The Democratic National Convention — 14 Comments

  1. I believe the DNC might very well have set a
    Guinness World Record for the most liars gathered
    under one roof.

  2. Actually, with all the uranium Hillary sold to the Russians and all the $ they donated to her charity, and the speaking $ they paid to Billy boy, a vote for Hillary the liar is a vote for Putin.

  3. BOOM !

    Good call JR.

    The hate that the Libs have for the truth is something to behold.

  4. Woodstock Illinois has a property tax rate of 4.6% of total home fair market value.

    Who is directing more than $100 million annual public money cash flow, and attendant hiring and firing and contracts awards?

    Woodstock D200 school board.

    I don’t see the Hispanic community, which represents a large part of constituency and student population, represented on the school board.
    Shouldn’t someone familiar with concerns of an underrepresented community who is being taxed at outrageous rates (4.6% property tax compares to 2.5% in Chicago, 1.4% in America, 1% in Indiana) be up here in Woodstock organizing the community, backing candidates for school board?

  5. Is “Tom” a Democratic ward-heeler or an IDOT wastrel, or a local 150 boss, or a retainer for the Franks Family, or IEA flake?

    Take your pick.

  6. I saw Jack Franks on Channel 9 the other day , so he managed to get his face in front of their camera !

  7. John, you may want to do a little research into your statement that uranium was sold to the Russians by Clinton.

    Your statement is based on a debunked book and Fox news follow-up.

    It’s a BS lie.

    oldman, I am just a guy with a some knowledge and some time to call out the “crowd” on this blog who comment and the guy who writes (copy/paste) the blog. 🙂

  8. Hillary is a LIER Tom, just like her rapist, disbarred and IMPEACHED husband.

    Just admit it and you may sleep better tonight.

  9. Hey, don’t like or want Hillary or Trump.

    Voted once for Bush & voted against
    Him second term.

    Did the same with Obama.

    People just get so intense about
    These elections to the point it
    Polarizes & cripples common sense.

    Born in the early fifties & it just seems
    Like this had gotten crazy & out of control.

    Hubby & I are retired now, but do work
    With veterans & couple of other things.

    As for watchdog one . . . ?

    I will change my screen name when I
    Find just the right one

  10. Tom: Re: BS lie

    Are you claiming that the Russians did not purchase an interest in a company which mines uranium in the U.S.A.? In fact they did.

    Are you claiming that during the same time period, the Clinton foundation did not receive any contributions from people involved in the uranium deal? In fact they did.

    Are you claiming that Hilary Clinton had no participation in the approval of the deal? She did.

    While the details claimed by some are arguable, the items stated above are even accepted by the left leaning Politifact.

    No one has yet died due to distortions by Trump but can you say the same about Hilary?

    Insofar as your snide comment: “the guy who writes (copy/paste) the blog”

    At least Cal tries to provide a forum for others to use.

    What is your contribution?

  11. Tom,

    You don’t know what you are talking about.

    If you have knowledge, it does not show.

    Perhaps you need to do some honest research.

    Is your reference to “old man” supposed to be a slight or insult?

    Why do you find the need to make such a comment?

    Are you limited in your ability to communicate the issue so you have nothing of logic other than to resort to name calling?

    People see that and they immediately devalue anything you say.

    In every debate, logic, most psych classes I have taken, and life experience, name calling is strong proof of that individual having no logical argument, and or a weak mind.

    Given that to be tried and true, I find it interesting that most of the people on this blog who consistently resort to name calling are either Dems or RINOs.

    No real research, just an observation.

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