Mary McClellan Announces Re-Election Run with CL Fundraiser

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan is taking the same tact with regard to letting people know she is running for re-election as Sheriff Bill Prim.

She is holding a fundraiser.

It’s on September 28th at Georgio’s Pizzeria & Pub, 75 East Woodstock Street (across from the train station) in Crystal Lake.

The cost is $50 a piece, $75 per couple, $20 for Precinct Committeemen.

Mary McClellan's invitation to her re-election campaign kick-off on September 28th. Mary McClellan’s invitation to her re-election campaign kick-off on September 28th.[/caption


Mary McClellan Announces Re-Election Run with CL Fundraiser — 12 Comments

  1. This HAS to be a joke.

    This county is adamantly getting rid of criminals.

    Why would anyone want to support someone that should be run out of town!?!

  2. Does anyone else find it rude for incumbents to be holding fundraisers before they are on the ballot and while there is still another election before their election?

  3. Re: “Maybe she’s trying to gauge her support for a run.”

    You may not be aware that she has great self-esteem.

  4. I recently commented on the anger and viciousness that comes out on the blog but I didn’t expect Cal to go the full on parody blog route.

    For the benefit of your readers you should have a statement at the bottom of each story that clarifies that it’s made up so nobody gets confused.

  5. Suggestion – those planning to give to
    Mary McClellan before the General
    Election might want to WAIT.

    Don’t forget the Primary DEBACLE.

  6. She must need like to eat a lot of pizza otherwise this is a big Joke!…

    and anyone who would contribute to this has to be out of their *&^$@…

  7. Happy to raise a toast to Mary M

    Only being a 1 TERM county clerk !


  8. I seem to remember the problems she had overseeing the last two elections, and her not responding to the calls about it while it was happening.

    I wonder if she can count money better than she counts votes.

    Let’s make it easy for her…don’t give her any.

  9. Yes Robert that is for the husband she hired after telling everyone that her opponent Nick Provenzano would get his wife on the payroll if he were to win against her, then after winning she promptly hired hers who has that Sexual Harassment Complaint filed against him.

    Well we KNOW he wasn’t working at anything by chasing skirts!


    Looks like both she AND her husband have a hard time controlling themselves.

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