Unions Pony Up $2,000 for Bartman

Some money from John Bartman’s recent fundraiser finally made it to the banks, according to the State Board of Elections web site.

John Bartman

John Bartman

Two unions are reported to have given $1,000 apiece:

  • Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
  • McHenry County Building Trades Council

Bartman is running to replace State Rep. Jack Franks.

His Republican opponent is Steve Reick.


Unions Pony Up $2,000 for Bartman — 8 Comments

  1. Ah yes, it’s Christmas time in September
    For Bartman & Zettler getting their checks
    From the unions & teacher’s pacs.
    Fa la la la la . . . gag. :-\

  2. He will sell himself as just a regular guy but I hope we can all smell a rat here!

    If he goes down state it will be more of the same Madigan sell out we have now.

    We need to be represented not sold out to the unions.

    Go Steve!!

  3. Bartman is about as qualified to be
    A state rep as a local MC farm animal
    Compared to Steve Reick .

    Just like Jacko he will OWE all his
    VOTES to Madigan, unions & teacher’s

    Bartman’s a PAC animal now & can
    PEOPLE from MC county.

  4. The Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters is an umbrella organization consisting of many Carpenter union locals.

    One of those union locals is Carpenters Local 2087, whose territory is exclusively McHenry County.

    Ron Eck Jr. is:

    – the Recording Secretary (former President) in Carpenters Local 2087, and as such is an officer in that union local. 2013 compensation for this position was $6,936 gross salary and $7,290 total compensation.

    – a union organizer (business representative) for the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters. 2013 compensation for this position was $98,735 gross salary and $105,307 total compensation, per Federal union labor filings.

    – Adding the two, 2013 gross salary was $105,671, and total compensation was $112,597, per Federal union labor fililngs.

    – During public comments regarding prevailing wages and the Governor Bruce Rauner administration’s Turnaround Agenda at a Campton Hills Village Board meeting on April 21, 2015, Ron Eck reported he represents 30,000 union Carpenters in the Chicagoland area, which would presumably be the number of Carpenters covered in the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters.

    – challenged the nominating petitions of Steve Reick for 63rd District State Representative. Nominating petitions allow the candidate to appear on an election ballot, which in this case was the March 15, 2016 primary.

    – wrote letter to Northwest Herald claiming that businessman Vince Foglia is a Cook County donor, when he resides in Lake County and the business he founded is in McHenry County.

    – Was on Jack Franks’ Host Committee flyer for a McHenry County fundraiser in 2015.

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