Two Promises Jack Franks Won’t Keep

Readers already are aware of two promises that State Rep. Jack Franks did not keep.

McHenry County Blog first revealed his term limit pledge on October 30, 2013, complete with Northwest Herald articles and two personal testimonies from 1998 Jack Franks campaign speeches.

Franks’ flipping on the issue was reviewed in the recent article, “Term Limits: Franks Was For Them Before He Was Against Them Before He Was For Them.”

The second broken promise was that Franks would not run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

How much more evidence of that promise does one need but the June, 2014, Northwest Herald Headline you see below:

The Northwest Herald headline from early June of 2014 about Jack Franks' promise not to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

The Northwest Herald headline from early June of 2014 about Jack Franks’ promise not to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Strangely, the Northwest Herald has never mentioned this.

Here is what Jack Franks is using to symbolilsh his campaign

Here is what Jack Franks is using to symbolize his campaign.  The unambiguous message is that Jack Franks will cut our homes’ property taxes 10%.

But let’s talk about promises being made this election cycle.

First let’s look at what most people will see.

It’s Jack Franks’ symbol of his campaign:

Cut property taxes NOW 10%

The petition his people passed at the McHenry County Fair is headed,

Petition to the McHenry County Board

Support Jack Franks’ Initiative to Cut McHenry County Property Taxes 10%

Franks Cut10 Petition Heading

The heading of Jack Franks’ petition.  Same unambiguous message that he intends to cut our homes’ property tax bills by 10%.

There is no ambiguity to either the written or graphic’s message:

 Want your real estate taxes cut by 10%, vote for Jack Franks?

That message will be merchandised unmercifully between now and the election.

It is, of course, a promise that Jack Franks cannot possibly accomplish.

While property tax checks are made out to the McHenry County Treasurer (or Collector), only 10% of that money goes to county government itself.

Most goes to school districts, over which the County Board and County Board Chairman have no authority whatsoever.

The second promise Franks is spreading around is that he will cut McHenry County government’s tax levy by 10% on his first day in office.

Surely, Franks knows that the County Board would have to vote for such a proposal and that prior to any vote an item must be on an agenda.

Only if current County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller agreed to put Franks’ proposal on the agenda for the day Franks would be sworn if, should Franks be elected, would such a tax levy vote be allowed.


Two Promises Jack Franks Won’t Keep — 46 Comments

  1. In 1998 Jack Franks told the Northwest Herald he would run for a maximum of 3 terms as State Representative, yet he is now on his 9th term (18 years).

    In 2014 Jack Franks told the Northwest Herald would not run for County Board Chair (at the time he was promoting two County Board referendums), then in 2016 he is running for County Board Chair.

    Prior to that Jack Franks was promoting the County Executive form of government, which failed, no doubt so he could someday run for County Executive a post which have wielded more power than County Chair.

    Jack Franks has caused tax hikes by voting for unfunded state mandates at the state and local level which passed into law.

    The worst of those unfunded & underfunded state mandates were pension benefit hikes.

    Now after pension benefits were legislatively hiked on pensions that were already underfunded, he is promoting cutting taxes while pensions are underfunded.

    And the pensions were also hiked by diverting pension funding to salary hikes, something Jack voted for during the Rod Blagojevich years for State pensions, with so called pensions “holidays” (the term used for diverting pension funding to other expenditures such as salary hikes).

    Just how are the pensions going to be paid for his union supporters, if the pensions are underfunded and property taxes are cut.

    How are the hikes baked into the collective bargaining agreements for local taxing districts supposed to be funded, if they take up Jacks offer of cutting property taxes 10%…obviously the only local government Jack would have a political say so is the County Board, not school districts, fire, city & police, park district, township, etc.

    How about future collective bargaining agreements for local taxing districts, they would be cut 10%, the unions would go for that?

    Jack makes no sense.

    The math doesn’t work.

    Jack seems a little slow at figuring out the math.

    His tax cut plan for the county obviously has something to do with the excess voter approved Valley Hi funds, which is already being worked on.

  2. Although these lengthy comments are informative, it comes down to” Franks can’t be trusted” and as you shouldn’t believe anything he says, you should be more worried about what he hasn’t said yet.

  3. Better yet, since he wasn’t able to get anything done at the state level to reign in school district costs, which are the biggest cost on property tax bills, why doesn’t Jack Franks run for school board and reign in school district costs at the local level.

    Since Jack Franks is a champion of the taxpayer, instead of going after the 10% of the tax bill (county board), go after the 60 – 70% of the tax bill (school board), by running for school board.

    Then he could deal with all the unfunded state mandates he voted for which became law and were passed onto local school districts.

    Which once again happened while pensions were already underfunded.

    The teacher and administrator pensions are TRS, a state level pension fund.

    Many of the other employees in a school district are in the IMRF pension fund.

    IMRF has a strong funding mechanism than TRS.

    So if school districts cut their tax bill 10%, IMRF contribution from the school district (employer) can’t be cut, the cuts have to come from elsewhere?

    Where would that be?

    Cut athletics?

    Defer maintenance?

    Cut personnel?

    That should make for interesting collective bargaining negotiations.

    And remember, there is talk at the state level of shifting the employer cost to the TRS pension fund, a major cost, to the local school districts.

    Since school district pay hikes cause hiked pension contributions.

    Just some reasons why the math likely doesn’t work to cut the school district tax bill 10%

    Show us the math Jack.

    It’s your bright idea.

    How is this going to work?

    You just have some press release, no numbers to back up your 10% idea for local taxing districts.

    He has said he wouldn’t reveal the plan to cut county taxes until after the election.

    So the voters can just take his word; sort of like they took his word to run only 3 terms as state rep (he’s in his 9th term) and his word to not run for county board chair in 2016 (he’s running for county board chair in 2016).

    He might have some way to cut the county board taxes 10%, but to say so without presenting the plan is just saying, trust me, you’ll like the plan, but I’m not going to show you the plan until after I’m elected.

  4. Oh yeah, he can pass out his plan from the passenger seat of his vehicle driven by his supporter Jeffery Lichte.

    That would be the Jeffery Lichte whom ran as a Republican in the March 15th primary election against Jack Franks opponent, Steve Reick, for 63rd District State Representative.

    Jeffery Lichte’s photo later surfaced on McHenry County Blog, wearing a Jack Franks hat, driving a Jack Franks support vehicle, in the McHenry Fiesta Day Parade.

    That would be the Jeffery Lichte whom the Government by the People PAC supported.

    That would be the Government by the People PAC to whom the Illinois Education Association (IEA) sent to the address of Shaw Decremer for a political mailer.

    Remember those nice mailers about Steve Reick?

    A day later the IEA redacted that address, stating the address for the PAC should be used instead.

    That would be the Shaw Decremer whom the Chicago Tribune called Michael Madigan’s top campaign aide.

    That would be state employees whom work for Michael Madigan, and are then temporarily released during campaign season without state pay to work for and get paid for by the Democrat Political party.

    Operatives otherwise known as Madigoons.

    Ever notice some of the nice comments on the blog from Democrat operatives.

    No one is claiming they are Madigoons.

    But if it walks like a Madigoon, and talks like a Madigoon, and there was a Madigoon involved in the mailer, and if Michael Madigan wants to retain the 63rd District State Representative District, and if Jack Franks voted for Michael Madigan for 9 terms as House Speaker,

  5. The story keeps going and going.

    Democrat State Representative Jack Franks sent a letter to Democrat Governor Rod Blagojeich on February 27, 2003 titled, “Positions with Rod Blagojevich Administration.”

    The first two sentences of the letter reads as follows.

    “The following are individuals who we had requested be considered for jobs with the Blagojevich Administration.

    They are prioritized as follows:”

    The first three individuals named in the letter were Jack Franks’ wife, father, and one of his brothers.

    The fourth name on the list?

    “John Bartman, a position with IDOT.”

    John Bartman subsequently received a job with IDOT.

    After working for IDOT for several years, John Bartman went on to become a prevailing wage monitor for an IUOE Local 150 (labor union) affiliated organization named IIIFFC in Countryside, Illinois (Cook County).

    Now John Bartman is Democrat candidate for State Representative 63rd District.

    Jack Franks said he would only drop out of the State Representative 63rd District November 8th, 2016 election if a person surface whom was electable and held views consistent with his own.

    That’s John Bartman.

    In Jack Franks’ opinion, apparently, John Bartman holds views consistent with Jack Franks views.


    IIIFFC = Indiana Illinois Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting.

    The prevailing wage monitors at IIIFFC check to be sure state mandated prevailing wages (union wages) are paid on union construction projects.

    That would be an example of an unfunded or underfunded mandate (state and local government has to pay the wage that is calculated by rules made by state lawmakers).


    IUOE Local 150 is the union that sued the County in McHenry County Court.

    IUOE Local 150 claimed the County violated the Open Meetings Act because a majority of the Board quorum attended a Bruce Rauner event at the Woodstock Opera House, without having an agenda posted in advance.

    It is OK to have a majority of the quorum as long as no board business is discussed.

    Since there is no recording of the event, we don’t know definitely what was said.

    The County and IOUE Local 150 settled.

    The County admitted no wrongdoing, and agreed to pay IUOE Local 150 an agreed upon amount for attorney fees (the actual bill from IOUE Local 150 to the County for the attorney fees has not surfaced).

    The County also agreed to rescind the Resolution to support the, “Resolution for the Turnaround Agenda – Local Government Empowerment and Reform.”

    Local Government Empowerment includes the ability of local governments to rescind prevailing wages, if local government chooses to do so.

    Jack Franks has called Republican Bruce Rauner a union buster and has not committed to any of the savings ideas in the Turnaround Agenda including local empowerment zones that would be prevailing free.

    No surprise, as the candidate who surfaced to replace Jack Franks as Democrat for 63rd State Representative is a prevailing wage monitor.

    It seems the Jack Franks idea for every taxing district in the county to cut their property tax bill by 10% is just some idea to get voters to believe Jack is for lowering property taxes, yet there’s nothing behind it.

    All candidates can ask other taxing districts to lower property taxes by 10%.

    Every politicians in the state can jump on the bandwagon.

    It will be a property tax cut frenzy.

    Good luck getting those pensions and retiree healthcare paid in full if that happens.

    By the way, what is the Jack Franks plan after the 10% cut in year 1?

    What happens in year 2?

    A freeze?

    A hike?

    Another tax cut?

    For how many years?

    Obviously it’s all futures.

    We can say anything about the future.

    Futures are what go us into our current pension mess.

    Defined benefit pensions deal with a LOT of future assumptions about return on investment (discount rate), life expectancy, retirement age, number of years worked, employer contributions, employee contributions, pay hikes, benefit hikes, etc.

    Just say we can do something in the future and it will come true…and if it doesn’t…think of an excuse at that future time.

  6. One of the biggest future assumptions about defined benefit pensions in Illinois.

    Taxpayers will pay unlimited taxes for unlimited pension benefits for public sector workers.

    A pension is a promise for taxpayers to pay unlimited taxes for unlimited pension benefits for public sector workers.

  7. It’s a lack of fiscal sustainability that is the biggest issue with unfunded mandates.

    So if a transparency unfunded mandate is passed by the state onto local, and we certainly need more transparency, especially with collective bargaining agreements, it should be justifiable and sustainable.

    Too many games were played in Illinois where that was not the case.

  8. Great info Mark, now I wish there was some way for you to debate him. l.o.l.

  9. Since IMRF property taxes cannot be cut, the 10% cut would result in non-IMRF funds being cut more than 10%.

    If his figures are accurate.


    Presumably the 10% does not include the Conservation District, even though the Conservation District is a component unit of the Counyt?


    Let’s leave IMRF (Pension) out of it.

    So if your County line item on your property tax bill was $250, Jack’s proposal would save you $25 a year.

    My guess is he would say IMRF pensions can’t be cut, so he would leave the McHenry County Pension line item out of his 10% proposal.


  10. So don’t calculate savings on “McHenry County Pension.”

    And don’t calculate savings on “McHenry Co CONSV” which is McHenry County Conservation District.

    Just calculate the 10% savings form “McHenry County” line item on the property tax bill.

    Property tax bills can be looked up online.

    Perform a Google search on “McHenry Cunty Property Taxes.”

    Since we don’t know the exact proposal, we can only guess.

  11. Mark,

    Do you really think anyone beyond the McHenry GOP central Committee reads the redundant garbage you post?

    What is your goal?

  12. Mark, had the same though after reading what Questioning on 08/10/2016 at 3:53 pm & you said above.

    Jack Franks CAN’T do the MATH !


    Questioning says
    “OK little liar, where are you going to cut EIGHTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS?

    Yes, voters that is his campaign promise.

    Your backers used a lot of teacher union dues to pay for the attack pieces on Reick earlier this year.

    Are the teachers ready for a pay cut?

    Are the Operating Engineers ready for pay cut?

    Are the Police (includes Sheriffs) and the Firemen ready for a pay cut?

    Will you sell or close Valley Hi?

    You say you want to spend the sixty million dollars on Randall,
    put in a roundabout on Charles Rd and create a tollway interchange south of Marengo,
    where is that money going to come from?

    The State is in default on its bills
    And D.C. is drowning in debt!

    Oh, yes that’s right you want to tax the rich.

    Sorry, they have left or are getting ready to leave this state.

    Have you seen the level of income for people who are back-filling this County after those with a few shekels leave?


    Do not let this carpet bagger do to this county what Madigan (with the assistance of the little liar) has done to our state.

    Support Walkup who btw is not a career politician – another lie.

    28 years sponging off the taxpayers makes YOU the career politician!!”

  13. How does 10% become .6%?

    (.6% = a little over 1/2 of 1%; which is .006).

    Here is a hypothetical Woodstock house with a $7,000 property tax bill.

    Here are the line items on the property tax bill, rounded.

    (Use actual figures from your property tax bill, this is just an example).

    Taxing Body ————————————– % of Total – Tax
    McHenry County ———————————– 006.5% – $0,455
    McHenry County Pension ————————— 001.0% – $0,070
    McHenry County Conservation ———————- 002.0% – $0,140
    McHenry County College District 528 MCC ———- 003.0% – $0,210
    McHenry County College District 528 IMRF Pension – 000.0% – $0,000
    Woodstock District 200 ————————— 058.0% – $4,060
    Woodstock District 200 IMRF Pension ————– 002.5% – $0,175
    Woodstock Fire Rescue —————————- 006.0% – $0,420
    Woodstock Fire Rescue IMRF Pension ————— 001.0% – $0,070
    Dorr Township ———————————— 001.0% – $0,070
    Dorr Township Road & Bridge ———————- 002.0% – $0,140
    Woodstock City ———————————– 012.0% – $0,840
    Woodstock City Library ————————— 002.0% – $0,140
    Woodstock City Pension ————————— 003.0% – $0,210
    Total ——————————————– 100.0% – $7,000

    McHenry County Tax is $455.

    10% cut from $455 is $45.50.

    $45.50 cut / $7,000 total = .65%, which is a little over 1/2 of 1%.

    That’s .0065.

    So the 10% cut from the McHenry County portion of the tax bill is .65% cut from total tax bill.

  14. Well Mark even though people
    DID the MATH for Jack Franks,
    He still won’t GET IT & really
    Doesn’t care about the taxpayers.

  15. Yep Mark, that is close to what the
    First poster Dane said on this thread.

    He said it was about $40 for him.

    You sure don’t get this type of info on Jack
    Franks two websites or his facebook

  16. Love the post that shows the actual impact of the proverbial 10 % property tax cut— and wonder if Franks is line for another pension as County Board Chairman.

    Well, it happened in Kane County, Chris Lauzen, State Senator is now the Kane County Board Chairman making over 115000.

    Franks has previously stated that he would suggest cutting the number of Board members—hmmm bot McHenry and Kane Counties have 24 County Board Members– that is 24 persons with benefits and pensions.

    Do we really need that many people to run these two counties?

    And one of the Kane County Board members, Christine Castro, is now running for State Senate District 22.

    What gives and how do we reconcile leadership, service and the fact that the double dipping is standard operation procedure in Illinois?

    I am running for State Rep 43.

    At this point, I want to know how many legislators have formerly waived their pension.

    Illinois has a severe pension crisis and the results of both parties handing out future benefits for themselves.

    MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WRITE A LETTER AND SUGGEST PENSIONS BE DEFINED CONTRIBUTION–(as in the private sector for the last 25 or 30 years)

  17. Illinois News Network

    37 lawmakers decline pensions while state faces unfunded liability

    by Scott Reeder

    March 5, 2015

    – Article mentions the following

    – 37 of the 157 State Representatives & Senators don’t participate in the GARS pension system, including:

    – Republican State Representative Tom Morrison, Palatine

    – Democrat State Representative Kathleen Willis, Addison

    – Republican State Representative CD Davidsmeyer, Jacksonville

    – Republican State Representative Neil Anderson, Rock Island

    – Republican Governor Bruce Rauner

    – Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger

    – Republican State Senator Peter Breen, Lombard, participates in the state version of a 401K, called a 457, instead of the GARS defined benefit pension.


    Republican State Representative Jeanne Ives, Wheaton, is another.

  18. I agree, it’s the new M and I wish sometimes the new M and old M would just get together and talk over a cup of coffee. l.o.l.

  19. **Richard Evans: I am running for State Rep 43.**

    Umm… weren’t you kicked off the ballot for insufficient signatures? And your website says you’re running for Senate?

  20. McHenry County Republican Party

    Sandra F. Salgado – Chairman

    Andrew Gasser – Vice Chairman

    Diane Evertsen – Secretary

    Chuck Wheeler – Treasurer

    Mickey Schuch – Vice-Chairman Ways & Means


    McHenry County Democrat Party

    Chairman – Mike Bissett

    Vice-Chair – Kristina Zahorik

    Treasurer – Mary Mahady

    Secretary – Kathy Bergan Schmidt

    General Counsel – James Harrison

    Fundraising Chair – Paula Yensen

    Membership Recruitment Chair – TBA

    District 1 Chair – Doug Barber

    District 2 Chair – Lori Keller

    District 3 Chair – Ruth Scifo

    District 4 Chair – Missy Funk

    District 5 Chair – Carlos Acosta

    District 6 Chair – Cathy Johnson

  21. Mark,
    You are soul-crushingly boring and post the most disengaging, monotonous trivel.

  22. Mark,

    I’ve seen stock tickers more interesting than what you post.

  23. Mark,

    Your posts are like what would happen if you asked Siri to read every Wikipedia article.

  24. Markobot,

    Just because you can copy and paste doesn’t mean you should.

  25. Moderate NOT NOT NOT
    Simple solution for a
    Simple mind, don’t read
    Mark’s posts .

    Many people appreciate
    Mark’s informational posts.

    On the otherhand your last 4 overly
    critical comments to Mark were
    Unnecessary & annoying !

  26. The secret Jack Franks (Democrat for McHenry County Board Chair) proposal results in a $45 savings for an average Woodstock property tax bill of $7,000, which is less than 1% (it’s .65%).

    That’s $45 off the McHenry County line item on the property tax bill.

    Jack Franks said he would produce plan if he’s elected.

    It’s a mystery plan.

    Elect Jack, and then he’ll produce the mysterious plan.

    You can trust Jack.

    He was quoted in the Northwest Herald in 2014, when pushing 2 County Board referendums, as saying would not run for McHenry County Board Chair in 2016.

    He was quoted in the Northwest Herald in 1998, when running for his first term as State Representative, that he would stay for a maximum of 3 terms (he’s now on his 9th term).

    He says he never voted for a tax hike.

    But he’s voted for unfunded and underfunded mandates that were signed into law which result in tax hikes or service cuts of some sort (the funding has to come from somewhere).


    Democrat Jack Franks vs Republican Mike Walkup for the inaugural McHenry County Board Chair election on November 8, 2016 (Jack promised he wouldn’t run).

  27. Markobot,

    I’ve seen residential foreclosure notices in the Northwest Herald more interesting than what you post.

  28. Mark,

    You rival the paper clip from MS Word 2000 in terms of annoyingness.

  29. Mark,

    Your posts are so boring, reference librarians wouldn’t read them.

  30. Mark,

    You repeat yourself more than guests disputing the paternity of a child on the Maury Show do.

  31. Moderate,

    Marks posts make sense and have detailed information.

    Nothing even close can be said for yours.

    You just whine.

    Nobody here believes or values anything you post.

    You are just a Franks apologist.

    What is your real name?

  32. The taxfeeders amongst us don’t seem to like Mark’s posts very much.

    He makes points that need to be repeated until people get it.

    Keep it up, Mark.

  33. Big thanks to Mark, Susan &
    Any others for doing the math
    On the reality of how many
    Things enter into any SIGNIFICANT
    Tax cut for MC taxpayers.

    This info needs to be put out on
    A regular basis so the BIG SPENDERS
    Realize they got us where we are.

    Our lack of big income generators,
    State of Illinois underfunded pensions
    Teachers unions & their pensons
    Unions with the prevailing wage issue
    Last but not least- Jack Franks being
    Part of the democratic supermajority
    Voting madigan in for 18 years.

  34. What is an unfunded mandate?

    What is an underfunded state mandate?

    To consolidate text, both will be referred to as unfunded mandates in thos comment.


    An unfunded mandate is a state law for which there is not sufficient revenue identified to fund the state law.


    Why do we not hear or read more about unfunded mandates?

    One big reason is both political parties vote for unfunded mandates.

    So if a Democrat candidate brings the issue to light, the Republican candidate will fire back with unfunded mandates voted for by some Democrat candidate.

    Ultimately, it is a zero sum game for political parties,


    Why would politicians create unfunded mandates?

    Politicians are tempted to give the most possible benefits for the lowest possible cost.


    If it a low cost, what is the big deal?

    It is a low cost right now.

    In the future, depending on the unfunded mandate, it could mushroom into a big cost.


    Give me an example.

    The biggest example is pension benefit hikes.


    What is a pension benefit hike?

    Some of the many examples of pension benefit hikes:

    – early retirement options and early retirement incentives.

    – lower the age at which one is eligible to receive full retirement benefits.

    – lower the retirement age at which one is eligible to receive less than full retirement benefits.

    – lower the number of years worked to receive a full pension.

    – lower the number of years worked to receive less than a full pension.

    – convert the cost of living allowance (COLA) from simple to compound.interest (simple interest results in a COLA that does not increase from one year to the next).

    – increase the COLA percentage, say from 1.5% to 2%.

    – increase the COLA percentage from 2% to 3%.

    – increase the accrual rate % (an accrual rate % is the % per year that is multiplied by the number of years of service.

    – Allow years of service to be used instead of years worked.

    – Allow unused sick days to be counted as years of service.

    – Increase the number of sick days that can be exchanged for years of service credit, from 85 days to 170 days.

    – Increase the number of sick days that can be exchanged for years of service credit, from 170 days to 340 days.

    – Increase the maximum final average salary percentage, which is the percentage resulting from (# years of service x accrual rate).


    – Example pension formula:

    (Years of Service x Accrual Rate) x Final Salary figure = Starting Pension

    – Formula varies by pension system. There are 20 public sector pension systems in Illinois.


    It is legal fo Illinois State Representatives and Senators to pass a bill, that a Governor signs into a Public Act, the process that creates a new state law, to hike pension benefits even if there is not funding identified to pay for the hike?

    Yes, that is an example of an unfunded mandate.


    It is legal to hike a pension benefit, even if the pensions are already underfunded?



    It is legal to hike a pension benefit, even if the current year employer or state contribution to the pension fund is being shorted?



    It is legal to hike a pension benefit, even if some of the money being shorted to the pension fund, is diverted to salary hikes?



    Does that salary hike, increase the starting pension, as the formula to calculate a starting pension includes a final salary figure?



    Please summarize that unfunded mandate pension hike game.


    It is legal for all of the below to happen at the same time:

    – Create a law to hike a pension benefit.

    – That benefit can be unfunded.

    – The pension system can be underfunded.

    – The annual pension contribution can be shorted.

    – The funds from the shorted pension contribution can be diverted to hike the salary, which hikes the eventual pension payout.


    What did the State Representatives call shorting the State / employer pension contribution, which freed up money for salary hikes, while the pensions were already underfunded?

    Those were called pension holidays.


    There were more than one?



    Did Jack Franks vote for any pension holidays?



    Was that pension holiday signed by a Governor into a Public Acy, creating a state law?


    Public Act 94-0004, signed by Governor Rod Blagojevich.


    Jack Franks never voted for a tax hike.

    He told me so.

    And you are boring.

  35. When was the last time Moderate posted anything of interest?

  36. I apologize for the repetitive posts.

    Doubt Moderate even noticed.

  37. Connect,

    Regarding your question about Moderate.

    The answer is never.

    Butt, please give him a break.

    He is contemplating having his lips surgically removed from a certain career politician’s backside.

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