Term Limits: Franks Was For Them Before He Was Against Them Before He Was For Them

Going John Kerry one better, Jack Franks has been on different sides of one issue three times.

When Franks first ran for State Representative in 1998, the Northwest Herald reported not once, but twice that Franks would limit himself to three terms.

On September 28, 1998, the Northwest Herald reported that Jack Franks

On September 28, 1998, the Northwest Herald reported that Jack Franks

The day after the fall election, Jack Franks

The day after the fall election, Jack Franks

That was then.

When confronted with the issue of term limits on the Dennis Miller show in November of 2011, Franks had a different story.

Jack Franks bridled on the Dennis Miller radio show in Chicago when asked about term limits. "“If you have newbies coming it, they’re going to get rolled," he told Miller. "You bridle at that?" Miller replied.

Jack Franks bridled on the Dennis Miller radio show in Chicago when asked about term limits. ““If you have newbies coming it, they’re going to get rolled,” he told Miller. “You bridle at that?” Miller replied.

These quotes from the Dennis Miller Show pretty clearly show that Franks was opposed to term limits:

Franks: “If you have newbies coming it, they’re going to get rolled.”

“Why not say, ‘I’m out of here in 8 years?’” Miller asked.

“You bridle at that?” Miller asked.

Howell, Big John mastheadThen in May while being interviewed by on the WLS’ Big John Howell Show, Franks said,

“I believe we need term limits.”

Jack Franks has jumped around on this issue more than the Jesse White Tumblers.

Only the Jesse White Tumblers flip more than Jack Franks on the issue of term limits.

Only the Jesse White Tumblers flip more than Jack Franks on the issue of term limits.


Term Limits: Franks Was For Them Before He Was Against Them Before He Was For Them — 15 Comments

  1. I did some digging on Walkup last night.

    Mike, your divorce papers are really interesting. It brought a few other things into light. For example, maybe Mike Walkup is not running for Chairman for the most altruistic reasons. Consider he is selling his family farm that he brags about on his literature and taking in disability checks – maybe that disability is running out and he needs to bump his salary?

    Also, Mike Walkup has to pay his wife alimony while he’s on disability (and running for two public offices). Maybe Mike needs the chairman pay bump so he can settle this fiduciary responsibility and he really isn’t all that interested in public service.

    I also found it interesting that Mike said in a 2012 Daily Herald questionaire that he was against board members receiving healthcare and pensions – but he did it anyway and signed up in day one.

    You know, I’m sure Mike’s a decent guy. I’m sure he’s concerned about the county. His roots go deep. I’m sure Mike, at one point, could have been completely unbiased and not beholden to the board. Seems these days though, Mikes in for the …. http://goo.gl/gufJKc

  2. Another Alinsky comment from the ‘Moderate’. Attack the person, avoid the real issue that Mike’s competition lies and lies. Mike’s competition is ‘selling’ a ten percent property tax decrease which is NOT even within the realm of the possible. All ‘Moderate’ has to offer is a personal attack. A true Alinskyite!! Why is a ten percent reduction not possible? The Democrats sold the public sector pension guarantee and the dumbed down voters bought it. The pensions must be funded with taxpayer dollars because our economy sucks!! Now we have to deal with fools like ‘Moderate’ and his cohort ‘alabamashake’.

    Wake up voters! Walkup’s competition is not a straight shooter and neither are the supporters of the guy who has a family with deeeeeeeep pockets!!

    If Mike is poor, he can understand much better what his fellow taxpayers are feeling. His competition was born with a “silver spoon in his mouth”.

    Question to voters: Do you want to employ someone who could use the money that goes with the office or would you sooner employ what I consider to be an egomaniac whose main stated goal is to run (ruin) the County?

  3. Democrat Jack Franks v Republican Mike Walkup in the inaugural McHenry County Board Chair election on November 8, 2016.

    Jack Franks is current Democrat State Representative 63rd District representing western McHenry County.

    Jack Franks was first elected to that position on November 3, 1998, narrowly defeating Republican Mike Brown, 15,575 – 15,437.

    During that election cycle, newspapers reported, and citizens remember, that Jack Franks said he would serve a maximum of 3 terms.

    Each term in the Illinois State House of Representatives is 2 years.

    The Illinois State House of Representatives along with the Illinois State Senate makes up the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA or GA).

    91st GA, 1990 – 2000 = 1st term
    92nd GA, 2001 – 2002 = 2nd term
    93rd GA, 2003 – 2004 = 3rd term
    94th GA, 2005 – 2006 = 4th term
    95th GA, 2007 – 2008 = 5th term
    96th GA, 2009 – 2010 = 6th term
    97th GA, 2011 – 2012 = 7th term
    98th GA, 2013 – 2014 = 8th term
    99th GA, 2015 – 2016 = 9th term

    So three terms would have been through the 93rd GA, which was 2003 – 2004.


    Here from above is what the Northwest Herald reported.

    Northwest Herald

    September 20, 1998

    “In his speech, Jack Franks pledge to hold himself to 3 terms in the Illinois House.”


    Northwest Herald

    November 4, 1998

    “Franks, a political newcomer, has said he plans to serve only three terms if elected.”

  4. I don’t care who you are, your comparing Jerk Franks’ flipping to the Jesse White Tumblers is just too funny!

    If it weren’t true, I’d probably even enjoy the laughter.

  5. Moderate NOT
    (perhaps Jack Franko himself)
    brings up personal things about
    Mike Walkup AGAIN
    To DEFLECT & DIVERT attention
    from all his misdeeds, dirty tricks,
    & flip flopping like a fish on land.

    Mike is a ‘good guy’ & has ALREADY
    SHOWN to Mchenry County Taxpayers
    That he IS a team player & LEADER on the

    Step down Jack, put another
    ghost candidate in, so that
    the RIGHT candidate Mike Walkup
    can do the things that need to
    & should be done.

    If you REALLY care about
    Mchenry County, you would
    Do that !

  6. Moderate Jack: My disability does not “run out”. It became a lifetime payment once I reached a certain age and is not reduced by Social Security retirement, for which I am also eligible now. I put the house on the market to see what the market is as there are no comparable properties to this one and because, following the divorce and with my County Board duties, I don’t have time to keep the place up as I would like (as has been pointed out), and am not getting any younger. If I am elected Chairman I may have to sell it due to time constraints if I am to do the Chairman job properly. I actually tried several times to REDUCE the pay of the Chairman but was rebuffed by the majority of the Board. Now, can we get back to discussing topics that are RELEVANT to this race which is so important to the citizens of our county?

  7. Those issues being that Jack Franks is going to try to WRECK McHenry County so he can stand on the pile of ashes and elevate himself to a higher federal or statewide office.

  8. I’ll have to defend Moderate on one thing, that being his/her consistency.
    Moderate NEVER misses a opportunity to make a fool of him/her self.

    Go Mike !

  9. I applaud “Questioning,” who’s spot on. I really wonder if the misnamed “Moderate” isn’t Jacko himself, or at the very least one of his paid staffer-minions.

    Message to Jacko, aka Dictator o’ the 63rd Dist.; aka “the Poseur”; You shall not attain higher office in this State or any other.

    Madigan’s power-mad spawn, Princess Lisa hates your guts and knifed you outa the Ill. Atty Gen. perch. Poor Jacko, he’ll never be Guv’nor.

    En futuro, your name shall be erased from all your pettifogging and contemptible monuments

  10. As stated on another post on this blog- we don’t need “good guys” we need people who can lead.

    You can not show me evidence of that when talking about Walkup.

    I could care less about his divorce and his house sale – but I do worry about his ability to lead.

  11. Inish,

    What evidence is there that Jacko can lead?

    He has zero accomplishments in 18 wasted years in office.

    If he has some leadership ability, he has done a great job of hiding it from the public

  12. Jack Franks has led us to underfunded and unfunded state mandates on local government which have resulted in hiked local property taxes.

    But he says he has never voted for a tax hike.

    That is Jack Franks math and Jack Franks leadership.

    Ask your local taxing district leaders about unfunded mandates from Springfield.

    Ironically some of them support Jack Franks.

    The Illinois Municipal League and the Governor Bruce Rauner administration (Turnaround Agenda) have written about State
    unfunded mandates on local government.

  13. Jack Franks leadership:

    – Tell reporter Kevin Craver at the Northwest Herald you will not run for County Board Chair in 2016 while pushing for 2 county board referendums; then run for County Board Chair in 2016.

    – Tell the Northwest Herald twice in 1998 that you will limit yourself to three terms (6 years) as State Representative, then run for office and get elected to 9 terms (18 years).

    – Say you have never voted for a tax hike, but do not say you have voted for many underfunded and unfunded State mandates on State and local government, which has resulted in tax hikes.

    – Allow your campaign PAC to cast doubt on the opponents disability, and the fact he is running for office with a disability, yet represent disability clients at the law firm in which you are a partner, Franks, Gerkin, McKenna.

  14. Walkup was the leader in cutting the Valley Hi levy to zero for this year’s taxes.

    That resulted in a 4.6% cut of the county’s hare of property taxes.

  15. Walkup DID lower taxes.

    Franks ‘promises’ to cut taxes.

    We know what Franks does with his promises.

    He breaks them.

    Keep at it, Walkup!

    You’re doing just fine!

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