Andrew Gasser Hosting Property Tax Petition Drive This Sunday in Fox River Grove

McHenry County Board member and Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser will be hosting a property tax petition drive at the Fox River Grove Panera Bread this Sunday.

Sunday Petition Drive

This petition mirrors what Village of Lakewood Trustee Paul Serwatka has been working on over the past few weeks.


Andrew Gasser Hosting Property Tax Petition Drive This Sunday in Fox River Grove — 35 Comments

  1. Gasser you are a follower and you know this has no substance why don’t you go back to mama’s basement where you belong.

    Riding Paul Serwatka’s coat tails no independent thought of your own.

  2. Joseywales, having more control by common citizens on levies and taxation has no substance?

    Fact is that referendum should include all property taxes and income taxes also.

  3. Prediction: Illinois State government will shift school tax burden from local property tax to a state income tax.

    Most people will say: GREAT!

    That is how dumbed-down the public is.

    By simply shifting the tax burden from one source to another does nothing to reduce government / education expense.

    FREEZE the damn salaries of all school employees – quit taking money from the feds and eliminate the expenses associated with all those federal mandates!

    Eliminate prevailing wage!

    Eliminate pensions and all benefits for all elected officials!

    Replace all public sector pensions with employee funded pensions – change the Constitution!!

    Require full usage of E-Verify and jail violators!

    Quit making new laws – enforce the ones we have!!!!

    These referendums are primarily ‘feel good’ referendums but they do at least have people discussing the issue.

  4. Ignore the personal attacks Andrew.

    You are trying to CREATE change & it
    Isn’t easy.

    There are many of us that respect &
    Appreciate the many things you have
    & are doing !

  5. Joseywales, if you want to put in the effort to have a binding referendum with the same goal, I’ll be glad to sign that.

    Instead of being rude and name calling, tell me what your solution is to high property taxes?

    I personally don’t agree with all of what Andrew does, but this attempt is a move in the right direction even if some body else got the ball rolling first.

    So what is your original idea to reduce property taxes, friend?

  6. Having control over the big spending politicians trying to buy votes when it come to taxation rates would definitely feel good.

    DAMM GOOD!!!!!!!!

  7. Just reminding folks that the PETITION
    Is for the Village of Fox River Grove
    NOT Algonquin Township or Mchenry
    County !

    Perhaps impulse control is needed in
    Making such personal attacks when
    The issue doesn’t effect them ?

    Does the attacker even live in FRG ?

  8. It all sounds good until the election is over, LOL!

    andrew learned this campaign tactic early on when he helped david mc Sweeney on his campaign.

    andrew, What have you done!

    andrew doesn’t even own property or pay taxes in the county so someone tell me why this would even matter to him?

    I hate to disappoint those of you who think Andrew is somehow going to save the day by making himself out to be the caped crusader, LOL!

    andrew, Is it true you are living in your mothers basement?

    Be a MAN!

    not a boy living at home at age 50.

  9. These ad hominem attacks only reflect back on the attacker.

    Andrew’s mother is living alone and is not able to care for herself.

    There are ramps all over the house so she can get around.

    She is in constant risk of falling.

    Andrew is living there as her care giver.

    SHE pays real estate taxes, which she can ill afford and needs HIM to share household expenses that I expect she would not be able to handle on her fixed income.

    If he weren’t there she would have to be in a nursing home.

    It used to be that people lived in more extended families so they could care for one another.

    My grandmother dropped dead of a heart attack caring for my grandfather on the exact spot where I am now sitting typing this post.

    My aunt and uncle who lived next door took over for a while.

    My mother was also dying of Lupus at the sane time and stayed at home until the end, cared for by my father.

    He ended up in a nursing home himself right after she passed from the effects of a massive heart attack.

    There is nothing wrong about Andy staying at home so stop gripping about it.

    It just makes you look small.

  10. Thank you Mike W for pointing
    how Andrew HELPS & is a caregiver
    For his mother instead of spinning
    That in a negative way.

    ATTACKS on people’s personal life are
    sooo INAPPROPRIATE on public
    Forums like this or facebook.

    The irony is someone calling Andrew
    A boy for being a caregiver for his mother,
    While they are behaving like a grade school yard bully.

  11. Michael Walkup, While I have your attention.

    Can you explain to me and others here why is it that while living in city limits you don’t have to mow your lawn?

    I drove by what’s left of your family’s homestead and noticed the grass was 3 foot tall!

    Cal, what would happen if you or I tried this?

    Let me guess, city of Crystal Lake would mow it for you and surprise you get the bill.

    Michael, I could almost understand how your arrogance gets the best of you seeing there is a road named after you, LOL(what a Joke!)

    I’m bringing this up to show how Michael and his minions like to pass rules while on the board onto others while he himself is exempt.

    And Michael, is it true you are living off the government while not working a real job like the rest of us?

    Could that be why you want this county board chairman position so bad?

    michael walkup, You will Never get My Respect so save the dog and pony show!

  12. Donna, are you on this Novembers ballot?

    I’ve got plenty to say about you too!

  13. Unlike all the slimy politicians that post on this blog, I work a fulltime job to pay my taxes so don’t be surprised when we hold you accountable especially as we get close to an election.

    It seems this is when they all come out of the wood work and LIE.

    Walkup and others that have been on our county board 5 plus years should have been tax fighters early on instead of attacking others.

    That’s right I said it!

    Michael and his minions with all their No votes have only shorted us taxpayers the ability to get anything good done for our community.

    He is an obstructionist good for nothing and that said, for the first time in 25 years of voting Republican, the democrat will get my vote this Novembers general election.

    Oh, and that goes for the Recorders race as well as State Rep.

    “D” For Democrat, Get it?

    Good now vote these pigs out!

  14. The point to me is that systems are subject to operator error.

    Political systems are operated by humans and so are subject to human error, and malfunction driven by human motivation such as greed and fear.

    The posting topic, I believe, has to do with redesigning the system to make operator error less possible.

    I believe we all should refuse to be distracted by issues about any particular human system operator, but instead focus on system revamp: minimizing operator opportunity for greed- or fear-driven malfunction.

  15. Seriously, the crap people MAKE UP
    & post on a public forum BECAUSE
    They have NO IMPULSE CONTROL &
    Have NOTHING of VALUE to say in a constructive way.

    Pretty sure, Walkup Rd was NOT named
    For Michael Walkup, but WAS for his family’s pioneer ancestors !

    So this comment is ridiculous !

    ‘Your arrogance gets the best of you seeing there is a road named after you’.

    Walkup Rd has been called that since
    Our family moved to the Crystal Lake
    Area in the mid 60’s when Mike W, my
    Husband & I were TEENAGERS !

  16. FYI: The Walkup Farm is not within the city limits of Crystal Lake.

    It is unincorporated Nunda Township.

    The property is surrounded by the City of Crystal Lake but is not in it.

    He raises chickens as part of his farming.

    Isn’t that illegal within the corporate limits of Crystal Lake?

  17. Andrew and Michael,

    Ignore things like stand and others on this blog.

    They add no value.

    They have nothing worthwhile to say.

    Never met a critic who did anything positive, or added value in any way.

    Certainly, that applies here.

    It thinks it is holding you accountable.

    That is a laugh. The lights are on, but nobody is home.

    Kick the dust off your sandals and move on.


  18. Northwest Herald profile for
    Mike Walkup
    Has served on the Mchenry
    County board since 2012 ! ! !

    I THANK Mike Walkup for voting
    NO to the BIG SPENDERS who want
    To add to our property taxes of the
    29th HIGHEST TAXED county in the US

  19. Stand for BS: I am not in the city limits and I have a native tall grass prairie.

    Some of those plants can reach 15 feet.

    The settlers remarked that some of the plants were over the head of a man on horseback.

    Also chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, guineas, pigeons and a dog.

    It’s called a “farm”.

  20. Also not living off of the government unless you count Social Security retirement and the small county board salary.

    I paid for everything I have.

    The road has been so named since the early 1800’s because it ran past the Walkup farm and so it was called “Walkup’s Road”, later becoming just Walkup Road.

    There are many such roads in the county including Aavang Road, Gates Street, Brink Street, etc. etc.

    There is a Franks street in Marengo that the high school is on.

    Now when they build a subdivision they use a computer program to name the streets.

    Originally they were named for the early settlers who lived along them.

    Virginia Road in Crystal Lake is named for the “Virginia settlement” which was the group of settlers led by the Walkups in 1835.

    Learn a little local history.

    “Those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it”.

  21. It’s so easy to see that STAND4TRUTH and JOSEYWHALES, are one and the same, and happen to be a SOUR GRAPE CANDIDATE that LOST in the Primary and is trying to attack Andrew Gasser (and other officials) who stood with the ‘other candidate.’

    Grow up and move on!

    You, your kids, and your spouse are all on the Govt. payroll.

    Don’t pretend you’re just a citizen taxpayer/voter!

    Your threats to ‘turn’ Democrat are not surprising and are about as mature as you were during the election.

    You only tried to use the Republicans to gain foothold to an elected position that you weren’t qualified for and didn’t deserve.

  22. At “Stand4Truth”, you’re the farthest thing from Truth!

    Michael Walkup HAS cut taxes!

    And you benefited from that.

    If “Crows Nest” is right, it explains a lot!

  23. Why does Mike Walkup even engage these shills??!!

    he should be out walkin’.

    Fatty Franks aka the ‘Little” Liar” aka El Creepo wonn’t be doin’ that?

    Q: If Franks and his Daddy’s money does beat Walkup, can Franks even vote on anything since he’s not on the County Bd.?

  24. “CHICAGO TRIBUNE Editorial Board ENDORSEMENTS for contested races in Illinois State House

    March 1, 2016

    63rd District: The Republican who emerges from this primary race will face Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, in November.

    This one is an EASY CALL.

    Steven Reick of Harvard is a tax attorney who ran against Franks two years ago.

    This time, Reick has a GOP primary challenge — sort of.

    JEFFREY LICHTE of McHenry is on the ballot, but he ISN’T campaigning, and he is a KNOWN SUPPORTER of Franks.

    Is he a GHOST candidate put up by the Democrats to PROTECT Franks from a REAL OPPONENT?


    DON’T WASTE your vote on him.

  25. Crows nest,

    The LOSER candidate you speak of. Did he run as a pseudo Republican?

    Give us a a few more hints.

    It would be the blog version of pin the tail on the jackass.

    Nepotism and patronage too.

    I can hear squirming from the primordial swamp.

    Stand4bs would not know the truth if it ran him over in a pick up truck.

  26. look another story about Andy if that’s his real name GAS BAG bagger of gasses gasser

    FACT gasser is a GAS BAG!

    FACT Gasser is self serving because he’s got too much GAS in his bag. That’s because he eats so many cheeseburgers.

    FACT Andrew Gas Bag Gasser dont know nothing.

    Don’t be duped by gasbag gasser and his hot air gas. This farty pants gas bag gasser gave up his pension, but we can’t trust him. Watch out the GAS BAG is up to something!!!!

  27. Joe,

    While that might not have been your intention, I am LOL.

    Please tell us you were not sober when you cobbled together that incoherent mess.

    Never have I seen anyone so willing to make themself a laughing stock.

    If that was your goal, you have certainly succeeded.


    This must be a full moon…

  28. Joe,

    Perhaps you should install a breathalyzer on your keyboard.

  29. Joe, Stand4xx, JoseyWhales, those
    Last two posts/tirades speak volumes
    About your level of maturity and emotional

    As I suggested in the past, do get some
    Professional help, it’s time !

  30. “Joe” and the “Gas Bag” “Dirty Gasser” crowd are most likely the MILLER CLAN. You can see how mature they are when the matriarc County Board Granny May Miller wears horns to a county board meeting because Andrew Gasser, VC McH Co GOP wrote about getting rid of the ‘demons in our own party’ before going after the opposition.

    Of Course they don’t want to be accountable because they never have been before.
    They don’t want to change anything, because they’ve been able to get rich off local govt!

  31. Watchdog 2, Reick is no longer running against Lichte. Reick won the Primary.

    Franks is out of that race now and he slated in John Bartman who I believe is a relative of Franks.
    But nonetheless, Bartman IS a person Jack Franks wrote to our illustrious Governor Blago and demanded job for his family and friends. Batman got the job Franks told Blago to give him.

  32. Well aware of everything you said about
    Lichte & Steve Reick.

    After CrowsNest’s comments, just
    Wanted to see what would happen
    If the Tribune info was put out there

    Most of what CrowsNest seemed to match
    Up with Lichte ?

    The Tribune has Franks & Lichte’s

    It appears there may be another ‘GHOST
    CANDIDATE’, Bartman ?

    Time will tell & will the NWH figure it out ?

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