Nancy Zettler Calls for Debates with Allen Skillicorn

This arrived almost two weeks ago from Democratic candidate for State Representative Nancy Zettler.

It was bundled with another message which I posted.

Didn’t want to put them both up the same day.

Here is Zettler’s response to Republican Allen Skillicorn’s press release contained in this article:

Republican Alan Skillicorn Challenges Democrat Nancy Zettler Not To Vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker

Nancy Zettler’s response to Allen Skillicorn’s Mike Madigan petition:

Nancy Zettler

Nancy Zettler

I am more than willing to discuss this, yet Mr. Skillicorn has refused to even agree to debates.

I have challenged him to debates, and he has refused to respond.

And, ironically, he criticized me last week for campaigning via press release – and then sends out a press release while continuing to ignore my request for debates, continuing to refuse to say no to Dan Proft’s billionaire-funded Super PAC and fake newspapers/news sites, and continuing to refuse to denounce Joe Walsh and his threats against the President. So, Allen, lets debate and discuss the issues.

The Ward & Jones Show has already offered the forum.

Lets actually sit down and debate.


Nancy Zettler Calls for Debates with Allen Skillicorn — 9 Comments

  1. Taking union campaign donations.

    Next will probably be teacher union pac donations.

    $1,500 – McHenry County Building Trades Council

    Not in my district, but would vote against her for
    The people she is going to owe.

    No respect from me for people that take that
    Type of money ! =-(

  2. The McHenry Times has been posting information about local taxing District meetings.

    It’s a nice summary of meetings in one location.

    Of course the content can be obtained from local taxing district websites.

    But that requires a lot of searching and clicking.

    And not all meetings are included.

    But it’s better than nothing. > Local Government

  3. Where can I find information on actual viewpoints on key issues of Nancy A Zettler and Allen Skillicorn?

    Views on energy, environmental regulations, police militarization, abortion, etc?

    I know their work doesn’t always dive into those topics but I want to know all their views on key issues should their position lead to further government positions.

  4. Beats me.

    Both know I am willing to share their press releases.

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