. Again, you do not understand… it is not Mr. Sarbaugh’s call.

    It is your county boards issue!

    Direct you venom toward them.

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