High School Students Can Earn Community College Credits

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

McSweeney-Connelly Initiative to Create Dual-Credit Community College Becomes Law

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

Cary, IL…Illinois high school students will now have the opportunity to better afford college tuition by earning dual credit for their academic work under a new law State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) sponsored.

House Bill 5561 creates a voluntary pilot program that provides a pathway for high schools to form dual credit partnerships and agreements with local community colleges. The pilot program has a sunset date of three years to allow for legislators to review its execution and accomplishments.

“College tuition is only getting more and more expensive each year,” McSweeney said.

“This new law will open the door for Illinois high school students to earn dual credit for certain classes while they are still in high school. It is an effort to help students save money on their college tuition costs and to better assist their transition from high school to college. Thank you to Senator Michael Connelly for working to get this through the Illinois Senate and thanks to Governor Bruce Rauner for signing it into law.”


High School Students Can Earn Community College Credits — 2 Comments

  1. McSweeny is a state rep that actually works toward meaningful legislation and then gets it passed!

    He’s the real deal.

    We need more like him!

  2. Dave, how about stop with the tangent nonsense and put legislation forward to correct the balanced budget law and legislation to change the pension fund problem?

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