Pols Missing the McHenry Parade

Democrats have gotten a lot of publicity in running County Board and countywide candidates for office.

And replacing them when their first choices dropped out.

McHenry has one of five pretty much “must appear” parades.

The only Democrat with a presence was State Rep. Jack Franks.

But the Hillary Clinton Democratic National Committee Delegate did not appear.

The only hint at what office State Rep. Jack Franks is seeking can be seen above.

The only hint at what office State Rep. Jack Franks might be seeking can be seen above. ┬áThe sign says “State Representative,” while he is running for County Board Chairman.

He sent his wife and supporters to hand out frozen treats–a really good idea on last Sunday because of the heat.

Missing were the Democrats two countywide candidates:

  • Ray Flavin, slated for State’s Attorney at a secret meeting to run in place of previously slated Jim Harrison, who is cared for his pretty ill mother
  • Lynn Gray, approved by local Democrats to run for Recorder of Deeds

John Bartman, the newly-designated candidate to run for State Representative was also not in the parade.

There were two candidates for McHenry County Board on the ballot last Sunday:

  • Robert Rosenberg
  • Andrew Breen

Neither had a presence in the parade.

Since then Breen has withdrawn his candidacy.

The only Republican candidate not at the McHenry parade was State Rep. Barb Wheeler.

She was at a family event.

She has no Democratic Party opponent.


Pols Missing the McHenry Parade — 2 Comments

  1. Was Ron Sandack at the McHenry parade?

    He seems to have a strong McHenry County “connection.”

  2. So Melissa Coyne?

    Is she still running?

    Doing anything?

    She’s supposedly challenging Pam Althoff, and can’t even show up to one of the main parades in the district?

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