More Contributions for Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Below are contributions of $1,000 or more to State Rep. Jack Franks on Thursday:

  • $5,000 – Globetrotters Engineering Corp, Chicago
  • $1,500 – Citizens for Lou Lang, Skokie
  • $1,000 – Lenny Davis, attorney, Washington, DC
  • $1,000 – Blair Hull, trader, Chicago
  • $1,000 – IBEW PAC Voluntary Fund, Washington, D
  • $1,000, Charles Ruth, Huntley


More Contributions for Jack Franks — 11 Comments

  1. Interesting how people connected to Washington DC politics and Illinois state politics are contributing for the lowly position of County Board Chairman in the least populated Chicago collar county.

    Some people say there is an effort, being pushed by outsiders, to make McHenry County more like Chicago and Cook County..

  2. Lots at stake this election for Lyin’ Jack Franks.

    $500,000 apparently isn’t a large enough war chest to fight off Walkup and other Republican/RINO candidates

    Jacko–it’s your one shot to rule McHenry County!

    Better not blow it!

  3. Honest Abe….Charles is one of the nicest and more successful people in the County having grown up in Grafton Township on a farm.

    Very generous to many charitable organizations, maintains low profile.

  4. Thanks for the get back, Jim.

    From your info, he sounds more like a Conservative R. than a D.

  5. IBEW is the electrical union.

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.


    Globetrotters has done work for McHenry County pulling fiber for high speed internet.

    A $1,974,000 contract was part of the ongoing McHenry County Broadband Fiber Network Consortium project.

    Globetrotters contributes to both Democrats and Republicans and do work for many units of government.

    McHenry Times
    McHenry County Broadband Fiber Network Consortium reviews Route 14 construction
    by Louie Torres
    July 19, 2016


    Globetrotters Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder: Niranjan Shah.

    Mr. Shah has not been indicted or convicted.

    Various reports in the press follow.


    1. University of Illinois admissions Scandal.

    – Mr. Shah was Board Chair at U of I, appointed by Rod Blagojevich, when the scandal broke.

    Investigators called for his resignation and he did so.


    “Dean intervened on admission: A University of Illinois dean says he intervened on behalf of a student who had been denied admission to a master’s degree program.

    Business School Dean Lawrence DeBrock testified Wednesday before a state panel investigating the role of political influence on the school’s admissions process.

    He said he admitted the student, who was supported by U of I Trustee Niranjan Shah.

    E-mails show Shah asked Chancellor Richard Herman for assistance with the student’s admission.

    MBA admissions director Jaquilin Wilson testified she originally denied the student admission because of a low grade-point average.

    [Chicago Daily Herald – 7/23/09]”


    2. Oak Brook Police Chief Thomas Sheahan pension

    House Bill 1380 (HB 1380) was signed into law as Public Act 95-0504 (PA 95-0504) by Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    State Senate Sponsors: Senator Kwame Raoul [Chicago]

    State House Sponsors: Representatives Robert S. Molaro [Chicago] – John A. Fritchey [Chicago] – Kevin Joyce [Worth in Cook County] – Michael P. McAuliffe [Chicago]

    Investigation Report issued by the Village of Oak Brook:

    Oak Brook, Report of the Special Investigative Counsel Regarding the Appointment of Thomas Sheahan as Oak Brook Police Chief and the Passage of Special Pension Legislation to Benefit Sheahan.

    “In 2007, the 95th General Assembly of the Illinois State Legislature discussed certain legislation, commonly known as Senate Bill 1380 and ultimately adopted as Public Act 95-504, concerning proposed amendments to the Pension Code.”

    “The obvious questions presented are:

    (1) who sought Molaro’s legislative action which benefitted only Sheahan;

    and (2) why was that action undertaken by Molaro?

    There is anecdotal evidence indicating that Thomas Sheahan himself made efforts to bring about the passage of the SLEP Legislation in order to benefit himself.

    A review of Thomas Sheahan’s emails during the time he was Police Chief reveal communications with an individual with demonstrable ties to both Sheahan and Rep. Molaro.

    That individual is Niranjan Shah, an Oak Brook resident who is a successful businessman and CEO of Globetrotter Engineering.

    Evidence reveals Sheahan sought out Shah one month before Rep. Molaro introduced the ‘Sheahan Provision.’

    In an email dated April 24, 2007, Sheahan asks Shah to meet in person for coffee.

    Sheahan and Shah apparently met the first week of May 2007.

    One month after this meeting, Rep. Molaro raised the 2007 SLEP Legislation before the Illinois House of Representatives on May 30, 2007.”


    House Committee Amendment No. 1

    Adopted in House Committee May 29, 2007

    “Allows a sheriff’s law enforcement employee under the IMRF Article to transfer service credit under the Chicago Municipal Article to the IMRF.

    Amends the State Mandates Act to require implementation without reimbursement.”


    3. Governor Chief of Staff & Lobbyist, Alonzo “Lon” Monk

    – Former Chief of Staff for Rod Blagojevich turned lobbyist was convicted in the Federal Operation Board Games investigation of Illinois state politics.

    One of Lon Monk’s clients as a lobbyist was Globetrotter Engineering.

    “Blagojevich’s former chief of staff, Lon Monk, was Globetrotters’ lobbyist the last two years.

    Shah said the relationship ended in December, when Monk’s contract expired.

    In the criminal complaint against Blagojevich, Monk is the “Lobbyist 1″ who is part of an alleged shakedown scheme of a potential Blagojevich campaign contributor.”

    [Chicago Sun Times – 2/9/09]”


    4. U of I Admission Scandal; State Contributions

    “Trustees no strangers to clout; U. of I. board members backed applicants nearly 100 times in 3 years:

    “Another trustee whose name appears repeatedly on admissions logs is current Board Chairman Niranjan Shah, an Oak Brook businessman whose firm’s records were subpoenaed last year as part of the pay-to-play probe of the Blagojevich administration.

    The firm has not been accused of wrongdoing.

    Companies associated with Shah have received more than $30 million in state contracts over the last five years and have contributed more than $53,000 to Blagojevich since 2000.

    Shah also hosted a fundraiser at his home for the former governor.

    ‘Niranjan Shah would like to have a quiet lunch or dinner,’ reads one entry.

    Another states, ‘Niranjan Shah called to say TY for their overnight stay at Mansion. [Chicago Tribune – 6/21/09].”

  6. Re: Chuck Ruth:

    I wonder what percentage of Alliance Contractor income over the years was taxpayer dollars?

    Chuck contributes to both sides of the fence.

    He has contributed (either directly or via Alliance Contractors) to Joni Smith, Zinke, Nygren, Gary Pack, Prim, Franks, Salvi, Bianchi, Aaron Shepley, LeFew, Phylis Walters, Mike Tryon, Pam Palmer, Jourdan, Skala, Gottemoller.

    He is a strong supporter of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

    Businesses make contributions to get more business – unions contribute to CONTROL the politician.

    Citizens United helped to level the playing field.

    “Alliance Contractors Inc. was started in 1977 by Charles W. Ruth. With only an international truck and six employees, Alliance started building small parking lots and working on local road projects.

    Today the company has grown to approximately 100 employees, over half of which have been with Alliance for over 15 years.

    Alliance has continued to update its fleet with state of the art equipment that provides our customers with the highest quality product.

    In addition, we continue to offer training opportunities to our employees in order to educate them on the advancements in our field. “

  7. Of course, the contributions are
    Still being solicited & coming in,
    It’s career politician Jack Frank’s

    It doesn’t matter how much he
    Already has or what the position
    Is he is running for because it is
    RITUAL & that’s was is done.

    Fa la la la la

    There is probably a tree with the
    Empty contribution envelopes on it
    As decorations.

  8. Is Jack the most self serving politician in the county?

    You betcha.

  9. Typo in the article.

    It is Lanny Davis.

    He is co-founder and partner in Davis Goldbert & Galper PLLC (law firm), and co-founder and partner of Trident DMG (public relations firm), which are both located in Washington DC.

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