Foglia Sents Checks to Republicans

Vince Foglia at the dedication of the Foglia YMCA.

Vince Foglia at the dedication of the Foglia YMCA.

The man who built Sage Products and his wife are writing some big checks to McHenry County Republicans.

Here’s what shows up for the fall election:

  • $10,000 – Republican Central Committee of McHenry County
  • $10,800 – Committee for Michael Walkup
  • $5,400 – Citizens to Elect Jeffrey T. Thorsen
  • $5,400 – Citizens for Andrew Snarski
  • $5,400 – Citizens to Elect Joe Tirio
  • $5,400 – Committee to Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox


Foglia Sents Checks to Republicans — 6 Comments

  1. Mike Walkup – Republican for inaugural McHenry County Board Chair election v Democrat Jack Franks.

    Up until this year, the County Board elected one of its own as Chair.


    Jeffrey Thorson – incumbent Republican for County Board District 2 (currently a County Board member for District 2).


    See current County Board members here.


    Wondering in which County Board District you reside?

    Wondering whom all your elected representatives?

    No easy way to discover that in McHenry County.

    Some counties such as DuPage provide that service on their website.


    McHenry County offers a Precinct Finder.

    But some precincts are split into two or more taxing districts.

    First enter your address in Precinct Finder:

    Path for that URL: > County Government > Departments A – I > County Clerk > Precinct Finder and Sample Ballots


    Then look at the list of precincts in various County Board Districts and State Representative Districts.

    Path to that URL: > County Government > Departments A – I > County Clerk > Elections

    But the names of the elected representatives don’t appear on that page.

    Around election time, the ballot can be printed for the upcoming election, which shows the elected positions for that election only, not all elected representatives, obviously.


    Entering an address into the DuPage County website, one sees a staggering number of elected politicians:

    – President
    – Vice-President
    – US Senator 1
    – US Senator 2
    – US Representative
    – Governor
    – Lieutenant Governor
    – Attorney General
    – Secretary of State
    – Comptroller
    – Treasurer
    – State Senator
    – State Representative
    – State’s Attorney
    – Circuit Court Clerk
    – County Auditor
    – County Board Chairman
    – County Sheriff
    – County Clerk
    – County Coroner
    – County Recorder
    – County Treasurer
    – County Forest Preserve President
    – Appellate Court Judge 1
    – Appellate Court Judge 2
    – Appellate Court Judge 3
    – Appellate Court Judge 4
    – Circuit Court Judge 1
    – Circuit Court Judge 2
    – Circuit Court Judge 3
    – Circuit Court Judge 4
    – Circuit Court Judge 5
    – Circuit Court Judge 6
    – County Board Member 1
    – County Board Member 2
    – County Board Member 3
    – Forest Preserve Commissioner (Trustee)
    – Village President
    – Village Clerk
    – Village Trustee 1
    – Village Trustee 2
    – Village Trustee 3
    – Village Trustee 4
    – Village Trustee 5
    – Village Trustee 6
    – Library Trustee 1
    – Library Trustee 2
    – Library Trustee 3
    – Library Trustee 4
    – Library Trustee 5
    – Library Trustee 6
    – Township Supervisor
    – Township Clerk
    – Township Assessor
    – Township Highway Commissioner
    – Township Trustee 1
    – Township Trustee 2
    – Township Trustee 3
    – Township Trustee 4
    – Park Commissioner 1
    – Park Commissioner 2
    – Park Commissioner 3
    – Park Commissioner 4
    – Park Commissioner 5
    – Park Commissioner 6
    – Park Commissioner 7
    – Fire Protection District Trustee 1
    – Fire Protection District Trustee 2
    – Fire Protection District Trustee 3
    – Fire Protection District Trustee 4
    – Fire Protection District Trustee 5
    – Regional Office of Education Superintendent
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 1
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 2
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 3
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 4
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 5
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 6
    – Regional Office of Education Trustee 7
    – School Board President 1
    – School Board President 2
    – School Board President 3
    – School Board President 4
    – School Board President 5
    – School Board President 6
    – School Board President 7
    – Community College Trustee 1
    – Community College Trustee 2
    – Community College Trustee 3
    – Community College Trustee 4
    – Community College Trustee 5
    – Community College Trustee 6
    – Community College Trustee 7
    – Precinct Committeemen

    That would be 94 or so elected representatives / politicians for one DuPage County resident.

    How many collective bargaining agreements?

    How many pension plans?

    How many retiree healthcare plans?

    How many board agendas and minutes?

    How many budgets?

    How many annual financial reports?

    Gee, why would taxpayers want the ability to electronically search, and cut and paste to consolidate information from documents such as collective bargaining agreements, AFR’s, etc.?

    Why would taxpayers want collective bargaining agreement change documents (underlined text for additions, stricken text for changes).

    The next time someone claims some piece of government information is “easy to find” or “should be obvious” remind them of the above.

    Sure it’s “easy” or “obvious” if someone has unlimited time to wade through all of the above.

    Name one person who has such time.

  2. Mark, are you making the assumption that every office listed is an ‘at large’ office?

  3. Solution?

    Get rid of Fire Districts – divide rural areas up between municipalities.

    Get rid of park districts – this includes conservation districts.

    Incorporate them into municipalities and the county.

    Do not permit any unit of government to have its own police force!!

    Get rid of library boards – let the municipalities pay for them and if you do not live in a municipality, you pay a set fee to use the library.

    Eliminate completely the Regional School Superintendent position.

    Eliminate County Recorder – give that job to the County Clerk.

    Change Township government (requires Constitutional amendment) to be responsible only for Township Roads but the Highway Commissioner answers to a Board of Trustees – eliminates all the frivolous activity of Townships and eliminates the dictatorial office of Highway Commissioner.

    I would favor a County takeover on these conditions – elimination of prevailing wage and commencement of right to work.

  4. It seems the DuPage County computer system takes the at large issue into account.

    I did a quick check and didn’t see any discrepancies.

    The County Board has 3 members per district, and the website reporteed that.

    The Forest Commissioner has 1 member per district, and the website reported that.

    The rest I believe are at large for that particular residence.

    But anyone can do their own analysis to double check.

    Also that doesn’t include the party delegates to the national convention.

    Say there’s a 10% margin of error, which I don’t think there is.

    That would still be 85 elected representatives / politicians for 1 voter to keep track of.

  5. Agree CV, waaaay too many layers.

    I’m getting a hot flash just thinking
    About it.

    You delineated it very well ! 🙂

  6. Continuing the candidate dialogue.


    Andrew Snarski is running for County Board District 5.

    County Board District 5 covers all of Dorr Township, Greenwood Township Precinct 4 to the North, and about 1/2 of Grafton Township to the south (Grafton Township Precincts 1, 6, 9, 11, 12, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 29).

    That would be parts of Woodstock, Bull Valley, Crystal Lake, Lakewood, Lake in the Hills, & Huntley.


    Current District 5 Board Members are Tina Hill, John Jung Jr, Michael Skala, and Michael Rein.


    Michael Skala & Andrew Snarski defeated Joseph Calomino in the March 15, 2016 Republican Primary election.


    Mr. Snarski has a BS Accounting degree from NIU and is retired after working for a Fortune 500 company for about 30 years.


    Alex Wimmer is the Democrat Candidate.


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