Attempted Marengo Break-In Thwarted by Dogs

Kristin Ottolino of the Citizen’s Alert Network reports the following:

Hickory and Cottonwood in Marengo

Hickory and Cottonwood in Marengo.  (The 47 is not State Route 47.  It is Deerpass Road.)

In Marengo early September 5th, 2016 between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m., on Hickory Lane by Cottonwood Dr., a couple was awakened to the sound of their dogs barking and the slamming of their front door.

Apparently, the burglars opened the front door, were startled by the dogs, and slammed it closed behind them, waking the couple up.

After phoning the police, the couple were told to make sure they lock everything up, cars included, because apparently there have been people taking garage door openers out of unlocked cars, waiting until people go to work, and then entering via their own garage door openers.

Thankfully, the couple was not hurt and nothing was missing.

That being said, PLEASE do NOT leave your garage door openers in your vehicles without locking them.

And please lock your doors.

Again, both alarm systems and surveillance camera systems are so inexpensive these days.

Please don’t wait until something happens to purchase one, the other, or both.

Obviously, having a big dog or two is never a bad idea either.


Attempted Marengo Break-In Thwarted by Dogs — 1 Comment

  1. Protected by Smith& Wesson.

    God help the first six assholes across the threshold.

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