Another County Board Democrat Drops Out

It wasn’t because he wasn’t willing to run.

It was because he lived on the wrong side of the street of the McHenry County Board District 4 boundary line.

Patrick Arnold filed his withdrawal papers on Monday.

Arnold is the third Democratic Party candidate to drop off the ballot.

Arnold is the third Democratic Party candidate to drop off the ballot.

The Democrats found no District 4 County Board candidate willing to run in the March Primary Election.

They slated two in a secret Caucus.

Then, the first night of the Democratic Party National Convention, Andrew Breen announced his withdrawal.

He was replaced by Patrick Arnold at a secret meeting held in Richmond.

In District 6, Allison A. Barnard withdrew because she moved out of Marengo.

No meeting to slate a replacement for Arnold is posted on the Democrats’ web site.

Running on the Republican ticket are newcomers Craig Wilcox and Kay Bates.


Another County Board Democrat Drops Out — 11 Comments

  1. All the Bernie supporters are realizing what Jacko is all about and don’t like it.

  2. Looks like the Dems need to take anyone who is this side of the dirt.

  3. It is hard to jump into a race as a minority party candidate this late in the game.

    To run a good campaign takes money and resources that are hard to garner late in the game.

    This is NO way says that the two candidates for County board put up by the Republicans are qualified, or understand the landscape.

    We do not need more people to be obstructionists and argue for hours over NON BINDING REFERENDUMS.

    I realize everyone on this blog is anti prevailing wage- but to talk for three hours about something YOU CAN NOT IMPACT – it is the state law -does not serve me as a tax payers.

    Learn to read financials so that things like the Valley hi Surplus does slide by for years before it is so big people notice.

  4. Re: “Looks like the Dems need to take anyone who is this side of the dirt.” Are you sure?

  5. What is really sad is the number of people (apparently includes candidates for office) have no clue what Board district they live in.

  6. Indiana repealed their prevailing wage law effective July 1, 2015.


    Here is McHenry County Prevailing Wage for July 2015


    FRMAN = Foreman

    M-F>8 = Monday to Friday, over 8 hours

    OSA = Overtime Saturday

    OSH = Overtime Sunday & Holidays

    H/W = Health & Welfare insurance

    Pensn = Pension

    Vac = Vacation

    Trng = Training


    Illinois Policy Institute

    Prevailing Wage Gives 6-Figure Salaries to Workers on Public Projects in DuPage County

    June 9, 2015

    by Bobby Shaw

    Keep in mind the article assumes the workers is employed full time for the entire year, which is not always the case.


    Illinois classifies some landscape work as prevailing wage.

    Prevailing Wage Landscaping FAQ

  7. John Hammerand was the first one to inform me of Valley Hi’s surplus.

  8. Well it seems one group vetted, planned ahead & hasn’t had the same attrition rate.

    Hmmmm that says alot.

    Late this, late that, sounds like ‘the dog
    Ate my homework’ kind of excuses.

    Looked at both Wilcox & Bates websites
    & look quite qualified .

  9. Cal, a thread on all the Demo Dropouts

    Would be nice please.

    Don’t forget Harrison.

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