Tax Protest Messages Solicited by Jack Franks Not Being Sent to County Board

Where people are encouraged to sign up Jack Franks sign up if they want the property taxes cut 10%.

Where people are encouraged by Jack Franks’ web site to send a message to “county leaders,” if they want the property taxes cut 10%.

In an email to supporters dated July 20th, Jack Franks writes,

“My top priority is cutting property taxes by 10%…We started an innovative website…which allows voters to send a message directly to County leaders demanding a 10% cut – which I will introduce my first day in office. You can join thousands of McHenry County residents who have sent a message by clicking on [his web site] right now.” [emphasis added]

I must admit this paragraph intrigued me.

Had Franks figured out a way to send a message to McHenry County Board members for those who signed up on his web site?

I wondered what techniques were used to match the people signing up with their four McHenry County Board members.

I wondered how many messages had been sent.

So, I filed a Freedom of Information request with the McHenry County Board, which you can read below:

Under the FOIA I request emails that have been sent to county board members asking for property tax cuts.

I request this information because of the attached invitation from Jack Franks to contact county leaders about cutting taxes.

Just a simple little email.

Easy enough to do.

Anyone could do it.

Here is the reply from the County Board’s Freedom of Information Officer:

In response to your FOIA request below, a search of the County’s email system did not produce any records that would be responsive to this request. [emphasis added]

Please confirm that you have received this response and that the same is satisfactory to close the request.

Apparently, asking Jack Franks to convey a message to county leaders is like asking a bulldog without teeth to attack an intruder.


Tax Protest Messages Solicited by Jack Franks Not Being Sent to County Board — 3 Comments

  1. The website does not say often the Jack Franks for County Board Chair campaign plans to send the names to McHenry County.

    Maybe they’ll send all the names after the election.

    Would anyone be surprised if the real reason for the name gathering on a website paid for by a political campaign, was for target marketing by the political campaign?

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