CL Park Police Doesn’t Get the Memo

Today I called Crystal Lake Park District Jayson Herbster to complain about State Rep. Jack Franks distribution of ice cream at the band concert.

Obviously Franks would be campaigning for McHenry County Board Chairman, because his district covers the western and northern part of the county.

Jack Franks distributing ice cream (strawberry and chocolate swirl) at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach Band Concert.

Jack Franks distributing ice cream (strawberry and chocolate swirl) at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach Band Concert.

Herbster told me we were allowed to distribute literature at the gate as long as we were outside the fence.

Later in the morning Herbster called back.

He said that Franks had paid $75 to be a partial sponsor of the band concert.

He told me he had consulted with his attorney and told me the attorney had said that the entire park was a public venue (maybe he used different words) and that we could pass out literature anywhere.

So, I and Mike Walkup stood outside the gate and passed out literature telling people it contained the connection of Jack Franks to Rod Blagojevich. (See Jack Franks communication below.)

The memo that Jack Franks sent seeking patronage appointments from Governor Rod Blagojevich.

The memo that Jack Franks sent seeking patronage appointments from Governor Rod Blagojevich.

A female park district employee took a photo of us passing out the literature on a cell phone.

Later, after we saw Jack Franks’ people passing out campaign literature in the parking lot, Park District Police Officer Dalton came up and told us that a complaint had been made about out passing out campaign literature on park district property.

Undoubtedly one of Jack Franks’ minions made the complaint.

The Officer took our names, addresses and birth dates for a police report.

Jack Franks snapped a photo of the interchange.

I told the officer of my conversation with Herbster and what he told me the attorney had said, but he refused to call Herbster or the Park District attorney, saying he was just enforcing the ordinance.

After than we stayed on the sidewalk.

Can’t wait to find out why Herbster did not pass on the attorney’s advice to his Police Officers.


CL Park Police Doesn’t Get the Memo — 12 Comments

  1. I keep asking the same question over and over….

    Does any one know how Bill Clow got his job with the Harvard School District?……….at a time when According to Dr Lori Tobias was broke and they were cutting down on extras….

    Does Jack Franks have a connection with Dist 50?…….

    the job Bill Clow got was filled before public notification……..

  2. To: Cal, Mike and the balance of McHenry County Republicans
    Welcome to the ‘new’ McHenry County.

    Many of those who run as Republicans in McHenry County at the local, state and federal level have been ‘consorting’ with what I consider as my enemy for a long time.

    They literally wrapped their arms around some Democrats.

    Some of those Republicans openly consorted with Local 150 by taking their campaign contributions and even placed their campaign signs on Local 150 property.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats strengthened their political hold on Chicago, Cook County and the State.

    The Democrats in our country have ‘transformed’ politics and our entire society.

    The Democrats (while Republicans stood by or supported the Democrats such as the little liar) have transformed parts of Chicago into a war zone and created an unattractive business climate in this state.

    While this consolidation of power in Illinois was occurring, the communist party of the U.S. moved their headquarters to Chicago; an Alinskyite was elected to the White House and now another Alinskyite wants to take his place.

    The little liar has been a Delegate for the Alinskyite, Hilary, twice.

    Do you think for one moment he does not employ the Rules for Radicals?

    He did it with the creation of the position of Chairman at large; he did it with the IMRF witch hunt; and he did it yesterday at the Park.

    The little liar has the full support of the public sector in this County (especially at the County level) because the Republicans have been supporting the taxpayers by attempting to rein in runaway public sector costs.

    That means trying to stop pay and benefit increases the taxpayers can no longer afford.

    This means Republicans are their enemy.

    You have been consorting with the enemy and that enemy smells blood.

    Last night you were the victim of Rule 4 and with the Local 150 lawsuit Board members were the victim of Rule 1.

    Advice to Mr. Walkup: QUIT POSTING ON BLOGS!

    You do not know how to play in the Alinsky sand box.

    Anything you do or say will be used against you!!

    The truth no longer matters.

  3. When will the servants (taxpayers) realize rich politicians have their own set of rules?

  4. This incident is just DISPISCABLE ! However truth as told just shows ALL of us taxpayers that Good Old Chicago Politics are well and residing now in our Town! … and you cannot say you did not know what kind of people are running out here…. Thanks for the article.. very enlightening.

  5. I was at the part- why don’t you tell the whole story Cal?

    You were putting flyers on windshields.

    Franks was a paid sponsor.

    Walkup should have thought about it and written the check first.

    Do you really think using a 2003 memo is your best tactic- Given that in 2003 Walkup was campaigning for Melissa Bean against Phil Crane?

  6. Maybe Inish & ModerateNOT should get married

    Or maybe they already are.

  7. I put no flyers on windshields.

    The Franks people were handing out campaign literature in the parking lot.

  8. Lol !!!

    Thank you for clarifying that Walkup was putting literature on cars rather than paying for a sponsorship.

    This is typical of Walkup when there is an event he is looking for the free ride even when he goes to fundraisers he ask if he can get in for free and eat the free food.

    I have even witnessed him asking to take the left overs home that he did not even support with a contribution.

  9. AHHH, HAAA!!!, Ha,Ha

    Michael Walkup are you back to your old tricks Dumpster Diving again??

  10. The person standing with his hand on the table, wearing a Jack Franks campaign hat, and Jack Franks campaign t-shirt, is Jeffery Lichte.

    Jeffery Lichte is the Jack Franks supporting Democrat who ran as a Republican candidate in the March 15, 2016 Republican primary election for 63rd District State Representative.

    That’s the same election that Jack Franks wan unopposed as the Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative.


    Jack Franks’ wife Debby is seen wearing a blue “JF” sticker.

    That’s the same stickers that were photographed at the McHenry County Booth at the McHenry County Chamber of Commerce Expo on Saturday, Febrary 25, 2017….political stickers on display at a County Booth at a government event, which were also worn by a Jack Franks patronage employee (Oliver Serafini) at the event.

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