Gonsiorek and Chritstensen Seek Republican District 3 Ballot Spot

Nancy Gonsiorek

Nancy Gonsiorek

Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen

So far, McHenry County Blog has identified two who wish to be candidates on the Republican ballot this fall to replace County Board member Nick Provenzano’s candidacy:

  • Former Crystal Lake Grade School member and GOP Primary Election County Board candidate Nancy Gonsiorek and
  • Cary Grade School Board member Chris Christensen, who was a leader in the fight against the gas-fired electric power plant proposed in Oakwood Hills.

Both are Republican Precinct Committeemen in District 3.

Other weighted votes, the way the Precinct Committeemen will vote, can be found here.

Gonsiorek’s precinct has 130 Republicans who voted in the primary.

Christensen’s has 127.

A meeting is scheduled at Republican Headquarters in the Crystal Lake Plaza at 7 on Monday evening.


Gonsiorek and Chritstensen Seek Republican District 3 Ballot Spot — 8 Comments

  1. Gonsiorik?

    We’re finally riding ourselves of Schofield, why would anyone want her twin?

  2. Chis Christensen is the definate,
    Hands down choice here.

    He does his homework & is able
    To see important aspects of issues
    Which he communicates expertly
    To give people perspective.

    Chris is discerning in how he works
    With others & will be with current
    Board members.

    Praying Chris is the choice tomorrow
    Night, he has my support !

  3. Is it simple majority?

    I had posted something from the bylaws on an article a few days, but realized that was about endorsements in the primary which isn’t what this is.

    For an endorsement, one needs 3/4.

  4. I don’t think you are reading about an endorsement in a primary election.

  5. Watchdog 2 you should keep quite because some people won’t vote for Chris because they don’t like you or what you support

  6. JW , I’m not a cardcarrying Republican, but an independent (believe it or not ).

    In private, I’m much less outspoken.

    With all the provocative things people say on this board, it does seem to bring out
    quite abit more intensity in everyone.

    You too at times, right.

    Most people forget what others have said
    In about 48 hours, so I doubt much damage has been done to Chris C.

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