Message of the Day – A Sign

Actually, when you look at it, there are two messages.

One from a Trump hater.

One from a Trump supporter.

A Donald Trump supporter has spray painted a message over that of a Trump opponent on Alden Road.

A Donald Trump supporter has spray painted a message over that of a Trump opponent on Alden Road.

The underlying sign says,

TRUMP PENCE [sorry, the computer doesn’t have a backwards “N”] LIARS




$15.00 HOUR MIN [backwards “N” again] WAGE


The spray painter wrote,




Those who want Trump signs could come to GOP Headquarters next to Joseph’s Market in the Crystal Lake Plaza tonight at 7.

A limited number will be available.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 7 Comments

  1. Oh Cindy!

    Nothing divisive about telling other commenters to”Shut the “F” up” is there?

    You really should be posting as “Foil Hat Cindy,” willing to believe any crack pot conspiracy theory.

    Cowardly vandals for Trump do not believe that other have the right to express themselves, even on their own property.

  2. If that vandalism was in reverse- meaning a Trump objector spray painting a Trump suporter sign- there would be outrage on this blog.

    Pointing out the N was petty, just like when people point out all of your typos.

  3. As America unravels into a bloody Yugoslavian endgame of centripetal disintegration of what could never be amalgamated in the fanciful ‘melting pot’ fairy tale, these attacks will surely multiply.

    Once our people understand that the electoral process via paperless ‘voting’ is a squalid trick; bullets, not sham ballots will be the order of the day … and the regime will move to sheer terror to keep its talonlike hold on power.

  4. OldMan?

    AND the willfully arrogantly stupid two women above you will continue to be divisive right up until Hell freezes over.

  5. Cindy….. My dear, please move to South Sudan for awhile where your vaporings may be better appreciated.

    Then you can talk about Hell, and maybe, just maybe, understand what a rotten hell this country has become.

    YOU’RE the devisive one!

    You wish to kidnap us from our World o’ Reality and transport us to your dreamy Dystopia o’ Equality.

    Are you a school teacher?

  6. Wow, OldMan.

    I respect your opinion and always enjoyed your posts. Where did THAT come from! (P.S. I am no one’s dear.)

    Why are you suddenly condescending to someone that only wishes to rattle the hoi poloi awake so that they can find their own best interest?

    When did I ever mention this Xanadu you sepak of?

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