Walkup Criticizes Franks for Support of Farm Tax Hike

A press release from Republican Party McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup:

Jack Franks set to vote for massive tax increase on sale of McHenry County Farms

Mike Walkup, County Board member and candidate for Chairman of the Board of McHenry County revealed today that ‘Lying’ Jack Franks, Democratic State Representative from the 63rd district and Delegate for Hillary Clinton is voting for or has already voted for the Democrat Party’s platform which includes tax increase language to wit,

“Restore fair taxation on Multi-Million dollar estates.”

[See page 13, paragraph 2 of the Democratic Party Platform.]

“This is an onerous development for our County’s farmers” said Walkup.

Corn field

Corn field

“I don’t understand the logic of a man

  • who first of all says he won’t run for an office then does, after serving nine terms in an office he said he would only serve three in;
  • who then turns around and stabs his own constituents in the back with huge tax increases while locally pretending publically to be fighting taxes.”

“Family farms here in McHenry County are being taxed into oblivion and now this outrage from a totally disconnected Democrat who makes his living in the banking industry doing foreclosures.”

“A simple 280 acre farm at today’s prices is worth in excess of three million dollars and the heirs simply can’t afford Franks’ tax increase” Walkup said.


Walkup Criticizes Franks for Support of Farm Tax Hike — 31 Comments

  1. Jack is and should be a Crook County candidate!

    Don’t be fooled about Jack!

    We need Mike as county board chairman.

  2. Well said, Mick.

    Total truth and good solid facts on every point.

  3. LMAO ……. Who does Lying Jack the DEMON-CRAT think he’s fooling?

    First it’s the widows and orphans whose homes he steals with bank foreclosures, and now farmers who wish to leave their property for which they WORKED all their life for to their kids.

    Get your hands out of our pockets and your sorry DEMOCRAT ass out of our County.

    Go back to Chicago where you raise all your money.

    Hit the road Jack.

  4. The average size farm is 250 acres or so in McHenry County.

    Some are more, some are less.

    This is the problem when government creates laws resulting in future expenditures with no corresponding future revenues, a specialty of the Federal government and State of Illinois government.

    Pensions and retiree healthcare fall in that bucket.

    The future arrives and then the game is played, cut here and hike there.

    Since there was no future revenue plan or service cut plan at the time of the hikes, the taxpayers did not agree to the future cuts and hikes, and the taxpayers were not told there would be future cuts and hikes.

    Which is where we are now.

    Jack Franks and John Bartman own farms, or maybe the title is in a family members name.

    This is why Jack Franks was a tax hiker in the General Assembly, even though he claims he never voted for a tax hike.

  5. “Moderate” logic: there aren’t many of those people, so you don’t have to worry about what we do to them…

  6. 900 farms or so in McHenry County.

    Those are rough numbers.

    Farms consolidate over time, as the average size of the farm is getting bigger and the number of farms decreases.

    The Census of Agriculture 2012 has figures that are more up to date than the Illinois Soybean Association figures in the link above; the Illinois Soybean link uses 2007 census figures.

  7. Yes the McHenry County Farm Bureau uses the 2012 US Department of Agriculture figures.

    So now Democrats such as Jack Franks and John Bartman can explain to 900 McHenry County farms exactly what that Democrat party means when it says, “restore fair taxation on mulitimillion dollar estates.”

    Notice the 2016 Democratic Party Platform dated July 21, 2016 does not use the word “farm.”

  8. What social services do farms require?

    1. Ag zoning is one domicile per 40 acres, so if average local zoning is 1 domicile per acre, then each farm places cost burden of One Fortieth (1/40th, or 0.0025%) the amount of the average household.

    2.school, Fire and rescue, library, use of MCC, MCCD, roads, and other County services, same 1/40th percentage cost burden.

    And farms do not typically catch on fire, require 40 police domestic disturbance calls, use 40X library services, or have other cost requirements typical of average households.

    What do farms add to community which housing developments do not?

    Less traffic

    Watershed recharge (water catchment)

    Oxygen production

    Water discharge pathways (flood amelioration)

    Cheap (super cheap) and reliable primary resource cost for add-on food and fuel producer buusinsses which pay taxes up the production chain.

  9. Right on Susan, cows and corn don’t go to school or use the services that homes do.

    If they remove the ag tax benefit from farms, they’ll all be for sale with no buyers as residential development has stalled here in this horrid state.


  10. Yeah…. I literally posted two links to farm stats and y’all think I’m “attacking” farmers.

    But Susan, that’s literally the most garbage post about the environmental friendliness of cattle farms.

    Watch Food INC, Frankensteer, read Fast Food Nation, and omnivore’s dilemma and then tell me cows generate oxygen.

  11. The number of farms and the services they use is not the point.

    The issue is Franks and the Dems not providing the tax decrease they promised, but pretending to be fighters to reduce taxes.

    With Franks, and all Dems, that is to be expected.

    Franks has a long history of saying one thing and doing another.

    This is just another example.

  12. We just need to stop political scandals from ruining our state.

    Do you think that Ron Sandack’s “connection” to McHenry County will come out in the news?

    Will Donna Kurtz let us all know what Sandack was doing at the bar at her event and who he was with?

  13. Relevance of farm taxrates:

    New-Colonial paternalism by ruling parties advertises itself as equitable, beneficial for all of society.

    Taxes or tax exemptions are introduced as social engineering mechanisms to encourage or discourage desired behavior.

  14. Right on Susan, cows and corn don’t go to school or use the services that homes do. If they remove the ag tax benefit from farms, they’ll all be for sale with no buyers as residential development has stalled here in this horrid state.

  15. I would be in favor of cutting all subsidies to anything whatsoever,
    Tax all inheritance at capital gains rates,
    Abolish trust accounts,
    Tax school endowment Funds,
    Abolish charitable deductions and exclusions without exception,
    Tax all benefits to public and private workers on a pat basis(no exceptions for health insurance premiums),
    And completely deregulate prescription medication.

  16. The sooner farm subsidies are cut, the sooner farmers will quit voting for Progressives.

    There should be zero subsidy for farms and businesses.

    It is interesting how many in the ag community vote for Progressives like little liar Jack and Dickie.

    You can include many County level Republicans in the Progressive column.

  17. Re: “Abolish charitable deductions and exclusions without exception,”

    Just as soon as you get the government to end all ‘grants’.

    Until then, it is an absurd comment.

  18. My two farm plots and two of my neighbors assessments were already raised.

    My two 34%, my neighbors 12% and 10% .Township says it’s the county, county says its the state!!

    Anyone else had big increases??

    It’s Robbery!!!

  19. Moderate,
    You finally said something that is correct.

    And I quote you ” I don’t think.”

    That has been obvious to the rest of us on this blog. At least now, you finally admit it.

  20. Mr. Radke, you made me LOL!

    I owe you a cocktail.

    ‘Moderate’ is a flack from the Donkey Party outed for all to see.

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