Tribune Updates Hebron Mayor’s Situation — 3 Comments

  1. Sheriff Nygren moved from his Lakewood,IL home up to this small town of Hebron.

    That in itself was very strange, as this did not fit Margie or his “norm”.

    But, who did he buy the house in Hebron from ? …

    Yep, the same mane arrested on cocaine charges-Mr Jacobson..

    And then shortly after living there, Nygren sold the house in a very questionable transaction to long time Campaign worker and MCSO Garage Supervisor Brian Krause.

    And then came the Krause and Nygren battle over this, which then caused Brian to lose his job.

    Before Brian bought this house, was this a drug house ?

    There is sooooooooooo much to this story that no one has never really picked up on , yet.

  2. iknowwhatnygrendid,

    There were credible reports that the RCMP had reported that very house as a ‘station’ for ferrying illegal aliens from points South to Canadian destinations.

    This was done with satellite surveillance backtracking a truck apprehended in Ontario.

  3. Does anyone know if Nygren really lived there, or did he just buy the place in order to have an address in McHenry County after they sold their Lakewood house?

    IIRC, there was a controversy because his wife was claiming the homestead exemption in Florida while Dirty Keith was still sheriff and presumably living here.

    I know a couple of long term Hebron residents who told me they never saw him in town, and Hebron is a really small place for someone like him to go unnoticed.

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