Kim Zinke Case Assigned to Lake County Courts

The following court communications show that McHenry County Judges don’t want to handle the Kim Zinke case.

The Illinois Supreme Court has assigned her case to Lake County.

Illinois Supreme Court Order assigning Kim Zinke case to Lake County Circuit Court.

Illinois Supreme Court Order assigning Kim Zinke case to Lake County Circuit Court.


Lake County Chief Judge Jorge Ortiz assigned the Kim Zinke case to Judge Patricia Fix.

Information on what Zinke is charged with can be found here and here.


Kim Zinke Case Assigned to Lake County Courts — 15 Comments

  1. Four McHenry County judges formally recused themselves from hearing the case.

    Apparently the rest turned it down, too.

    It would be interesting to ask Judge Sullivan why.

  2. Pete?

    Why did you change your site?

    I can no longer go there to read your posts.

  3. I would posit the judges all recused themselves to avoid just what some on this blog may insinuate, all appearances of impropriety.

    I think it’s a logical and ethical decision and one everyone should support.

    This legitimizes whatever the outcome may be.

  4. True.

    However, not insinuating.

    The Judges and Zinkes have worked together over the years and the Judges removal from the case also removes any conflict of interest.

    The transactions between the Zinkes and the Judges have not always been squeaky clean or professional.

  5. Kim Zinke herself hasn’t been a McHenry County Deputy for eight (?) years.

    Husband Andy for 18 months.

    I’m not sure Nygren’s even been in the County since I had him on the stand two years ago.

    How long is everyone supposed to believe in the politcal bogeyman?

    (By the way, I meant
    to say “Good reporting, Cal.”)

  6. Pete; the “political bogeyman” is believed to still be here and functioning by those who believe or feel that their “ox” has been gored by anyone.

    Fiction, by any other name, does not become fact just because one says so

  7. Oh, the bogeyman was probably real enough –once upon a time.

    For instance, towards the end, three different serving and ex-deputies told me privately they wouldn’t answer the doorbell without a pistol.

    I’m just suggesting it’s not that way anymore.

  8. Sound advice from those deputies-I never answer the door without a gun in my hand either-my house, my rules.

    Many ask me what I’m afraid of, and I say,

    “Nothing-I have a gun already”

  9. Wait, so they move it to the same place her husband is working part-time?

    Now isn’t that special.

  10. According to the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s website, arraignment is scheduled at 10:00 am on August 12 in the McHenry County Government Center with Lake County Circuit Judge Patricia Fix presiding.

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