Algonquin Township GOP Sets Fundraiser

The Algonquin Township Republican Party has set a fall fundraiser for a couple of weeks before the November election.

It will be on Saturday, October 22nd at d’Andrea’s at the intersection of Routes 14 and 31.

The price is $35 and the event starts at 11 AM.

The Algonquin Township Republican Party's October 22nd fundraising invitation.

The Algonquin Township Republican Party’s October 22nd fundraising invitation.

I don’t know if there are special prizes for those who can identify the people named on the invitation, but there should be.

I know none of them, unless Charles Carroll is the Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a man from my home state of Maryland who signed his name with the name of his town so King George’s man would go after the right Carroll.

Carroll College is named after him. ¬†And Carroll College is the originator of the Chicago Bears “C.”


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