Steve Reick’s First Mailing

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent photos of the mailing that the House Republican Organization sent out on behalf of Steve Reick’s State Rep. candidacy.

You can see it below:

The first mailing for Steve Reick's General Election State Rep. campaign.

The first mailing for Steve Reick’s General Election State Rep. campaign. ┬áIt features money being sucked down the drain.

Reick mailing 8-20-16 back

The back has Steve Reick talking to a senior citizen.

The cost of the mailing can be found here.


Steve Reick’s First Mailing — 12 Comments

  1. Same old hype & jive every election season from the party that has controlled McHenry County for the last 70 years.

    Telling everyone what we already know, that property taxes are too high.

    Trouble is, unless the issue of school budgets are addressed, there will never be any significant property tax relief.

    Instead of cutting every last cent from social services, how about investing in fiber, transportation and other infrastructure that might just attract some major corporations to our county?

    Maybe then people would actually work here instead of driving out & back every day to make a living.

  2. Looks great!

    Steve will be our best chance at getting a fair shake down state without having to cave into the Cook County mess.

  3. Agree Farmer!

    Reick is such an exceptional
    Candidate on so many levels.

    The district should be thrilled
    To have someone of his caliber
    Willing to go to Springfield, roll
    Up his sleeves & dig into the
    Dysfunctional mess/crap in
    Our state.

  4. Nick. You make several different competing points.

    Lower the tax burden schools have on the taxpayer.

    Keep the tax burden social services make on the taxpayer.

    Raise the tax burden infrastructure makes on the taxpayer.

    Then you move to advice for the private sector in saying people should live AND work in McHenry County rather than traveling to work.

    Then you make the assertion infrastructure investment is the sole reason businesses don’t want to build or grow in McHenry County.

    Then you assert it is the sole fault of Republican politics all of these things are or aren’t happening.

    For the sake of clarity and the hope you have some evidence could you please choose one or all of your many and various assertions to pursue the point “Republican politics” affect anything you’ve stated?

  5. Great job Steve nice piece.

    Finally we will have a real representative in Springfield!

  6. Nick has made assertions he is either unwilling or incapable of defending.

    In the hopes of any Democrat, liberal or any other person being able to try to defend Nick’s assertions please consider this an open invitation to do so.

    One day, perhaps, there will be an intelligent Democrat who capably offers some explaination of their positions.

    Here’s to hoping today is that day…

  7. Once again the Democrats, liberals and sympathizers have shown, by omission, their arguments are bankrupt or non existent.

    This is no surprise but is expected.

    Whether it’s Madigan trying to say his veto proof government can’t pass legislation because of the Governor or Jack Franks saying he can and will lower taxes anywhere or Nick making wild eyed statements about Republicans the bottom line is they haven’t got the facts on their side. Candidates…

    Stop trying to argue the facts.

    Let surrogates do this.

    Cast a vision and be a leader.

    Be above these idiots.

    They are truly as worthy of consideration as the thought they put in their statements.



    Communicate the vision.

    Act on the vision and get supporters excited about repeating your vision.




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