Franks Plans 10% Cut to Conservation District and 708 Mental Health Board Tax Take

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

State Rep. Jack Franks is promising to cut McHenry County government’s tax levy by 10% on the first day he takes office.

That, of course, ignores the requirements of the Open Meetings Act for 48-hour notice, a requirement, if elected, he cannot meet on his first day in office.

See “Two Promises Jack Franks Won’t Keep.”

Campaign material from Jack Franks contains the following sentence:

“I am committed to cutting 10% for every taxing body under the direct or indirect control of the county board…”

The two under most direct control of the McHenry County Board, besides the Health Department, which is more closely controlled by the County Board, are

  • the McHenry County Conservation District
  • the McHenry County 708 Mental Health Board

Both taxing bodies were created by voter referendum.

The County Board has a yes-no choice when their budgets are presented for approval.


Franks Plans 10% Cut to Conservation District and 708 Mental Health Board Tax Take — 15 Comments

  1. This guy is good at two things:

    1. Lying

    2. passing out ice cream and frozen ice to children.

    He was not ‘liked’ in Springfield and this election will determine how ‘dumbed down’ the voters in this county are.

    BTW Bitch and moan all you want about our high property tax.

    Reducing them will not help unless you CUT OFF ALL SOURCES OF GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

    High property tax is due to HIGH LEVELS OF SPENDING.

    Now, if this lying mound of humanity can show us how he would reduce spending by ten percent, I am willing to listen.

    Mike Walkup and the balance of the County Board have reduced County spending.

    The ‘mound of humanity’ did nothing to reduce spending in Springfield, he continuously voted to increase it.

    Right Mark?

  2. I will vote for anyone who is promising to do something about our ridiculous level of taxation.

    When you have the highest property taxes in the country something is very, very wrong with how our government managers are doing their job.

    We need to cut much more than 10%.

    It should be more like 30% to get down to something reasonable. Where the heck is all the money going?

    All other counties get by on a lot less and provide perfectly good services. Something is very rotten in Denmark.

  3. In theory it makes some sense
    These two areas would need cuts
    By Jack Franco.

    In the last few days, people on the
    Blog have clearly shown JF DOESN’T
    DO MATH.

    JF has no clue what kind or how to
    Make cuts that would make significant
    Cuts to property taxes in Mchenry County.

    Just another career politician making
    A statement to voters to get attention
    To vote for him.

    Jack is a JOKE

  4. I don’t care whose idea it is.

    Let’s hear some substantive proposals with specific details from any candidate.

    Cutting the levy of any local taxing body will have a doubled effect:
    local households will realize real dollar savings each year,
    the negative capitalization of inordinately high tax rates will begin to slow…leading to less-bad-relative property value destruction…leading to lower tax rates…leading to even more less- bad-relative property value destruction…and so forth.

  5. “I don’t care whose idea it is.

    “Let’s hear some substantive proposals with specific details from any candidate”

    Emphasis on the word SUBSTANTIVE.

    If I hear another status quo, big government, tax and spend politician talk about fighting property taxes, I’m going to start throwing rocks.

  6. It would also help out if certain people paid their fair share instead of getting breaks and pushing their tax burden onto the rest of us!

    EXAMPLE: How does Jack Franks’ 40 Acres qualify as Farm Land? I see no crop. Why was this granted as (severely reduced) Farm Land by the Coral Township Assessor?

    PIN 17-06-400-021

    You will need to select Basemap drop down menu on the left and then select 2014 Aerial.

  7. Promising to reduce taxes is not the same as actually being able and having the authority to reduce taxes.

    Franks plan requires the school boards, by far the highest portion of our re tax, to reduce their tax burden.

    The County Chairman has NO AUTHORITY over the school boards.

    His chance of getting them to comply to his begging to do so is a little less than your chance of winning the lotto.

    In order for Franks to even influence those boards, he would need a relationship with them.

    He has certainly not endeared himself to the County Board, and I see no evidence has has endeared himself to any other taxing body, therefore he will not even have the ability to influence them..

    His “plan” is as believeable as his promises to limit his time in office to 3 terms, when he actually severed 9 terms, or his statement he would not run for the county board chair, and now he is.

    Not much of a track record of following through on his promises.

  8. Oh HEAVENS NO !

    Farmland that isn’t farmed ……… Tax rates inordinately low.

    You don’t suppose Lying Jack Franks made somebody an offer they couldn’t refuse?

  9. The following is a rant because I am fed up with the bs peddled by the MSM, some posters on this blog, some politicians running for office and the failure of the public at large to wake up to the fact they have been fed lie after lie after lie.

    Fed Farmer:

    I too am fed up!

    I have had it with:

    “if certain people paid their fair share”

    This is horse effluent!

    The property in question is not getting an exemption for AG, it is an exemption for Forestry management.

    Is this BS?

    I think so, but someone at the State has approved it after state legislators made it legal.

    Government will NEVER be reduced in size by concentrating on reducing property tax.

    If you reduce property tax, employees in the public sector will simply come up with a new way to replace that revenue (paid a speeding ticket lately?) and btw, the voters approved a Constitution which forces tax payers to fund all public sector pensions!!!

    We must concentrate on the SPENDING!!

    How about eliminating all park district and conservation police?

    How about eliminating health care for people here illegally?

    Why are illegal aliens receiving welfare?

    Other things we can do:

    Eliminate closed union shops in the public sector. This includes Police and Firemen.

    Eliminate Prevailing wage.

    Eliminate Project Labor Agreements.

    Eliminate the damn public pension guarantee.

    Eliminate all benefits for ALL elected officials.

    Quit accepting grants from the State and the Federal government – they increase the size of an already bloated government.

    Eliminate ALL state funding for all schools – this includes Chicago!! Give the local property owners full control of their school funding.

    Eliminate the Fed Dept. of Ed.

    We have some candidates running for State office on the platform of reducing dependency on property tax to fund schools and replacing that revenue with State subsidies.

    What the H is the difference?

    It is all tax income!!

    We started the lottery to fund schools.

    What happened?

    For every penny the lottery puts toward schools, the State reduces their subsidy by a penny.

    Then we have people pushing for school choice.

    What the h is that going to do?

    Do you honestly believe that over the long term, the product will be any better?

    Charter school boards are overseen by officials who are not elected – they are appointed.

    Does the name “Fethullah Gulen ” sound familiar?

    Both school choice and changes in school funding will do absolutely nothing to address the underlying problem.

    We have allowed public schools to take the place of ‘family’.

    We now fund all meals at some schools and even supply ‘backpacks’ with weekend meals.

    We feed some children through the summer and some schools are now funding food pantries.

    Just recently more money was fed into Early Childhood Development (starting at six months old) which has been proven to have no positive long term benefit other than turning child raising from a family responsibility to a government responsibility.

    You are watching the radical transformation of a Representative Republic to a communist nation.

  10. We don’t know Jack Franks’ plan because he has said he will not produce until two things occur.

    1. He’s elected.

    2. He’ll produce the plan after he’s elected.

    At this point his plan is a secret.

    Basically Jack is saying trust me, vote for me, and I’ll cut your taxes 10%.

    Which of course he cannot do unilaterally or at all since has no voting rights as a County Board Chair who is not also a County Board Member (there are 6 County Board Districts, each district having 4 elected members, for a total of 24 County Board members).

    The McHenry County Conservation District is a separate line item on the property tax bill.

    McHenry County Conservation District has borrowed up to if not beyond its legal maximum, due to declining EAV.

    We don’t know if Jack’s plan applies to the McHenry County Conservation District line item on the property tax bill.

    Maybe Jack’s plan applies to only the McHenry County line item on the property tax bill.

    Exactly what Jack means by cutting McHenry County taxes 10% (the county itself not the other taxing districts), we don’t know.

  11. It is my belief that what I quoted from Jack Franks’ letter refers both to the Conservation District and the Mental Health Board, because they are indirectly controlled by the County Board.

    Not only are the appointments approved by the County Board, but their budgets have to be approved by the County Board.

  12. “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once”.

    and …………

    “Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors — and miss”.

    Robert A. Heinlein

  13. With Jack Franks’ plan as it stands now we can only guess because ther is no plan.

    You have to vote him into office before he shares the plan.

    Reminds one of what someone else once said.

    You have to pass it to see what’s in it.

  14. Jack Franks’ pitch is you have to elect me, then I’ll show you my 10% tax cut plan.

    How likely is it the school district, which is the biggest line item on the property tax bill, will cut 10% off their property tax extension?

    Just about zero.

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