The Question Jack Franks Would Not Answer at His Woodstock Town Hall Meeting

The fishbowl from which Jack Franks draws questions.

The fish bowl from which Jack Franks draws questions.

Jack Franks, running for McHenry County Board Chairman, professes to be transparent and accountable.

The transparency is wonderfully symbolized in the fish bowl from which he draws questions written on three by five inch note cards.

I had a question which was certainly relevant, but Franks refused to read or answer it.

He even admitted that there was one question he wouldn’t answer.

The question was about Health Department policy on the dispensing of birth control drugs and devices to minors.

I asked if he would require parental permission.

It is not as if the question has not been a significant one for County government.

Jack Franks reading his biography.

Jack Franks reading his biography.

During the mid-1990’s (perhaps before Franks was paying attention to local government), a Bernotas Middle School teacher named William Saturday took a shine to a student.

After she was in high school he decided to have intercourse with her.

But he was either too cheap to buy condoms or didn’t want to use them.

He took the girl to the Woodstock County Health Department on a Saturday where she obtained Depo-Provera, an ovulation suppressant.

At some point, Saturday decided to get married.

The high school student was not pleased.

She contacted the Crystal Lake Police Department, which recorded a phone conversation with between her and Saturday in which he implicated himself to result in an indictment and a conviction.

Meanwhile, outraged citizens were urging County Board members to require that parents approve birth control for their minor children before the Health Department did so.

The problem was that the birth control was financed with Federal Title X money.

Shortly after Roe v. Wade was rendered, Congress provided Federal money for birth control.

Those attending Jack Franks' Town Hall Meeting at Woodstock North High School

Those attending Jack Franks’ Town Hall Meeting at Woodstock North High School

There was nothing wrong with the bill, but, by the time the bureaucrats got through with writing the regulations, they prohibited discrimination on the basis of age.

That meant no parental consent could be requested before children of any age could obtain birth control measures.

A view of the Woodstock North Auditorium crowd from next to its stage.

A view of the Woodstock North Auditorium crowd from next to its stage.  You see all but ten in the audience.

The County Board, on a split vote, rejected Title X funding.

Birth control is now provided with county tax dollars. (Maybe reinstating Title X funding is a way Franks plans to cut the county’s tax levy.)

It is my understanding that McHenry County is the only county in the USA to have kicked Title X out.

So, why wouldn’t Jack Franks answer this question–completely relevant to the office he seeks?

Let me suggest a reason.

The powerful pro-abortion Political Action Committee Personal PAC would love to see McHenry County reverse the County Board-imposed position requiring parental consent before giving those under 18 birth control drugs or devices.

Here are two questions from a Personal PAC McHenry County Board candidate questionnaire:

  • Will you SUPPORT the availability and accessibility of family planning services for everyone in Illinois regardless of age?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation which mandates parental consent or notification before a minor can receive contraceptive care?

Those questions were added to the Personal PAC questionnaire because of what happened in McHenry County.

After the first Town Hall Meeting in Crystal Lake, a couple of people not sitting together observed that Franks sounded more like he was running for Governor than for County Board Chairman.

If so, that would explain why he would not want to end up on the wrong side of the most powerful part of the pro-abortion lobby.

No way for a Democrat to stand a chance of winning a statewide Democratic Party Primary Election without the support of special interests like Personal PAC.

So far, the only McHenry County Board candidate endorsed by Personal PAC is Kenneth Miller, a Democrat running in District 3.

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The Question Jack Franks Would Not Answer at His Woodstock Town Hall Meeting — 13 Comments

  1. What a blatant attempt to shift the narrative by Cal Skinner to social issues as to ignore the real problems with county government, which is our bloated board.

    Franks has already worked tirelessly to advocate for an elimination of pension and healthcare benefits.

    Now, he will decrease the grossly over-staffed board to save taxpayers additional money and time in dealing with issuers.

    Four member districts are a joke and asking irrelevant questions about advocating for birth control when no board member in the last quarter century has advocated and successfully lobbied for added birth control funding is a waste of time.

  2. The Health Department question was a legitimate question which Jack Franks refused to answer.

    I’d guess you didn’t live in McHenry County in 1997 or you might have remembered the outrage of parents when the William Saturday story was made public.

  3. We know that Lying Jack Franks supports abortion, he calls that being pro-choice.

    In a way it is; he chooses death over life.

    Lets have a little peek at exactly what Lying Jack supports being done to babies about to be born………..

    “Providers of late-term abortions typically induce and document fetal death before beginning any late-term abortion procedure. Since the bans only apply to abortions of living fetuses, this protects the abortion providers from prosecution. The most common method of inducing fetal demise is to inject digoxin intrafetally or potassium chloride intrathoracically”

    This is how we kill convicted murderers, but that’s OK with Lying Jack Franks

    Ah but the above procedure leaves the baby within the mother so then the procedure Lying Jack endorses goes as follows …..

    “Feticidal injection of digoxin or potassium chloride may be administered at the beginning of the procedure to allow for softening of the fetal bones or to comply with relevant laws in the physician’s jurisdiction. During the surgery, the fetus is removed from the uterus in the breech position, with mechanical collapse of the fetal calvarium if it is too large to fit through the cervical canal. Decompression of the calvarium can be accomplished by incision and suction of the contents, or by using forceps. If the fetus is in a vertex presentation, forceps can be used to turn it to a breech presentation while in the uterus (internal version)”

    For those of you who missed the mushy parts of biology in school, that means they crush the head and suck out the brains.

    Way to go Lying Jack Franks

  4. Hmmm so much self righteous indignation from Moderate.

    And then this utterly ridiculous statement. . .

    ‘Franks has already worked tirelessly to advocate
    For an elimination of pension and healthcare benefits.’

    The only things Jacko Franco seems to be doing
    Have been :

    ·Setting up GHOST CANDIDATES

    ·Doing fundraisers (approaching $600,000 now)

    ·Soliciting contributions from fatcat elitists outside
    Of Mchenry county

    ·Soliciting MORE contributions from Unions & Teacher pacts

    ·Getting endorsements from anyone he can

    ·Going on WGN (?) To self proclaim himself king &
    Talk endlessly about himself

    ·Giving meaningless statements to the NWH to print

    ·Appearing at parades with his paid minions

    ·Making public statements about scabies outbreak at
    Valley Hi which probably has hurt their reputation
    For years to come & also decreased NEW private pay
    Patient INCOME (huge public blunder)

    ·Stirred the pot with employees, patients & families of Valley Hi, getting people more upset than they already were.

    ·Setting up the cut 10 website ( from a guy who doesn’t DO MATH or have a plan OR CLUE how to do it)

    ·Set up these town hall meetings that showcase his huge ego & meaningless speeches about past accomplishments as state rep .

    All Franco has ‘worked tirelessly’ at is becoming
    The career politician COUNTY IDIOT !

  5. Of course Jack can be trusted.

    His first vote downstate was for his leader Madigan following each election.

    He also can be counted on for a faux vote fainting that he has a few basic conservative values similar to his constituents back home.

    Easy to do when vote doesn’t count.

    He claims to want to cut property taxes, after years downstate how is that working out for McHenry County, now he wants to be king of the county.

    His grandstanding on local board member pensions, somewhere around $200 a month, while he amasses his fortune with no thought of giving that back.

    Please Jack don’t claim to serve us, you only serve yourself and your ego.

  6. There was another question Jack refused to answer:

    “Mr. Franks, are you or are you not a LIER”.

  7. Did people SEE the BLAZE coming
    From Jacko’s PANTS & his wooden
    NOSE GROWING at least a foot ?

  8. The question Jack Franks would not answer at the Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Jack Franks for County Board Chair campaign event at Woodstock North High School.

    Does Jack Franks support maintaining the current policy of the McHenry County Health Department that parental consent be obtained prior to dispensing birth control drugs and devices to minors?

    A lot of parents don’t know their child can get free or low cost birth control from almost every county health department in the United States without parental consent.

    McHenry County is one of the few exceptions.

    Voters have a right to know where Jack Franks stands on this issue.

    McHenry County is able to have such a policy because they refuse federal Title X Family Planning funding which has a string attached that parental consent cannot be required in providing birth control to minors.

  9. State Representatives make nearly $68,000 a year in salary plus more than $110 per diem for every day in session.

    They are the fifth highest paid legislators in the country.

    And as taxpayers we contribute another nearly $72,000 a year to cover the retirement plans of legislators.

    Jack Franks has served since 1999, sixteen years.

    Pension benefits are based on pay and length of service.

    Kirk Dillard, who served 20 years, is eligible for more than $72,000 in annual benefits, all paid by the hardworking taxpayers of Illinois.

    Franks isn’t far behind and is already eligible to collect benefits.

    Now Franks wants to be top dog in McHenry County at a pay rate of more than $82,000, plus benefits costing us more than $21,000.

    While Springfield has been controlled by Democrats for four decades, McHenry County has been largely Republican.

    We haven’t been able to do much about Springfield but we have kept conservative values alive here at home.

    This includes the notion that parents should raise their own kids and that kids cannot make adult decisions independent of their parents.

    There are things that Democrats/liberals do very well.

    They spend other peoples money as fast as they can take it.

    They find new and creative ways to tax us more.

    They take away our liberties every chance they get.

    They attempt to raise our kids as part of some national community, imposing their own brand of “anything goes” morality, if such it could be called, on the collective.

    And they promote dependence on government so that government can lord it over those who would acquiesce.

    The average American pays an effective tax rate of 31.5% just to cover income and payroll taxes.

    Property taxes in Illinois are the highest in the country.

    All of those “fees” you are charged for everything from getting license plates renewed to getting a permit are really just taxes.

    Food, utilities, gas, virtually everything you purchase is taxed. Illinois collected more than $39 BILLION in taxes in 2014.

    They spent more than $69 billion in 2015.

    43% of that is listed under OTHER.

    OTHER includes state pensions.

    We are paying the politicians to become the rich elite who lord over us serfs.

    We are forced by the laws they write to give up more than half of what we earn to them to spend as they see fit and they are getting rich and powerful as a result.

    Meanwhile, we suffer at their hands more and more each day.

    So if you put all of this together you can see that, in order to move Illinois, and certainly more conservative counties like McHenry, toward the liberal agenda, Madigan cronies like Jack Franks must win their home counties.

    The Progressive agenda demands reliance on government.

    Title X funding would bring more money into the county, but at the cost of being forced to dance on the strings of the Washington puppet masters.

    But even that would just be one of the steps in the wrong direction.

    The Democrat party as a whole stands united in their desire to inflict their amoral agenda on the rest of us.

    If you believe that Jack Franks is not party to that you are not paying attention.

    I believe that Jack Franks wants to be the king of McHenry County and the hero to the Democrats by moving the county irrevocably to the left.

    Are you prepared for that?

    Or do you believe that you are capable of managing your own life and family without the government interfering?

    Jack Franks would be just one step of the many that could write a horribly Progressive future for us.

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