Keanneally Promises Sex Crimes Unit

A press release from Republican State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally:

Patrick Kenneally – “Sex Crimes are a Top Priority.”

Republican Candidate to Create a Sex Crimes Unit

From his daily courtroom work as prosecutor handling sex crime cases Patrick Kenneally, Republican candidate for McHenry County State’s Attorney, has witnessed firsthand the trauma sex offenders inflict on their victims, especially children.

Patrick Kenneally“Survivors of these horrific crimes endure not only the brutality of the crime, but they suffer psychological pain for a lifetime. It’s heartbreaking,” Kenneally said.

“Worst, many victims are chosen because they are the most vulnerable among us. Many suffer in silence for years if not a lifetime. These cases deserve my special attention.“

Kenneally in recognition of the sensitivity and importance of prosecuting sex offenders will appoint two full-time, seasoned felony prosecutors to specialize in these cases.

“Prosecutors that handle sex offense cases must be particularly sensitive and adept at dealing with survivors of these crimes, especially children.

“Statute of limitation issues, new laws and trial tactics are unique to sex cases.

“Having specialists prosecute these crimes will ensure sexual predators are held accountable.”


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  1. I think this is great.

    The suffering and fear the victim must go through has to be dramatic.

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