New Rule for Dollar Bill Paying Tax Protesters

A press release from McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller:

McHenry County Treasurer’s Office Accepting Property Tax Cash Payments Only with Taxpayer Presence

Glenda Miller

Glenda Miller

WOODSTOCK, IL: The McHenry County Treasurer’s Office now requires the taxpayer to be present when making large property tax payments with large sums of cash.

The effective date of this new policy was June 14, 2016.

The response comes after two incidents when large property tax cash payments took valuable Treasurer’s Office administrative time to verify.

Taxpayers who will make second tax payment installments need to be aware of this new policy.

“The five hours that it took for my staff member to count the cash prevented her from continuing her regular office duties,” said Glenda Miller, McHenry County Treasurer.

For the protection of both the taxpayer and the Treasurer’s Office staff, the taxpayer must remain physically present while the cash is being counted.

Once the cash payment is verified, a receipt will be provided to the taxpayer as proof of payment.

The tax collection process for other taxpayers, and general office operations, will continue without disruption.

The Treasurer’s Office also accepts online tax payments on its website

The second tax payment installment will be September 13, 2016. Taxpayers can contact the office if they need assistance.


New Rule for Dollar Bill Paying Tax Protesters — 8 Comments

  1. Good for her.

    The Treasurer is not the problem.

    People like Jack Franks and those who vote for him are the problem

  2. It seems to me, the energy on these types of gimmicky efforts could be channeled into much more effective methods.

    Do we really expect that posing such a nuisance on employees at the treasurer’s office, who are likely feeling the same pains in paying property taxes as we are, is going to change the policies of the big government, tax-and-spenders in Springfield and the myriad of local taxing bodies that are driving these taxes?

  3. There is a money nuisance law that has bee in effect for years..that prevents this type of happening…

    I can only remember parts of it …

    I am hoping one of Cals researchers will check it out
    pennies are good for up to 49 cents worth of debt…then it goes to nickles dimes,etc….

    what the treasurer should do.

    In this csae is bill back all chargeable time for verifying that all dollars were paid in….

  4. Ridiculous.

    Just trying to fight back against the tax protestors.

    They are savages.

    I understand that the treasurere’s office didn’t start this fight, but come on.

    Shame on them for striking back!

  5. So- put additional stress on front line workers so you can have your moment in the sun- and pretend that some how it will impact the issue.

    Seems to be the current line of thinking in all things County government these days- hours of debate over meaningless bills, grand standing on non relevant issues.


  6. What if the tax payer walks out after placing the coins or whatever on the counter.

    What then?

  7. “Good” Glenda must GO!

    Where’s a falling house from a Kansas cyclone when you need one!

  8. OMG! this is why we pay you ! to do YOUR JOB! stop complaining! and do it!

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