Patrick Kenneally Promises to Cut State’s Attorney’s Budget by 10% During First Term

A press release from Republican McHenry County State’s Attorney’s candidate Patrick Kenneally:

Commitment to Tax Payers:  Patrick Kenneally to Cut State’s Attorney Budget 10% By the End of First Term

Patrick Kenneally has announced that he has begun the process of reviewing the budget with an eye toward reducing the budget 10% by the end of his first term.

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

“As a candidate fully committed to the principles of the political party I represent, instituting a balanced approach to saving taxpayers money is one of my top priorities.”

One of the first things Patrick Kenneally has identified is the Office’s use of County cars.

Currently, the State’s Attorney has eight cars assigned to it.

Gas and maintenance for these cars costs the County over $25,000.

Patrick Kenneally will cut the number of cars in use and costs by more than half.

The only Office staff that require cars are Office investigators to use while conducting an investigation or serving a subpoena.

All other cars will be returned to the County for sale or reassignment.


Patrick Kenneally Promises to Cut State’s Attorney’s Budget by 10% During First Term — 13 Comments

  1. Cut 25% and you’ll have me listening.

    Otherwise Kenneally just sounds like Jack Franks.

  2. The budget is 4 million, not counting the things that are paid for out of other accounts, 10% is $400,000.

    Half of the car budget is $12,500.

    Only $387,500 left to go.

  3. I’m sure if Kenneally plans to allow 10% of all criminals to escape prosecution, it’ll be easy to cut that 10% out of the State’s Attorney’s budget…

  4. Does this also mean that Patrick will not drive a County car and will provide his own to get back and forth, and without a stipend

  5. The stipend, if the State’s Attorney gets one, is from the state taxpayers.

  6. Get rid of the county car that lou currently drives to and from work along with the gas and any other county employee of the county driving a county car on taxpayers dime.

    And furthermore, get rid of some of those attorneys in the civil division that are not providing a service to the taxpayer.

  7. Cal, I should have said allowance for a vehicle if he does not not accept a County car.

    That allowance is paid for by County taxpayers

  8. You can look at this two ways.

    Employees should use their own cars to get to and from to work.

    A County car should be provided only when they have to travel to do County work.

    If I am doing County work then it should be in a County car not my own.

    Why should I pay for gas , wear on my vehicle which results in my paying for maintenance on my personal car.

    Now if people are given cars to take home and use for personal use too then this should not be allowed.

  9. That’s what we mean voter.

    Give up the take home car, no allowance and a car available to use for County business

  10. Exactly!

    Taxpayers of McHenry County are paying for State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s personal car.

    Question is does Patrick think this is ok?

    and will he be doing same?

  11. From the NWH: during the primary kerfuffle.

    Kenneally, likewise, dismissed Regna’s allegations that the office is overstaffed and that relations between the state’s attorney’s office and local law enforcement are terrible, but Regna stood by his remarks.

    1.9% of the budget is cars, offices supplies, postage, etc.

    Turns out 98.1% of the budget is people.

    So who is getting the ax?

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