Bob Anderson Tax Revolt Spreading

A press release from Illinois Tax Revolution – Saving Illinois:

Citizens Join Across Counties To Send A Message About Taxes

WOODSTOCK, IL – A small, but growing group of local citizens have joined forces to send a message to legislators and local officials about their taxes. The message is simple,

“We can’t pay any more taxes than we already are and if you don’t do something serious to improve the situation, you will lose our votes”.

The movement grew out of a protest in McHenry County on June 13th where two people paid their taxes entirely in singles while a group of others gathered to voice their disgust about property taxes.

The group has taken the name “Illinois Tax Revolution – Saving Illinois” and is organizing taxpayer rallies. So far, there are three rallies planned; one in McHenry County, another in Lake County and a third in downtown Chicago.

Bob Anderson reflects on his over 50 years in Wonder Lake. He points out that people could buy a home in Wonder Lake for the $9,000 his tax bill is this year.

Bob Anderson reflects on his over 50 years in Wonder Lake. He points out that people could buy a home in Wonder Lake for the $9,000 his tax bill is this year.

The group has drawn support from a growing number of activist organizations and local office candidates and encourages others to contact the organization to show their support.

“This is all about giving the overburdened taxpayer an opportunity to have their voices heard”, said Bob Anderson, Chairman of the Group’s Steering Committee.

“We hope that taxpayers and local officials will join us at the rallies in a gesture of solidarity and commitment to addressing the crippling problem of taxes in our communities”, said Bob.

For those that cannot attend in person, the group offers “One-Page Petitions” that individuals can fill out and send back to the group. These will be brought to the rallies to represent those who cannot make it to the events.

For more information, visit

Date of local rally:

McHenry County

August 31, 2016, 11:00 AM

County Treasurer’s Office
2100 N Seminary Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098


Bob Anderson Tax Revolt Spreading — 9 Comments

  1. Yep, I signed up & will try to go to
    The next mchenry county protest

    Thank you Mr. Anderson, let hope
    Your group grows & makes a difference.

  2. The place to protest should be at every school board meeting when they set their levy.

    The treasurer just collects what all the taxing bodies levy.

    Just some more grandstanding by the Wonder Lake barber and those who have swallowed his Kool Aid.

  3. If Mr Anderson raises public
    Awarenes on the property taxes
    Issue, I’m all for it.

    Getting people to go to a school board
    Meeting & away from their TVs, media
    Stuff & everything else is almost impossible.

    No doubt protesting taxes at a school
    District meetings are the first best place to
    Go, but this type of demonstration has it’s
    Place too

  4. What exactly has Bob Anderson done as an ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER to cut the SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT of our tax dollars that go to education “for the children?”

  5. A 20% property tax increase in a single year is theft.

    No other word for it. THEFT.

    Time to take back our state.

    The corrupt, lazy, no good politicians need an ass kicking.

    (That is directed at Mike Madigan and his supporters.)

    How many more tax increases can we take? WE NEED TERM LIMITS AND MAJOR PENSION REFORM NOW!

    How can income be limited when one receives Social Security, but someone on a public pension can get another job in “public service” and draw their pension, and another ridiculous salary, and work on their second pension?

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