Ray Flavin Kicks In $2,100 for His State’s Attorney Campaign

Ray Flavin

Ray Flavin

Democratic Party State’s Attorney candidate Ray Flavin has notified the Illinois State Board of Elections that he has written a check to his campaign fund for $2,100.

He indicates that it is an “in-kind” contribution.

That could be office space, signs purchased with a personal credit card, printing costs paid privately, etc.

When he opened his campaign fund, he reported having $5,000 on had.

Candidates don’t even have to file notice they have a campaign fund until they spend or raise $5,000.

Flavin is the Democrats’ second slated candidate.

No one ran in its Primary Election.

Flavin will face off against Republican Patrick Kenneally.


Ray Flavin Kicks In $2,100 for His State’s Attorney Campaign — 10 Comments

  1. This is the second best the Dems have to offer.

    Has he ever prosecuted a case?

  2. I know that he defends dead beat dads and DUI’s.

    I feel he has no qualifications to be a State’s Attorney

  3. Would be better off if he took the 2100 to Grand Victoria, better chance of winning there

  4. John Radke; not really a fair question.

    Not saying Ray Flavin is the better candidate, but Bianchi has not prosecuted a case either.

    In his past life, he was a defense attorney in the firm of Bobeck & Bianchi of Crystal Lake.

    SA’s job is to oversee his people and ensure that they do a good job.

  5. Sorry,

    It is still a fair question.

    His experience seems to be very limited.

    Also, has he managed a group of people before?

  6. AZ, l.o.l. that is NOT all the State’s Attorney does.

    So what you are saying is that a person working as a manager at the Jewel could be a State’s Attorney?


    So all they have to do is supervise and check if the Assistant State’s Attorneys come to work on time, have their paper work in order, eat healthy, wear proper clothes to work?

  7. Technically, I don’t know for certain that a judge has to be an attorney; the State’s Attorney is the head of the office.

    He has assistants who are in charge of the criminal ASA’s and another in charge of the civil section of the department.

    Any manager, who’s had experience managing employees could do the job, yes even a manager of a Jewel.

    Flavin has been an attorney for many years, and has his own office.

    How many employees he has, I don’t know.

    As I said, I’m not saying he’s the best candidate; just that to have been a prosecutor himself is not a requirement of the job.

    Ray has probably tried cases against the state, and has, I’m sure, lost some and won some.

    As to voters last sentence, you forgot smooze and fund raise for your next election phase; go to meetings, and talk.

    Pretty much it

  8. Don’t under estimate flavin.

    He created a marketing plan and a successful business out of growing his hair long.

    Rumor has it, there is an insider republican poll that shows if flavin goes with pig tails states attorney race would be a toss up

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