Althoff-Franks Law Ends Pension Benefits for Future County Board Members

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

New law ends pensions for future county board members

Springfield, IL… Future county board members will no longer be eligible for pension benefits, and those currently enrolled in the retirement system are required to document their time devoted to county board business under legislation sponsored by State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) and signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner Friday.

Senate Bill 2701/Public Act 99-0900 requires existing board members to fill out time sheets to prove they are working the minimum hours required, either 600 or 1,000 a year, in order to participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).

“It is important to provide transparency to our taxpayers to guarantee our local elected officials are working the hours required to participate in the pension fund,” said Sen. Althoff.

“Recording and submitting work hours ensures that a local official is deserving and qualifies for the benefits provided.”

Furthermore, the new law ends pensions altogether for members elected on or after the effective date of the Act.

“Taxpayers dollars can be spent in better ways,” said Sen. Althoff.

“This bill protects the local taxpayers from paying pensions for part-time elected board members.”

The law takes effect immediately.

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The County Board pension issue was brought to the fore by District 1 County Board candidates David Stieper and Andrew Gasser.

Stieper had a wonderful graphic on campaign literature which you can see below.

David Stieper's 2014 GOP County Board gravy train campaign piece.

David Stieper’s 2014 GOP County Board gravy train campaign piece.

Here’s my article about it. Stieper did not win the primary election.

Gasser won both the primary and the general. The article about his not signing up for the pension is here.

All of the Republicans running for the first time for the County Board have pledged not to take a pension, so that part of the bill is moot as far as they are concerned.


Althoff-Franks Law Ends Pension Benefits for Future County Board Members — 13 Comments

  1. What about the old goats that have been a thorn in our sides for years?

    Why should they keep what they certainly do not deserve?

  2. The pension sentence in the Illinois State Constitution prevents reducing benefits already earned.

  3. How about making our State Senators and Representatives keep track of hours too?

    Better yet, get rid of all pensions for elected officials!

  4. Reality check, folks.

    Some elected officials do, in fact, work full-time at their elected positions.

    Just like anyone in private industry they should be entitled to compensation like that similar employees receive..

  5. An IMRF audit in Grundy County questioned the hours worked by Board Members to qualify for a pension, a year before Jack Franks made an issue as to whether McHenry County Board Members were working enough hours to qualify for an IMRF pension.

    The Grundy County Board subsequently terminated the IMRF plan for Grundy County Board members.

  6. K B Schmidt’s comment would make
    Sense if the state of Illinois ACTUALLY
    Funded state pensions like PRIVATE
    INDUSTRY & the state of PENNSYLVANIA !

    KB Schmidt’s comment also is CONTRARY to her DEMOCRATIC
    Constituent & county idiot politician
    JACK FRANKS who got the law passed.

  7. compensation means wages- most private citizens now have the right to save for their retirement.

  8. Overall compensation is current wages, current benefits, retirement plan / pension / 401k, and retiree healthcare benefits.

  9. When did “private citizens” NOT have
    The right to save for their retirements ? ? ?

    At least county, state & federal govs
    Haven’t tried to legislate that yet.

    Bizarre comment Inish ? ? ?

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