Julia Fuhler’s Artwork Selected for National Exhibit

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155:

Central Grad Featured in National AP Art Exhibit

A recent Crystal Lake Central High School graduate will have her artwork displayed in the 2016-2017 AP® Studio Art Exhibit. The exhibit is shown at different locations around the nation.

"Congo" by Crystal Lake Central High School grad Julia Fuhler.

“Congo” by Crystal Lake Central High School grad Julia Fuhler.

The College Board selected Julia Fuhler’s artwork from more than 55,000 AP Studio Art portfolios. She is one of 30 students featured. Each piece was chosen based on the high level of rigor, commitment, and accomplishment.

“I had the most transformative experience through Central’s art program. Mrs. Parrish and Mr. Shutt, who are some of the most creatively powerful people I know, worked together with their knowledge of the arts and the business world to get us college ready and career ready.

“I spent as much time as I could in the art room gaining these skills,” said Fuhler.

Crystal Lake Central High School teacher Kerry Parrish was Julia Fuhler’s art mentor.

Crystal Lake Central High School teacher Kerry Parrish was Julia Fuhler’s art mentor.

The theme of Fuhler’s portfolio was “Female Ethnicity and Environment.”

She named the chosen piece “The Congo.”

It depicts a young African village girl, struggling with contrasting emotions of love and hate towards her new baby, conceived heartbreakingly through rape by an enemy soldier.

This art piece was one of the 24 in her portfolio submitted to the College Board for her AP exam.

The 2016-2017 AP® Studio Art Exhibit is currently on display in the Brodsky Gallery in Princeton, New Jersey through the end of September. Those selected will be informed soon on future locations.

In July 2017, it will be featured at the 2017 AP Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

“Kerry Parrish is my art mentor. She pushed me harder than anyone ever has in my work through her critiques and challenging limitations, which was difficult at times but so helpful for my growth. When I was especially frustrated or confused, she would either give me the tools to find the solution on my own, or work alongside me until I reached a conclusion.”

This fall, Fuhler will be abroad studying photography and complete mission work with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for nine months. She will spend seven months in Norway and two months in a developing country. Next fall, she plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design, Ringling College of Art and Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, or St. Olaf College; all of which have offered her both art and academic scholarships.


Julia Fuhler’s Artwork Selected for National Exhibit — 12 Comments

  1. I thought they were talking about original artworks.

    I’m not much impressed by mechanical stuff.

  2. I thought it was amazing until I realized I was not looking at what I thought I was looking at.

  3. Wow, Cindy.

    You seem to have a really negative attitude about most folks and most of all of life’s experiences.

    Where can I go see some of your art displayed or some of your art from when you were in high school?

  4. TOm?

    You can go to my old high school in Chicago (Steinmetz).

    All of my artwork ended up gracing their halls and they wouldn’t return it to me.

    It was THAT good!

    My pastels and charcoals are all stored in closets.

    My oils and acrylics are on my own walls in my home and the homes of my children.

    I doubt that any of us would invite you in, though.

  5. Yeah right and where do you keep your gold metals from the Olympics.

  6. Unlike voter and a few other testy commentators, my message is a positive one.

    Gather knowledge, seek truth, love your neighbor, believe in yourself and speak out.

    Shake off apathy and ignorance.

    Be humble before God and He will guide you.

    Oh, and voter?

    I am NOT an athlete or a competitor in any way shape or form.

    I have never even so much as picked up a bowling bowl; so your snide remark means nothing to me.

    But, it sure does reflect on your lack of having a personality.

  7. Wow….Nothing Like Encouraging The Youth Of Today…

    Not on drugs…

    Not arrested..

    Not having pastels and charcoals stored in closets…

    Having ones artwork shown at a National Exhibit is extraordinary !!!

    Smart , Pretty, and Talented….

    Great job Julia Fuhler !

  8. And then it looks as if the people are an overlay on the background.

    3 layers.

  9. Thank you for your kind encouragement, Watchdog 2.

    Sadly, the trolls are also God’s children cleverly disguised as nitwits.

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