Taxpayers Protest at McHenry County Treasurer’s Office

Taxpayers protested in front of the McHenry County Treasurer's Office Wednesday morning.

Taxpayers protested in front of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office Wednesday morning.  Dan Aylward is speaking here.

Having served as McHenry County Treasurer as a child (1966-70), it bothers me a bit that taxpayers are not protesting at school board meetings or signing up to run for school board, where most tax dollars end up once they pass through the Treasurer’s Office.

In this picture of the demonstration, one can see Bob Anderson and Joe Tirio holding the "Tax Revolution" sign.

In this picture of the demonstration, one can see Bob Anderson and Joe Tirio holding the “Tax Revolution” sign.  Mike Walkup is holding a pie chart showing what proportion of the tax dollar goes to each type of tax district.

It’s like voters thinking that Democrat Jack Franks is actually going to cut their property tax bill by 10% when he has no influence over any part of the bill, except the county portion, about 10% of the total.

In this picture, you can see people signing a petition, which is shown below.

In this picture, you can see people signing a petition, which is shown below.

The Tax Revolution Petition.

The Tax Revolution Petition.  The image on top seems to be what is on the tee shirts.

But the symbolism of a demonstration before the tax collector’s office is undeniable.

And some of the candidates aligning themselves with the goals of the demonstration posed for a photo.

From left to right are GOP candidate for State Rep. Steve Reick, Wonder Lake School Board member Bob Anderson, District 4 GOP County Board candidate Craig Wilcox, GOP Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio and District 1 GOP County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck.

From left to right are GOP candidate for State Rep. Steve Reick, Wonder Lake School Board member Bob Anderson, District 4 GOP County Board candidate Craig Wilcox, GOP Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio and District 1 GOP County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck.


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  1. Maybe the group will also go to school board meetings in the future around the county.


    No close – up photo of the pie chart?

    Or maybe the tax group has a copy suitable for publishing?


    The County Board posts Board Agenda Packets and Board Minute Packets for board members and the public.

    That is a big transparency measure.

    Many school districts and other taxing districts don’t post Board Agenda Packets and / or Board Minute Packets.

    The taxpayer is at an extreme disadvantage if they attend a Board meeting, and the Board members have an electronic or paper Board Packet which is not provided to the general public.

    Some school districts and other taxing districts provide paper board packets to board members at the board meeting.

    Rather than posting an electronic searchable (find, copy and paste) board packet a few days before the meeting.

    Unless such board members are knowledgeable about the issue, they don’t even know what they are missing.

    Ask elected board members if they are provided electronic board packets that allow search and copy / paste functionality.

    Look on the taxing district websites for such documents.

    Too many taxing districts are suppressing information for no good reason, and that is a cause of higher taxes, because they can hide expenses and information up through the point the vote is taken.

  2. This is the first that I’ve heard of this group.

    Had I known, I would have been there to sign the petition.

    I believe the web address is

    This is something we can all get behind.

  3. Last year’s McHenry walkout town hall, produced a lot of taxpayers voicing their opinion.

    Countered by parents inconvenienced by the loss of their free day care and weepy students in tow by teachers.

    Instead of being fired they got everything they wanted.

    So what’s the use of the school boards, when they get steamrolled by that rediculous Union every time?

  4. Tirio’s and the members of Voters In Action go to school board/city council and county board meetings.

    The group just stopped the super intending from D200 from getting a 7% increase that the school board tried to push thru in the dark of late afternoon!

    His group is in the papers often.

    Do a search on Joe Tirio and/or Voters In Action.

  5. This is a”petition”?

    What exactly does it petition?

    Once, they have all of our email addresses, what are we to expect?

    If we get enough people to protest Glenda Miller’s office, what are we to expect?

    Looking at some of the names listed as supporters of this group, I can’t help but question whether or not combating taxes could possibly be a goal.

    Other than Gasser, with what are we to measure?

    That being said, Kerri Barber?

    Lower taxes??

    Someone, please explain…

  6. Most school boards are heavily influenced or controlled by labor unions.

    So you have to figure out how to get 4 reformers on the 7 member school board.

    Or 3 reformers and someone who will sometimes vote reform.


    It’s not just the unions.

    The administration has their their pet projects, their own salaries, their own benefits.

    This is why a lot of administrations try to limit taxpayer access to information by not providing electronic board packets that are searchable (find function) and / or don’t allow copy & paste).

    Sometimes it may be only an administrator, or only a board member, or only and administrator and board member in cahoots; that may or may not involve a union member.

    The other administrators and board members outside that inner circle may or may not know what is happening.

    If they do know, they have their careers to protect, their pension, their kids going to college, an elderly person who depends on them, whatever.

    There’s lots of reasons why people don’t speak out.

    There’s all sorts of combinations.

    But the bottom line is the taxpayer has to chip away at that legal corruption or suffer never ending higher taxes.

    And then there’s the state and Federal legislative levels.

    Lots of school district law is state or Federal law.

    For the above reasons there is nothing more political than a lot of public school districts, especially a big public school district.

    Think about all the elections at the union itself (they have lots of internal elections for the local union board, regional board, state level, national level, who goes to representative assemblies), the school board elections, the regional office of education head election, the regional office of education trustees, the state representative and senator and Governor elections, and the federal congressman and senator and President elections, etc.

    So the union and the cartel is very organized, and the taxpayers have no organization.

    The other big transparency measure is videotaped board meetings.

    So if there’s a large school district with no searchable board agenda packets and no videotaped board meetings, that’s a red flag.

    Think Crystal Lake High School District 155.

    It’s a stacked deck now.

    The deck has been stacked over the decades.

    D-day was December 15, 1970 when the pension sentence was added to the state constitution, corrupting the constitution.

    It’s been downhill ever since.

    Have to level the playing field.

  7. Mark, your very longggggggggggggggg comment has nothing to do with the article…………………..


  8. If they want to protest high property taxes, protest in front of the schools.



  10. Voter…Mark’s comment is relevant to property taxes.

    If citizens don’t engage local boards, well we get what we have.

    LTResident…your comment implies Springfield.

    What do they have to do with Property Taxes.

    Sure members on both sides of the aisle introduced Property Tax Freeze Legislation, not a single bill passed both chambers.


    Behind closed doors legislators say property taxes are local and not a Springfield issue but is makes for great one-liners on campaign material.

    Don’t allow candidates vying for a seat Springfield fool you.

    If they say they are going to fix property taxes, ask them how!

    The only solution is to change the property tax code which enables local entities of government to tax to the max and IF they don’t tax to the MAX, they are penalized.

    We have to change the code, but you don’t hear the candidates saying that because they KNOW, you are not paying attention to the real issue.

    They are preying on your frustration.

  11. We all want lower taxes and school boards are where to start along with supporting Governor Rauner’s agenda.

    This looks more like a political stunt to me.

  12. This particular pie chart was for Woodstock.

    The large red area is District 200.

    The smaller orange area is the City of Woodstock.

    The County is green above that.

    As you can see, more than 3/4ths of the chart is for school or city.

    All of the rest of the taxing bodies are less than 25% of the total.

    The County has no say in how much any other taxing bodies levy.

    It just collects the money and re-distributes it in accordance with their respective levies.

    This is not to say that the County doesn’t have room for improvement.

    However, we have reduced the budget by ten percent since I have been on the Board, a total of over $20 Million per year; were probably the very first taxing body not to take the cost of living increases which we continued for 4 years, amounting to a savings of over $10 Million so far and continuing forever; AND we reduced the actual county tax levy by $3 Million by temporarily not taking the Valley Hi levy, something I am trying to make permanent this year.

    With all of that we still have a Triple A bond rating and our financial director just received a major award for the sound fiscal health of the county.

    Compare that with Springfield and Washington.

    If anyone has SPECIFIC suggestions on where else we could cut to save money, I would welcome some posts on that.

  13. Will Jack Franks, self-proclaimed Tax Fighter, publicly support Illinois Tax Revolution?


    Jack Franks receives more contributions from teacher unions than any other classification of union employees.

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