412 Vets with 70% or More Disability Exempt from Real Estate Taxes This Year

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines the level of a Veteran’s disability.

A bill took effect last year which allowed Veterans who are 70% or more disabled, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, to be exempt from property taxes.

McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments Robert Ross explains,

“In 2015 there were 412 vets with at least 70% disability that received 100% tax exempt status for $24,864,195 in assessment loss or about $3,000,000 dollars in taxes [for this year’s tax payments.]

“There are 421 disabled vets that receive 100% exempt status based on 70% disability or higher in 2016.  The assessed value exempted will be $26,781,827 in 2016, payable in 2017.

“This will be over $3,000,000 in taxes that will have to picked up by other taxpayers.”

This year the County Treasurer is supposed to college $823,699,731.68 in property taxes, so $3 million is a really tiny fraction of one percent.

One public official said a Vet receiving such an exemption had moved to a much more expensive home.

“I’d do that, too, if I didn’t have to pay any taxes,” I was told.


412 Vets with 70% or More Disability Exempt from Real Estate Taxes This Year — 16 Comments

  1. And 410 of them are gaming the system.

    I know plenty of folks that are able to work and yet they file disability.

    Many people have begged us to file.

    (He’s mostly deaf from a mortar that went off right in front of him the day before leaving Nam.)

    My husband will not do it because he has integrity.

    So here we are a Viet Nam Marine Corp. veteran and his spouse paying for all the snowflake people that are whiners and cry babies.

    And yes, I know people that are moving to larger houses just because of this windfall.

    Nice American Dream.

  2. Gaming the system is as American as Apple Pie.

    Until the system of vote for me I’ll take care of you stops it will just get worst.

    Pick a gov program, any one of how many, game on.

    Of course we aren’t alone as a country at playing games.

    To some degree we all play the game, mud splatters in all directions.

  3. Nob-that’s bullcrap.

    Vets who are disabled and receiving the benefits promised to them by our Government ( and I use that term loosely) for their service in the military that preserved our freedoms (limited that they are) aren’t “gaming the system”.

    Most can, and do, work jobs;a few cannot.

    Picking up their share of taxes for what they’ve done for our Nation, is small payment; you should be ashamed of yourself for your thinking on this.

    I am, for you.

  4. AZ, I’m a disabled Vet and have personal knowledge of what I stated.

    Not all game the system of course, just like all the other gov programs that I also mentioned.

    I don’t remember being offered free property taxes as part of joining up either.

    I’m not against all the benefits we receive, just those that take advantage when they don’t need to.

    Like gov pensions, the benefits promised by the politicians to get reelected are excessive.

  5. Cindy said: “So here we are a Viet Nam Marine Corp. veteran and his spouse paying for all the snowflake people that are whiners and cry babies.”

    Your husband deserves my thanks for his service and if he chooses to forego any military benefits, that’s great – that’s his choice. However, insulting other vets who apply for benefits is just plain wrong.

    Now, I don’t know your situation and I don’t want to; it’s none of my business. That said, the story mentioned that the tax credits for the 412 veterans total,”a tiny fraction of 1%” of total taxes.

    An average homeowner in McHenry County pays what, $6000 per year? Let’s say those property taxes are bumped up by .5% (1/2 of 1%) – we would be talking about $30 of increased taxes. That sixty cents per week could conceivably be a hardship for some people but the average $6000 per year savings for a combat veteran could make a huge difference and it is worth it to me.

    Even if they don’t have the “integrity” (as you put it) that your husband does, they are still combat veterans who have sustained permanent injury. I am willing to pony up an additional $30 each year in order to help the men and women who have served our nation and sustained a permanent injury as a result.

  6. John? I’m not talking about those with permanent injuries. They are well deserving. I’m talking about the snowflakes. The ones that are perhaps angry because they were lied to? And now they are going to claim every single fake disability they can. (And we help those truly affected in every single way possible that have sustained permanent degradation of life only because of there truly unselfish service to their fellow man.) Did you serve, John? Do you even know what I speak of? $30 a year doesn’t get back the quality of life that they gave up. Do you feel vindicated from guilt by saying that?

  7. The JohnOneill rationale for taxation, is exactly why McHenry County is now one of the highest taxed in the Nation.

    Just “sixty cents a week” and here we get to adopt a vet. Those .05 percent increases sure do add up with all these jackal taxing entities in McHenry, using the same thought process.

    When I get the ‘only sixty cent per week’ solicitation in the mail, to save the red speckled house fly. I have the option of placing the offer directly in the trash can. I don’t need yet another government ‘offer’, under the guise of the politically correct thing to do, jammed down my wallet.

  8. Less than 14% of the general population are veterans.

    Less than 1% of the current military eligible age population served.

    Less than .53% of all veterans are combat veterans-
    I say they earned it.

    If you think getting 70% disability is easy, I say raise your hand, serve your country and prove it.

    @Cindy- I gratitude to your husband for raising his hand and taking the oath- but if you think being 60 Plus years old and being hard of hearing will get you 70% you are sadly mistaken.

    It is not a level that is attained easily nor one that doesn’t warrant benefit.

    To take advantage of a benefit offered is not gaming the system-


    No veteran group was behind this bill-

  9. This bill was clearly a “reward” to those who served from those who stayed home and felt no inconvenience.

    Some went to war- others went to the mall.

    The active duty military is the true 1%, people.

    Don’t disparage a veteran for taking advantage of a benefit offered, Cindy- it has nothing to do with your supposed “integrity” What BS statement.

    I am offended on behalf of the 4 generations of my family that served or currently VOLUNTARILY serve.

  10. I talked to a Veteran wearing a hat at Jack Franks’ McHenry Town Hall meeting who told me he had been trying to get the bill passed for years.

  11. Cindy:

    “Did you serve, John? Do you even know what I speak of? $30 a year doesn’t get back the quality of life that they gave up. Do you feel vindicated from guilt by saying that?”

    You seem to have a lot of anger. I’m sorry.

    D J:

    I have no interest in saving the red speckled house fly or any other frivolous attempt at raising taxes. “Sixty cents a week” is not rationale for raising taxes. Rather, the rationale is to lighten the load for those who have suffered permanent injury in the service of our country.

    God bless us all.

  12. Inish? As usual you are half right and half wrong.

    I speak specifically of the many many veterans I KNOW; and I still have plenty of anger at the ones that ARE NOT DISABLED yet they use the system.

    The ones that are disabled have a Hell of a time getting any tiny pittance of help.

    The more seer the disablity, the further from being care for seems to be the rule here.

    Your argument doesn’t hold any water.

    Let’s leave vets out of it completely and just consider the plain fact that you will find people in every walk of life that are welfare queens gaming the system.

    Don’t even go there when talking about veterans if you are just emotional, guilt ridden, and have no facts!

    People like John and Inish are defending these cheats with their bleeding heart rhetoric.

    Also, Inish?

    From statements you have made elsewhere, I am quite positive you have no clue what integrity is.

    Accusing me of bs is offensive to my five generations of protecting your right to be a clueless nitwit.

  13. We can’t give enough to our veterans for the sacrifices they have made, and while we are at it, the seniors that turn 65 should be exempt too.

    Stop supporting Iran and other foreign countries and illegal aliens and take care of our veterans, seniors and homeless and sick, first, then help the world when our citizens are taken care of.

    Try to get benefits if you are a citizen verses a foreigner they will be approved and you will have to fight.

  14. Cindy go to war and come back and tell us about it.

    Most Vietnam Vets never even talk about their service because the public treated them like baby killers when they came home.

    We should be crawling on our hands and knees asking them to forgive us for our treatment of them after that war.

    It seems no one learned from that mistake, we ruined so many from getting jobs ,keeping jobs, we added to the susede drugs and alcohol problems they had, more than any other war veterans coming home.

    We can’t give them enough to make up for it.

    They are still dying from agent orange and a small number of conditions are approved for disability, if it isn’t on the list tough luck.

    Go to some va centers and see how many are denied for years and die of the exposure.

    I am glad you husband only lost his hearing it could have been worse.

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