Franks Pulls Another Ten Grand Out of the Bank — 6 Comments

  1. All those paid minions when you lack real support must be getting mighty expensive.

    Kinda like paying mourners at a New Orleans funeral.

    The results are the same …..

    you’re still going to get buried Jack.

  2. What IS WRONG with this guy?

    Apparently enough IS NEVER ENOUGH.

    Guess this is what elitist entitled people
    Do, through money at whatever & then
    Make up BS to tell the peasant taxpayers.

  3. If I were going to hire anyone for a New Orleans funeral, it would be a jazz band.

  4. I would pitch in, pass the hat to hire
    A band to play & sing Na Na hey hey
    GOODBYE to Jacko FRANCO when he

    & SEVERAL choruses of
    ‘Hit the road JACK & doncha
    Come back, no more, no more,
    No more, no more, no more,
    No more, no more, no more’ !

  5. Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC.

    State Board of Elections committee ID 19464.

    Chair Tom McTavish, an AFL-CIO union leader with offices at 765 Munshaw, Crystal Lake and leadership roles in five labor organizations:

    – Business Manager (union organizer) & Financial Secretary, IBEW Local 117

    – Treasurer (former President), AFL-CIO McHenry County BCTC

    – Secretary, NECA IBEW Local 117 JATC

    – Board member (current or former Chair), Northeastern Illinois LMCC

    – Board member, CISCO.


    The Northeastern Illinois LMCC is a partnership between NECA Northeastern Illinois & IBEW Locals 117, 150, & 461.


    Acronym chart:

    IBEW = International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

    BCTC = Building & Construction Trades Council

    NECA = National Electrical Contractors Association

    JATC = Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee

    LMCC = Labor Management Cooperation Committee

    CISCO = Construction Industry Trades Council


    The above organizations largely promote union labor and coordinate union activities.


    The previous PAC of Jack Franks, was the Citizens for Jack D Franks.

    Illinois State Board of Elections committee ID 13681.

    The Chair of that PAC was Robert Tirk.

    Per Family Taxpayers list of “McHenry County Government School Retirees”, “Pensions as of 2015”, Robert Tirk retired from Marengo Community High School District 154.

    He has an annual pension of $60,017.

    Member contributions to the pension fund were $68,427.

    Retired at age 51.

    Total pension collected to date is $904,594.

    Estimated lifetime pension payout is $1,841,930.

    The employee contribution as a percentage of expected lifetime pension payout is 3.7%.

    Estimated lifetime pension payout assumes life expectancy of 85 (IRS form 590) and 3% COLA compounded annually.


    Robert Tirk began teaching in 1965 in Huntley, then taught in Woodstock District 200 schools, then was the Band Director at Marengo High School from 1973 – 1994.

    Per the Better Government Association (BGA) Pension Database, his benefit start date (pension start) was June 15, 1994.

    The BGA pension database lists his years of service as 35 (full retirement for a teacher or administrator in Illinois in Tier I TRS pension system), which is considerably more than the 30 years or so from 1965 – 1994.

    Typically years of service are a maximum 2 years over years worked, due to the fact teachers and administrators can accumulate a maximum of 2 teacher years (340 days) of unused sick days to apply to years of service credit.

    Possibly Mr. Tirk was offered a special early retirement package, which would actually be an early early retirement package.

    That’s because a full teacher pension is 35 years of service, which can be as little as 33 years worked.

    The Better Government Association (BGA) database shows his pension increases due to COLA for the most recent years:

    2016 – $61,818

    2015 – $60,017

    2014 – $58,269

    2013 – $56,572

    2012 – $54,924


    Per the Chicago Tribune, Robert Tirk became a part time director at Marengo Park District in 1993.

    Which would be while he was still employed as a teacher in Marengo High School.

    He then became a full time Park District Director.

    He then stopped that employment to become a part time Band teacher at Huntley South High School.

    Retired teachers and administrators can work up to so many days as a teacher or administrator and still receive their full TRS pension.


    Robert Tirk’s wife Ann Tirk also receives a TRS pension.

    Per the Family Taxpayers list:

    2015 pension was $44,362.

    Member contributions to the pension fund was $77,745.

    Retirement age was 56.

    Total pension collected to date (as of 2015): $540,400.

    Estimated Lifetime pension payout: $1,233,244.

    Employee contribution as a percentage of estimated lifetime pension payout: 6.3%.


    Better Government Association Pension Database

    Ann Tirk

    Benefit Start Date: June 9, 1999

    Recent pension payouts:

    2016 – $45,693

    2015 – $44,362

    2014 – $43,070

    2013 – $41,816

    2012 – $40,598


    Robert and Ann Tirk

    combined 2016 pension: $61,818 + $45,693 = $107,511.

    lifetime employee contribution to the pension system: $77,745 + $68,427 = $146,172.

    pensions received to date as of 2015: $904,594 + $540,400 = $1,444,994.

    So far, a $1,444,994 return on an investment of $146,172.


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