Brian Sager Resigns as GOP Precinct Committeeman

Woodstock Mayor and Greenwood Township Republican Precinct Committeeman sent the following July 22nd email of resignation of his GOP Committeeman post.

Upon consideration of conversations at last night’s meeting of Republican Precinct Committee Men and Women, I have determined the ethically responsible thing for me to do is to resign as Precinct Committeeman.

Brian Sager can be seen in the second row of the July GOP Central Committee meeting.

Brian Sager can be seen on the left of the third row of the July GOP Central Committee meeting.

Therefore, in the best interests of the McHenry County Republican Party, I tender this resignation from my elected position as Republican Precinct Committeeman of McHenry County Greenwood 6 effective immediately.

Please know this action is taken with all due respect and appreciation to you all for your hard work on behalf of the Republican Party and its mission and is certainly taken without anger or malice.

We have worked collaboratively on common goals for far too long to allow such to be the case.

Steve Reick can be seen talking to former State Senator Jack Schaffer in the background of this photo.

Brian Sager can be seen talking to former State Senator Jack Schaffer in the background of this photo. while McHenry County Board member Diane Evertsen chats with Steve Reick in the foreground.

Although Sager resigned from the Central Committee, he still attended the fundraiser for State Rep. candidate Steve Reick on Thursday night.

He showed up on a list of McHenry County mayors endorsing Democrat Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman.


Brian Sager Resigns as GOP Precinct Committeeman — 15 Comments

  1. My oh my …… Brian supports Lying Jack Franks who supports Lying Hillary who supports higher taxes and more freebies for the immigrants sneaking into our Country and more gun control, and even the scum of ‘Black lives matter’ (Pigs in a blanket; fry em like bacon).

    Couple of candidates for Cuban immigration there, and at least one ….. dare we say it RINO.

    Oh Brian we’re so sad to see you go …… NOT!

  2. @wow

    Brian Sager contributed to the creation and adoption of NorWest Bylaws and attended numerous Republican fundraisers.

    That’s probably more than the majority of Precinct Committeemen do.

  3. Woodstock municipal property tax rate: 2.2% of EAV, that is .73% of total home fair market value.

    (Most municipal tax rates in the COunty are below 1% of EAV, which is below .33% of total home fair market value).

    Woodstock total property tax rate: 4.6% of total home fair market value.

    Much of the County is closer to 3% property tax rate.
    Chicago property tax rate is around 2.5%

    America: average property tax rate is 1.4% of total home fair market value.
    Indiana and California have 1% property tax rate caps.

    This Mayor recently waived hundreds of thousands of $$ impact fees for a building project by CalAtlantic Homes which would have most likely gone ahead with or without the waiver.

    He made a speech to D200 school Board, convincing 5 of 7 to waive hundreds of thousands of dollars of transition fees for this project.

    In his speech he hinted that the time for austerity was over!

    THAT is what this Mayor has done for Woodstock: put it into a property value death spiral.

  4. Brian,

    You mentioned the word “ethically responsible ” ?

    Whats the change of heart all of a sudden ?

    No more Nygren and Zinke pals
    to help you operate the …

    Oh come on Mr Mayor, you know what Im talking about don’t you.

  5. Susan, you’re correct, but the person asked what has he done for the party, not what has he done as a public official.

    I agree with you that he hasn’t worked hard enough to keep taxes at a reasonable level.

    But even on that point, to be fair, there are 6 City Council members that deserve some blame as well.

    I hope we clean house in 2017.

  6. Good Riddance!!!

    Did the Township GOPers say something non-PC about same-sex marriage?

    Or was sagging Sager offended when a young lady Committeewoman had the damnable nerve to say,

    “The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.”


  7. Old Man, from what I have heard, he was “called out” for endorsing Lying Jack.

  8. Willing to bet Brian Sager wishes he knew Jack Franks was giving up his local seat, so he could run as the Democrat instead of Bartman.

  9. Brian Sager has been a liberal democrat for YEARS.

    He just was listed as a Republican because he thought that was the best decision for his “political career”.

    I am happy he finally admitted it.

    The “ethically responsible thing” was to acknowledge that he is indeed a democrat; he always was.

    He didn’t say it directly as that would beg the question, was he “unethical” to be a “republican” before this decision?

    The Millers, Pam Althoff, Susan Low, and others should similarly make this proclamation.

  10. Joe, you seem to be forgetting that at the Norwest meeting on the Anti-Nepotism Resolution where Brian Sager practically cried over it saying he didn’t agree with it and it should not be passed. BECAUSE HIS LOVER and HIS MOTHER WORK FOR HIS MUNICIPALITY!!! And it wouldn’t be the first time he cried in public over a policy made that didn’t suit him. Ask former MCC board members of his tears during public comment because he wasn’t going to get $100K yearly pay… as a gift!

    God, Woodstock, you really got duped with this awful bureaucrat, nepotism loving, fruitcake, spy for the Dems!
    But then again, Woodstock isn’t what it used to be. To describe it as ‘gone downhill’ would be an understatement.

    See the other degenerate county Mayors who are supporting Franks! They ALL ought to be drummed out of the GOP!

    As far is THIS PISS ANT of a Mayor, he thinks its a good idea to spend $50K of taxpayer money on stupid crap like for ‘reusable grocery bags’ for 15,000 in town households! What an idiot! Every household probably has several of these sitting around, and furthermore, you can get them at Walmart for .79 or for FREE at any trade show, expo or the like! State Farm gives them away at no charge!!!
    Gee, A ‘friend’ or relative must work in the ‘bag business’ huh?

    I’d bet there are plenty of other skeletons in his fluffy boa-filled closet that will surface soon if we could only get ahold of his hairdresser!

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