Franks Uses Tax Money To Pitch Campaign Issues

State Rep. Jack Franks is not running for re-election, instead opting to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

In a blast email he announced that on his first day in office he would cut McHenry County’s taxes by 10%.

(That would amount to about a 1% cut in one’s tax bill, because county government takes about 10% of our real estate taxes.)

Pretty interesting that he doesn’t know how much notice must be given for the County Board to discuss a topic, but there are probably a lot of things that Franks doesn’t know about county government.

Not expected is that he would give the County Board credit for cutting its property tax levy from $79 to $76 million.

And, if he ever does, Franks won’t point out that his County Board Chairman opponent Mike Walkup led that fight to cut taxes.

Below is the part of his 25,071 newsletter, printed at taxpayer expense, that addresses both property taxes and county board pensions:

Jack Franks uses this panel of his tax-financed newsletter to echo his cut real estate taxes and end county board pension themes.

Jack Franks uses this panel of his tax-financed newsletter to echo his campaign themes of cutting real estate taxes and ending county board pension themes.  Of course, he doesn’t mention that his property tax freeze bill was just another bill to get a headline.  Naturally, it was dead on arrival in the State Senate.  He also doesn’t mention that the new Republicans running for the County Board said they wouldn’t take an IMRF pension before the Primary Election.

With 18 years in the legislative pension system, Franks will start pulling in about $58,000 a year when he reaches 55 years of age.

The savings from the County Board’s having abolished their pensions will amount to about $48,000 a year.


Franks Uses Tax Money To Pitch Campaign Issues — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks to Cal & Mark for putting the
    IMPORTANT differences & info out
    There about Franks & Mike Walkup.

    Voters NEED to know this on a regular
    Basis because people seem to forget
    So quickly & don’t always process this
    Info because of the pace of society

  2. Adding to the above info . . .
    Mike Walkup led the effort to
    Lower the salary of thecounty
    board chair (which was successful).

    The amounts on this are posted on
    Older threads on the MC Blog.

    Take a minute & look it up folks.

    Mike Walkup has plenty of solid
    Accomplishments in his time on
    The board already.

    When you talk to him 1 on 1 he has
    Many creative ideas on things that
    Need change. His eyes light up as
    He talks about them.

    Mike doesn’t use the ‘I’ & ‘me’ words
    Constantly, because he is a team

    He is genuine & engaging with good knowledge of the history on any given
    Issue he talks to you about.

    Mike Walkup truly has the qualities
    That epitomize a good leader for the
    County board chairman position.

    Wish everyone would have a chance
    To meet Mike & see how RIGHT he is
    For this position !

  3. Jack Franks: (legally) using taxpayer funds for the mailing; behavior indistinguishable from that of his Republican colleagues;

    Cal Skinner: feeding himself with a taxpayer-funded pension that has reached the point where he has netted more money/cost the taxpayers more money than through his cumulative salaries & benefits over his entire state career…

    Mike Walkup: who shops for homeless people to represent in Social Security benefit hearings as a way of earning a living. Social Security benefit hearings: where the government is banned from having an attorney present to defend the government’s position, and the plaintiff’s attorney is paid by the taxpayers…

    All problems that need to be fixed.

  4. Well haven’t heard that one about
    Walkup & homeless people.

    Doubt there is much income in that.

    Seems like more like public service.

    Don’t think you would EVER see Jack
    Franks doing anything like that.

  5. Actually, would LOVE to KNOW of
    ANY OTHER Mchenry county politician using the State printing services in
    Campaign ! ! !

    If anyone has info on that, please post it !

    People/voters NEED & SHOULD know
    About this issue.

  6. Watchdog2 is that all your capable of doing is regurgitating everything the same information your looney friends talk about with no knowledge?

    Because that’s the way you come across.

    I bet stupid runs in your family as well.

  7. Did anyone else see that homeless guy in crystal lake holding up the sign that said “Michael walkup Lies”?

  8. Was it a real homeless man or another of Frank’s crew? I remember 2 guys showing up wearing masks at my campaign headquarters holding signs with awful messages, who ran away on foot. Jack’s office was only blocks away. That was the same day his campaign signs were placed in front of and behind my campaign signs. I had a good laugh, thanks Jack.

  9. Well, Tonya glad to hear people
    Posting info like this.

    Not so surprising as disturbing.

    Franks has been a Madigan mob
    Puppet for soooo long that Cook
    County Style intimidation tactics
    Could become SOP if he gets a
    Foothold in county government.

    Thanks for putting your experience

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