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From Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser:

Andrew Gasser, Algonquin Township GOP Chairman, was passing out candy, as was Colleen Kenneally, seen behind Gasser.

Andrew Gasser, Algonquin Township GOP Chairman, was passing out candy, as was Colleen Kenneally, seen behind Gasser.

I just wanted to give you all an update on the Trump signs and let you know exactly what is going on inside McHenry County.

The good news is that McHenry County has picked up its allocation of signs from the Trump Campaign and they are ready for distribution.

Sadly, the allocation signs from the Trump campaign equals out to two signs per precinct.


Clearly we will need more.

We will have signs available Friday night at the McHenry County Headquarters in Crystal Lake.

See the announcement below.

Just as importantly – we will be collecting donations for signs – we are asking $5 per sign.

The donations collected for signs will be re-invested into purchasing more signs.

All of this will be done through the McHenry County Republican Party under the watchful eyes of Chairman Sandra Salgado and Treasurer Chuck Wheeler.

The McHenry County and Algonquin Township Republican organizations are working closely with Ms. Stephanie Holderfield. Stephanie is the statewide campaign manager for Donald J. Trump. She has communicated to everyone that one thing the campaign desperately needs is volunteers who would be willing to make phone calls. We will have signup sheets at the event Friday night if anyone is inclined.

This Donald Trump yard sign was found on Marathon Pundit's web site.

This Donald Trump yard sign was found on Marathon Pundit’s web site.

Please share this message with your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers. We would love to see you and your family and friends Friday Night and have a YUGE turnout.

The primary is over – #NEVERHILLARY

Finally, as a leader, it was always stressed to me that leaders lead from the front.

So when you see me Friday night know that I donated the first $100 dollars to the sign campaign.

I hope some of you can donate with me.

I hope some of you can match me – or perhaps – even Trump my donation.

Again please share this email with everyone and we hope to see you there.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, ideas, gripes, or complaints… I am always learning.

Be Blessed Everyone,

Andrew Gasser
Chairman, Algonquin Township Republican Party

The Friday GOP campaign kickoff invitation.

The Friday GOP campaign kickoff invitation.


Latest on Trump Signs & Friday Night CL Rally — 9 Comments

  1. I will skip the fact that Trump has about a zero level ground game in this election in all states.

    I find it interesting that Gasser makes his release regarding Trump pretty much about him.

    Especially when he reminds everyone to follow his lead.

    Many times a good leader leads from behind when necessary.

    Between Gasser and Skillacorn the use use of personal first person pronouns is most likely a record.

    Me, me, me+ I, I ,I = insecurity in leadership.

  2. That’s funny Tom.

    Many people in Fox River Grove have the exact oppopposite opinion of yours.

    Andy has knocked on our door several times to speak about tax reform and candidates.

    Andy actually was recommending Ted Cruz to us.

    Now he is supporting the nominee Donald Trump.

    I’ve known Andy Gasser since he was in the second grade.

    He does represent us well on the county board and “I” for one am thankful Andy is doing this.

    Quite frankly “tom” you come off like someone who has a very altering motive.

    Both of us look forward to being there Friday night.

    My wife and I have not been active in Republican politics since the late 80s.

    We finally have a local leader we trust and can support.

  3. Tommy the Troll

    Could it really be LYING Jack Franks in disguise?

    No probably not.

    Just another Democratic Freak Show Clown.

  4. Every candidate at the kick off should- A, Wear a Trump hat or button.

    B.State clearly that they support, endorse and will work to get Trump elected.

    Or explain why and who the will vote for,

  5. Signs, hats, shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, etc can be ordered from his website for a fee.

    One way to reduce waste.

    Environmentally friendly.

  6. I went to a Trump rally in Wisconsin , when everyone else was supporting Ly’in Ted Cruz !

    I could have gotten a hundred signs that they were giving away…. # Hind Site # Never Hillary # Trump Supporter From Day One

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