Reick Disappointed in Remap Decision

A press release from GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick:

Reick Disappointed but Still Optimistic

Woodstock, IL, August 26, 2016: Almost exactly one month ago, Steve Reick, candidate for State Representative in the 63 rd District, expressed dissatisfaction with the Cook County Court’s decision to strike the independent map initiative from the ballot in November, but was also hopeful that the Illinois Supreme Court would reverse the decision of the lower court and allow the voters a chance at a fair map in November.

After hearing of the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday evening, Reick stated,

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

“This is a sad day for the residents of Illinois.  It seems that even the highest court in Illinois is not above partisan politics.”

“It appears the only way we’re going to get a fair map in Illinois is by breaking the Democrat controlled super majority in the Legislature, and that has to start on November 8th.”

The 63rd District is located entirely within McHenry County and includes Woodstock, Harvard, Marengo, Hebron, and portions of McHenry Township.


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  1. I don’t think Madigan cares that you are disappointed, Mr. Reick.

    In fact, I’m sure he doesn’t.

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