Republicans Get Chance to Caucus in Replacement for Provenzano

Nancy Gonsiorek

Nancy Gonsiorek

Nick Provenzano

Nick Provenzano

So far this election season, the Democratic Party has been the one slating new or replacement candidates for various offices.

The meetings have been held behind closed doors.

Time will tell if the Republican Precinct Committeemen from McHenry County Board District 3 will allow outsiders or not when someone is selected to replace just resigned Nick Provenzano on the ballot this fall.

Number three in the primary election was Nancy Gonsiorek, but the Committeemen are not required to select her.

The precinct results in the GOP Primary Election follow:

D3 GOP Canvass Precinct Totals 3-16

D3 GOP Canvass totals 3-16

Gonsiorek came in third, as you can see below:

  • 32.3% – Mike Walkup
  • 30.6% – Nick Provenzano
  • 20.4% – Nancy Gonsiorek
  • 16.7% – Cheri Rickert


Republicans Get Chance to Caucus in Replacement for Provenzano — 11 Comments

  1. Gonsiorek and Rickert were not chosen by Republican primary voters, and there is a reason for that–neither are conservatives, and some may say they are really RINOs.

    I think the McHCO GOP needs to reach out a litter further to find a replacement for Mr. Provenzano.

  2. And this is a perfect example of why you RUN for precinct committeeman.

    The committeemen will have an enormous decision to make.

    There were a lot of anonymous cowards out there saying the precinct committeeman position didn’t matter.

    Well now we see it does.

    The McHenry County Republican Party will continue to reform itself.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens.

  3. D-3 has the highest number of Republicans (people who vote Republican in a primary) when compared to the other five.

    Hopefully they will slate an honest conservative.

  4. When on the school board Nancy Gonsiorek never met a tax hike she didn’t vote for!


  5. Oh AND when she was running in the primary, when asked, she said there “were no pressing issues”!


    If you haven’t noticed our taxes are way out of line!

    This just goes to show she is not built for politics.

    She just wants to vote for spending other people’s money like her girlfriend Schofield.


  6. I get a kick out of the barrage if County Board candidates (running for member or chair) running on a platform of lowering taxes.

    As I understand, the McHenry County Board has held the line on taxes for the past four years.

    This means that the McHenry County portion of our property tax bills (roughly 12% of the bill) has not gone up; it hasn’t gone down either and I am sure that we can find areas in which to cut.

    Although a blanket statement of cutting “10% from day one” seems to have more to do with politics than governance, but I digress.

    Anybody with a tax bill can look at it and find what areas have increased or decreased from last year.

    By and large it is the school districts (approx 60 – 65% of the tax bill) which has the biggest increase.

    Attending school board meetings consistently, speaking-up, and applying pressure to board members may work to get a few to vote against a tax hike.

    What really needs to happen is that some of the arm-chair quarterbacks need to get off their duffs and run for school board to STOP these school districts and administrators.

    Some of them truly believe that they are entitled to take a tax hike every year because the law permits them to do so.

    They already have prepared PowerPoint presentations to show a doom and gloom scenario if .after a few years of no tax hike or “too little” of a tax hike the districts will be running deficits and they’ll need a tax hike referendum – without which the state will take over and hike taxes at will.

    Being a school board member is not as sexy or high profile as being a county board member but it has a much greater effect on property tax rates.

    If half of the people across our beloved county who complain about McHenry County having the 29th highest taxes in the nation and who think the county board can do much about them would run for their local school board then we might finally be able to get some relief from some of the taxes which are driving so many out of this once-great State of Illinois.

    BTW, a 10% cut in the McHenry County budget would save about $72 on a $6,000 property tax bill.

    As was told by the prophets of old,

    “Don’t Believe the HYPE!”

  7. Agreed John, but if you further we actually LOWERD your property taxes by eliminating the Valley High levy on your tax bill!

    This was done by a collaboration of all your Repubican County Board and initiated by myself when I questioned the need in Finance Committee, to do a levy for a program which had over $40 million in reserves.

  8. Thank you for the correction, Chuck – and for leading the way to lower taxes!

  9. @ Chuck- explain to me how that surplus happened.

    Who was on the board?

    How many Democrats?

    Who made public that surplus?

    I am tired of people jumping onto the bandwagon of being a fiscal conservative when they don’s seem to understand how to read a budget.

  10. Gotta agree with inish on this, that levy has been gowing to gargantuan proportions for how many years?

    And now, suddenly, all the “tax-fighting, fiscal Hawks” awaken from their years of slumber…

    Dave Steiper, are you reading this?

  11. Same M.O. as the IMRF for county board.

    Gasser spoke publicly against it and had half the board attack him for it.

    Then Jack begins to campaign on it and suddenly they’re all on board with doing away with IMRF?

    And claiming

    “let the change begin with me”?

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