Abolishing Peru Township

Peru Township

Peru Township

The Illinois Policy Institute has an article on an advisory referendum put on the ballot by the Peru City Council.

The article points out that of $390,000 collected in property taxes, “$189,000 – almost 40 percent – went toward its employees’ salaries.”

Further explaining the situation, the article says, “Peru Township covers 18 square miles, a majority of which is also covered by the City of Peru. There are, however, six miles of road the city does not cover that LaSalle County could take over if the township were dissolved.”

The strategy is similar to the one I suggested regarding the creation of a new Crystal Lake Township consisting of Lakewood and Crystal Lake.

Boundaries of proposed Crystal Lake Township.

Boundaries of proposed Crystal Lake Township.

Formation of the new township would be followed by asking the Illinois General Assembly to pass a bill allowing abolition by referendum.

Here’s the way the article puts the Peru strategy:

“Consolidating or dissolving a government is no easy task. If the city’s research proves consolidation would be cost effective, then a binding referendum question will have to be added to the ballot of the next proceeding election. Should that referendum pass, the Illinois General Assembly would then have to pass legislation allowing for the consolidation, similar to Belleville Township’s consolidation.”


Abolishing Peru Township — 3 Comments

  1. Cart before the horse again?

    The city of Peru should already know the numbers and facts, as should the county if they have to take over the Peru township roads.

    The need for a vote is not really needed, or it shouldn’t be needed.

    All along, just like everywhere else, the city, township, and county should of been working together to control costs and supply the services it’s residents want.

    Add the State and Fed into that also.

    Changing the gov we have now is not a easy deal, consolidation/elimination could actually cost more if not given proper consideration.

    Real property tax savings worth noticing will only come from service cuts, consolidation/elimination will create bigger more expensive gov agencies.

    Yes lets look more into real savings, but get the horse back out in front again.

  2. Big government striving to become even bigger through hostile takeover.

    Anyone seen what percentage of the City of Peru’s budget goes to their employees..?

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