Arne Waltmire Selected by Dems as Second Replacement in District 4

McHenry County Democrats have filed the paperwork necessary to replace Patrick Arnold on the ballot with another candidate.

Arne Waltmire will replace

Arne Waltmire will replace Patrick Arnold who replaced Andrew Breen on the District 4 ballot.

Arne Waltmire campaigning in the Johnsburg parade when he last ran for County Board.

Arne Waltmire campaigning in the Johnsburg parade when he last ran for County Board.

The latest placeholder is former County Board and County College Board candidate Arne Waltmire.

He is a former high ranking regional official of the Illinois Education Association, a teachers’ union representing all local school districts but Woodstock’s.


Arne Waltmire Selected by Dems as Second Replacement in District 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Open the Books


    Arne N Waltmire

    Crystal Lake High School District 155 (CHSD 155)

    2015 – $121,243 – 30 years experience
    2014 – $121,206
    2013 – $121,096
    2012 – $120,538
    2011 – $113,873
    2010 – $107,324
    2009 – $100,679
    2008 – $095,603
    2007 – $090,243
    2006 – $086,370
    2005 – $078,519
    2004 – $071,454
    2003 – $067,974
    2002 – $061,301
    2001 – $055,225
    2000 – $052,373

    Automotive and Industrial Technology teacher

  2. Arne Waltmire is the current Grassroots Political Activist (GPA) for Illinois Education Association (IEA) Region 23.

    Arne Waltmire was previously the Region 23 representative on the IEA Board of Directors.

    Tammy Mootz, a Crystal Lake Elementary Music Teacher currently holds that position.

    The Illinois Education Association Region 23 office is at 2250 Point Blvd, Suite 400, Elgin, Illinois.

    IEA Region 24, IEA Region 25, IEA Region 53, and IEA Region 63 share that office with IEA Region 23.

    IEA Region 23 includes the following teacher unions at the following school districts:

    ~ Fox River Grove Elementary District 3 – Fox River Grove Education Association (FRGEA)

    ~ Johnsburg Unit District 12 – Johnsburg Teachers Organization (JTO)

    ~ McHenry Elementary District 15 – McHenry Classroom Teachers’ Association (MCTA)

    ~ Cary Elementary District 26 – Cary Education Association (CEA)

    ~ Harrison Elementary District 36 (Wonder Lake) – Harrison Teachers’ Association (HEA)

    ~ Prairie Grove Elementary District 46 – Prairie Grove Teachers’ Association (PGTA)

    ~ Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 – Crystal Lake Elementary Teachers’ Association (CLETA)

    – Crystal Lake High School District 155 – High School District 155 Education Association

    ~ McHenry High School District 156 – McHenry High School Teachers’ Association

    ~ McHenry County College – McHenry County College Faculty Association (MCCFA)


    Current (some other than Tammy Mootz may be past) Officers of IEA Region 23:

    – Tammy Mootz, Chair

    – Mike Sayre, Vice-Chair

    – Sean Casey, Treasurer

    – Mike Princer, Secretary


    Approximately 10 delegates from IEA Region 23 go to the annual National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly (RA) which is held around the July 4.

    The IEA RA is held in the Spring.


    IEA has 22 regional offices, plus a Springfield headquarters, and a Springfield professional development center.


    In some large school districts, the local teacher union president is released from teaching duty but is still paid by the school district including advancements on the salary schedule.


    Arne Waltmire’s starting pension will be at least $90,766 if he achieves 35 years of service.

    Here’s how that was calculated.

    $121,243 + $212,206 + $121,096 + $120,538 = $484,038 / 4 = $121,021 x .75 = $90,766.

    Thus, add the last 4 years salary, divide by 4 to determine the average annual salary for those 4 years, and multiply by .75 (lesser multiplier for someone with less than 35 years of service).

    He can retire after 35 years of service, which for most teaches and administrators is less than 35 years worked due to exchanging unused sick days for years of service credit.

    Teacher unions negotiate additional sick days per year over time in the collective bargaining agreement.

    If not exchanged for years of service credit at retirement, most districts also pay teachers for unused sick days.


    Crystal Lake High School District 155 negotiated a new collective bargaining agreement with the teachers this year.

    Here are a few excerpts from the agreement.

    “Sick Leave: The Board of Education reserves the right to grant a sick leave gift to teachers eligible for retirement on a case-by-case basis.

    The maximum number of additional days may be granted within the extent of the provisions of the Teacher Retirement System of the State of Illinois.”

    Each teacher receives 14 sick days per year.

    A teacher year is about 180 days, which is 36 weeks per school year, typically broken into (2) 18 week semesters and (4) 9 week quarters.

    It’s very unusual to be sick that often, year after year.

    Illinois teacher and administrator sick days are rarely use it or lose it until 360 days are accumulated.

    180 contractual working days per year / 14 sick days per year = 12.8.

    Thus a teacher can be sick once every 13 days and not lose any pay in CHSD 155.


    The CHSD 155 Board does not bother to post the collective bargaining agreement change document for the taxpayers to determine exactly what changes occurred compared to the previous collective bargaining agreement.

    Certainly the negotiators had such a document.

    Sometimes the negotiators don’t even give the full board such a document.

    A change document usually has underline text for additions and stricken text for deletions, similar to the process used in the Illinois General Assembly to indicate changes in House Bills, Senate Bills, Public Acts.

  3. If there was ever a campaign pitch that has almost zero chance of succeeding, it is the pitch by Democrat Jack Franks for County Board Chair to reduce property taxes 10% in all McHenry County School districts next year.

    There is almost zero chance that will happen.

    Which is why he refuses to share the plan with taxpayers until after the election.

    If Jack Franks were Pinocchio his nose would be longer than a telephone pole.

    What are the Las Vegas odds on that campaign pitch?

    Remember the commenter Moderate repeatedly offering to bet John Radke $100 that Jack Franks will win 2016 McHenry County Board Chair election.

    Mr. Radke could say how about Moderate bets $100 that Jack Franks can reduce property taxes 10% in all McHenry County taxing districts next year.

    Just to be precise, here is what Jack Franks is saying about reducing property taxes in McHenry County:

    Here is what Jack Franks has on which is paid for by Supporters of Jack D Franks.

    “I’m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes levy by 10% across the board.

    This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our County.”

    “Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.”


    Does Jack have any wiggle room in that pledge?

    Could he tell people after the election, referendum bond debt service is outside the tax cap, so I am not including bond debt service in the 10% levy request reduction I pledged in the campaign?

    That would be a real trickster shenanigan, because how many average Joe voters are aware that referendum bonds are outside the tax cap.

    Mr. Franks could say anything after the election, because he refuses to reveal the plan until after the election.

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