Jack Franks, the Man Who Would Be King?

Commenter “Questioning” has listened to the interview of State Rep. Jack Franks on Justin Kaufmann’s WGN radio show on Wednesday night.  He had the following reaction:

After listening to the interview, I draw the following conclusion:

the little liar actually believes he can become King of McHenry County.

To paraphrase a portion of the interview, when he puts an item on the agenda and he does not get the vote he wants, he will simply put it on the next agenda and the next agenda and the next agenda until he gets the vote he wants.

Solution: Take the power of creating the agenda away from the Chairman.

If this does not happen, McHenry County will be just like Springfield – Madigan only brings bills to the floor that he knows will be voted on the way he wants.

The little liar wants to clone that practice in McHenry County.

Listen to the interview – he wants to become a clone of Madigan operating in McHenry County.


He knows he will never be elected governor or ever become Speaker at the state level.

BTW he makes the statement that Valley Hi is for the ‘indigent’.

I would like to know how many people stay at Valley Hi and the facility receives zero dollars from Medicare or Medicaid or some private insurance company?

Any Board member interested in continuing to do the positive work they have started – lowering our property tax – needs to jump on board the Walkup campaign!

The little liar is scary!!!


Jack Franks, the Man Who Would Be King? — 5 Comments

  1. Yep, Jack Franks has cloven hoof
    & mouth disease !

    He steps in IT & then IT comes out through his mouth.

    Unfiltered brain, poor impulse control & ego bigger than the state of Illinois.

    That’s a picture of our local Mchenry
    County, career politician & egomaniacal
    Jack Franks. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Cal, if you are going to publish a smear piece, you ought to publish the writer’s name with it.

    Who is “Questioning”?

  3. If Cal published one name, he would have to publish all the names of people who hide behind screen names.

    There would only be a few left on the blog.

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