Small Lake County Sanitary Districts Allowed to Merge with Lake County Operation

Weekend readers found an article about this new law on Saturday, but here is the press release about it from State Senator Pam Althoff and State Rep. Barb Wheeler:

New law signed by Gov. Rauner aims to save Lake County taxpayers’ money

Pam Althoff and Barb Wheeler

Pam Althoff and Barb Wheeler

Springfield, IL… On August 12 Governor Rauner signed a bill into law that could save Lake County taxpayers thousands of dollars annually. House Bill 5584, sponsored by State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) and State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake), allows two Lake County Sanitary Districts to have their duties and obligations taken over by Lake County.

“Illinois has more governing bodies than any other state creating inefficiencies and duplicative services,” said Sen. Althoff.

“This new law aims to consolidate those services to provide relief to our taxpayers.

“Many of the services these sanitary districts provide can be easily assumed and done so at a lower cost.”

“Reducing and eliminating units of redundant or unnecessary layers of government is a priority for me, as it leads to significant savings for taxpayers,” said Rep. Wheeler.

“There are many instances where a larger unit of government can absorb functions of smaller taxing districts, and I will continue to look for ways to reduce the local tax burden through these types of consolidations or dissolutions.”

The new law allows the Round Lake Sanitary District and Fox Lake Hills Sanitary District to enter into agreements with Lake County to undertake their assets and responsibilities and eventually dissolve.

The law takes effect immediately.


Small Lake County Sanitary Districts Allowed to Merge with Lake County Operation — 5 Comments

  1. Kudos to Sen Althoff and Rep Wheeler.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  2. Really ?!

    she has just created a conglomerate to price the taxpayer out of their pants!


    save us some Big $$, as we have to many of her kind in office now…. apparently she has not paid attention to past events when 1 trash man co. tried to screw a whole town, until they were kicked out and the town got someone else another co. in and at lower costs everyone should have the FREEDOM to choose their trash man!

    NOT HER! alone!

    just keep sticking to the taxpayer!!!

  3. Illinois Comptroller Warehouse

    “Sorry, but Fox Lake Hills Sanitary District was dissolved on 08/11/1998.

    Please call the Toll Free Hotline number at (877) 304-3899 for questions regarding available data for the past three fiscal years.”


    The Official Statement dated December 17, 2013 for $7,000,000 of Lake County Special Service Area Number 16 Unlimited Ad Valorem Special Tax Bonds Series 2013 states the following for tax rates for the Fox Lake Hills Sanitary District.

    Levy Year 2010: $0 (zero)

    Levy Year 2012: $0 (zero)

    Levy Year 2013: $0 (zero)


    So the Fox Lake4 Hills Sanitary District has been receiving no property tax revenue.

    Has it been receiving any revenue?

    How much and from whom?

  4. To be fair Mark, the press release said “COULD save Lake County taxpayers thousands of dollars annually”

    Have to love politicians.

    These two are as back as Jack Franks with sham bills!

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