Walkup Calls for Abolition of Valley Hi Tax

Walkup finance 8-11-16During the public comment period before the McHenry County Finance and Audit Committee Thursday morning, Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup called for the abolition of the Valley Hi tax.

Walkup led the fight last year to zero out the $3 million levy for the Valley Hi Nursing Home, arguing that having over $40 million of money in Valley Hi bank accounts proved there was no need to extract more tax dollars from property owners.

If the County Board levies nothing for Valley Hi for a second year in a row, as Walkup recommends, the authority to tax property for the facility will end.

Walkup admitted that, but pointed out before there would be any need for more money, he might well be a resident of the nursing home.

On Wednesday the Public Health and Human Services Committee approved a budget that approved for a $2.75 million levy for Valley Hi.

If the enterprise fund continues to break even or almost break even, levying $2,75 million next year would just increase the bank balance by about that much.

A new tax could be approved by referendum, if the need ever became recognized by voters.

Valley Hi Statement

I come before you today to ask that you not approve the suggested property tax levy of $2.75 million, that was approved yesterday by the Public Health and Human Services Committee.

Last year the County Board cut the real estate tax levy from $79 million to $76 million.

That was done by zeroing out the Valley Hi Nursing Home levy.

This year we should do the same.

Let’s not raise taxes this year by taxing people $2.75 million that is not needed.

I know that means the taxing authorization approved by referendum will disappear.

With $41.7 million in Valley Hi bank accounts, we owe the taxpayers nothing less.

To be frank, all of us should be embarrassed so much unneeded money has been extracted from homeowners and businesses.

I know that those who think more about maintaining and growing government will give the same old tired argument,

 We’ll lose it forever.”

 With the excellent financial administrator we have at Valley Hi, it will take a decade or longer to eat up the $41.7 million balance.

It could take twice that long.

So, I say, “Let’s give the taxpayers a permanent break.”

Now that the bonds are paid off—and that was the purpose of the tax in the first place—let’s end the tax.

If a decade or two from now, the Board on which none of us will be serving,  decides that more property tax subsidy is needed, those members can put another referendum on the ballot to subsidize Valley Hi…at which time I might be living in it.


Walkup Calls for Abolition of Valley Hi Tax — 18 Comments

  1. Are you a shill or willing to finally put your money where your outrageously large mouth is?

  2. The $200 expenditure for campaign work from Committee for Michael Walkup to Cal Skinner for campaign work was recorded February 29, 2016.


    The Supporters of Jack D Franks political action committee (PAC) shows three investments as of June 30, 2016. The PAC Committee ID is 19464.

    1st National Bank of Omaha, 141 W Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL 60115:

    purchase date – September 9, 2009

    purchase price – $450,000

    current value – $200,000

    description – certificate of deposit.


    Castle Bank, 633 E Grant Highway, Marengo, 60152:

    purchase date – September 5, 2007

    purchase price – $100,000

    current value – $123,948

    description – money market


    Prairie Community Bank, 18001 Jefferson Street, Union, IL 60180

    purchase date – September 29, 2009

    purchase price – $200,000

    current value – $200,000

    description – certificate of deposit


    That’s $523,948 in investments as of June 30, 2016.

    Plus $48,328 funds available from contributions in the PAC fund.

    For a total of $572,276 as of June 30, 2016 for Jack Franks.


    The Committee for Michael Walkup PAC as of June 30, 2016 shows $1,566 funds available.


    So the Democrat Franks has far more campaign funds available than the Republican Walkup in the inaugural County Board Chair election to be held November 8, 2016.


    Northwest Herald

    June 6, 2014

    Franks asks county for 2 advisory referendums

    by Kevin Craver

    Kevin Craver reported Jack Franks as having said the following.

    “‘What I’m trying to do is reduce our property taxes in McHenry County and make it livable so people don’t leave,’ Franks said.

    ‘I can promise you I am not running for county chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.'”


  3. While the Democrat candidate has more money, the Republicans have more precinct committeemen than Democrats in McHenry County.

    In McHenry County, there’s about 152 Republican Precinct Committeemen – 34 Democrat Committeemen or so.

    So the Republican Precinct committeemen walking the precinct and recruiting volunteers to walk precincts to explain issues will be key for a Republican victory.

    Just contact the candidate to coordinate.

    Three months until election day on November 8, 2016.

    There is plenty to talk about.

    And a lot of people that are not aware of the history and issues.

  4. Well it seems it is possible that the betting behavior
    Doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

    Article found on ghostwritermedia.com
    Herbert & Jack Franks. Posted on Dec 18, 2012

    “Every year, McHenry County attorneys HERBERT and
    JACK FRANKS take some friends fishing in Canada. The group varies, but often Includes Jack, Jim, Jesse and Moses and others who relish the invitation as a chance to get away from law and politics.

    But this is no ordinary fishing trip.

    It is a gathering of the most influential and dynamic lawyers, Judges and politicians in Illinois,  including Jack Carey, former president of the Illinois Bar Association, Federal Justice James F. Holderman, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State and Moses Harrison, former Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.

    What makes it work is that though these men all hold powerful positions, the trip is egalitarian and the group without pretense.

    “One time I was fishing with Jim (Holderman) and I said WE SHOULD BET ON who caught the first fish,” says HERBERT FRANKS, venerable McHenry County attorney and the principal in Franks, Gerkin and McKenna.

    “He asked, WHAT SHOULD WE BET so I told him,

    “‘How about no federal wiretaps on me for six months?’

    “I caught the first fish so that night I joked at dinner that everyone could call me and talk about anything they
    wanted because I had won this bet.”

    Thought this was an interesting excerpt, considering
    How the posts on this thread were going.

  5. To Mike Walkup . . .

    Read all the info put on previous
    Thread about your persistence,
    LEADERSHIP in trying to deal with
    The Valley Hi surplus PROBLEM.

    It was obvious that there were roadblocks,
    OBSTRUCTIONISTS & blatent diversion
    Tactics used during these meetings.

    Disturbing to read about.

    How is it that they need new floors
    After 7 years ?

    Also, gazebo, etc. ?

    We HAVE to get these BIG SPENDERS
    OUT !

  6. Michael, is that real paper your holding in that photo?

    I thought you were allergic to paper or is the ink?

    Either way, should we make your appointment for the transfusion or perhaps kidney dialysis??

  7. stand4truth: Based on your comments, I classify you as a ‘Progressive’ / democrat. ‘Progressives’ excel at saying one thing and doing the opposite. Both you, your sidekick (the juvenile ‘moderate’) and even Jack Franks (his name is on the ‘hit’ piece being distributed) are ridiculing, making fun of, and mocking a person’s disability, yet the ‘Progressives’ claim to be the ones who ‘protect’ people with disabilities.

    But then what should I expect from two people who support Jack Franks who was a delegate two times for the liar Clinton. Proof, yet again, birds of a feather flock together.

  8. You’ve got to admit, it does raise the question how is Walkup going to do the job if he is allergic to paper/ink ?

  9. The records are put on the county’s computers for the County Board to consider.

  10. Commenters denigrating and / or criticizing Walkup for receiving payments from a private insurance company as a result of disability could likely get a job working for TSA.

    We need another Reagan to abolish TSA a second time!!

    TSA was a government over-reach by the federal government (both Dem and Rep) in response to 9-11 and its performance is a national disgrace.


    BTW included in the group who have denigrated / criticized Walkup you can include the Democrat who is distributing his criticism in the form of a ‘walk piece’.

    Click the link!!

  11. Am I missing something, or is this Mike Walkup’s personal jihad against nursing home senior citizens?

  12. Agree Susan, RW doesn’t get why nearly
    $42 million in surplus reserves is so

    This issue has nothing to do with senior

    Any county government area stockpiling
    That much taxpayer money is wrong on
    Many levels.

    Stay at it Mike !

  13. There is $41.7 million in the bank for Valley Hi.

    And the Valley Hi Nursing Home usually breaks even.

    There is no danger that there will not be enough money in the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile people thoughout McHenry County are moving out of state because taxes are higher than in any other part of the metropolitan area.

    Government is a balancing act.

    Currently, the balance is against the taxpayers in the Valley Hi context, not its residents.

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