A Daughter Tells of Her Mother’s Experience at Valley Hi

Valley Hi Nursing Home

Valley Hi Nursing Home

This past weekend, a Friend of McHenry County Blog was vehement in her defense of the management of McHenry County’s nursing home, Valley Hi.

I asked her to write down a bit of her observations.  You can read them below:

My Mother is a resident at Valley Hi and I feel strongly that she is being very well cared for.

I find all staff to be very helpful and friendly.

Everyone keeps me very well informed on her health condition, activities she does, and even the chef, who cooks for all residents manages to tell me what she eats or doesn’t eat, and what he can do to help her eat better. Really….

We visit often and have come to know many of the resident’s, so it’s not just my Mother, all the residents are well taken care of.

Everyone should follow the staff for a day to see just what they have to do and with smiles on their faces.

Now let me address the scabbies issue.

Valley Hi did everything they needed to do to treat everyone including their staff and families.

We had notification constantly every few days.

I was in contact with Valley Hi and my Mother all the time and everyone was happy to let me know what they were doing and walk me through the process.

Can’t imagine how much work that was times every resident, cleaning bed linens, clothes, shoes, showering and medicating everyone, not once but twice [a week apart to make sure to get any eggs that had hatched after the first treatment].

If everyone who uses their computers to find a good restaurant or vacation spot took 5 minutes and did their homework they would have discovered Valley Hi was doing their job!!

A huge “Thank You “should be given to Valley Hi for their services and the dedication of all who work there.

At each of his Town Hall Meetings, Jack Franks rants about poor management at Valley Hi and how everyone will be “held accountable.”


A Daughter Tells of Her Mother’s Experience at Valley Hi — 14 Comments

  1. Since Jack Franks refuses to reveal his alleged plan for a 10% reduction in the tax levy for the County taxing district (McHenry County) until after the election, all we can do is speculate about what may be in any such alleged plan.

    In the above article is the comment that Jack Franks rants about poor management at Valley Hi and how everyone will be “held accountable.”

    Mr. Franks could attempt to use such arguments to support any case for selling Valley Hi or some sort of outsourcing.

    Various healthcare organization have contributed to the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC.

    Where is supporting documentation for the allegations by Mr. Franks regarding the poor management at Valley Hi?

    Illinois nursing home regulator reports?

    Written or recorded statements from anyone?

    Valley Hi or County Board minutes?

    Complaints from SEIU Local 73 Valley Hi RN & LPN bargaining unit?

    Complaints from SEIU Local 73 Valley Hi Support Staff bargaining unit?

  2. People who receive government subsidies really, really like their handout. That’s not a reason for the handout to continue.

  3. Jacko, you DUFUS, SHUT IT
    About the scabies outbreak
    At Valley Hi !

    You are hurting it’s reputation
    Which DIRECTLY effects getting
    New private pay patients & revenue !

    STOP talking about Valley Hi to give
    Yourself a talking point for your
    Campaign !

  4. I’ve been involved in the lives of seniors for years and I can tell you that, if I needed to go into a nursing home, Valley Hi would be my first choice… bar none.

    I’ve walked the halls as a visitor, been on tours as a prospective client (for my late Father-in-law), sat in the meetings as a citizen.

    More importantly, I’ve been to probably two dozen facilities with similar capabilities.

    None of them could hold a candle to Valley Hi.

    Scabies can happen anywhere.

    I’ve not heard anyone in this industry say that anything done there was anything but on the mark.

    Did people work long hours, of course.

    That’s what happens when calamity strikes.

    This is not a pretty business.

    A lot of what we do is not glamorous.

    But the staff at Valley Hi does the best job of any i’ve ever seen.

  5. Joe Tirio, can we interpret your praise for Valley Hi as an endorsement of its mission–a taxpayer funded nursing home?

    If so, can you answer two quick questions?

    1. How does this jive with your general campaign platform of lowering taxes?

    2. What is your vision for the role of county government in our lives, and how does Valley Hi fit into that vision? Do you believe in limited county government (an Austrian Economics, libertarian role of government)? Do you believe that county government should be the end-all-be-all solution to all problems facing our community, even when those needs can be met by the free market (the modern Democratic Party’s platform)? Or you believe it should be somewhere in the middle? Can you discuss the theoretical basis for your answer so that we know where you’re coming from?

    And don’t interpret question 2 as being snotty. It’s not intended to be snotty, or gotcha, or whatever. It’s important for politicians to talk about their principles rather than just their solutions to specific problems so that we can use those principles to predict how you’d govern in yet unforeseen scenarios.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Remember that the Valley Hi Nursing Home has pretty much broken even under Administrator Tom Annarella.

  7. “Remember that the Valley Hi Nursing Home has pretty much broken even under Administrator Tom Annarella.”

    On the books, sure.

    But for an organization as big as the County of McHenry, I’m confident that there are some expenditures that don’t get recorded on Valley Hi’s ledger.

  8. Valley Hi operates as a separate business and is not subsidized by the rest of county government.

    It is what is called an “enterprise fund.”

  9. So what you’re saying is that the County sends Valley Hi a bill for all the services it provides (HR, payroll, telephones, attorneys, insurance coverage, etc.)?


    Well then it’s subsidized by the rest of County government.

    It’s just that those subsidies don’t get charged against Valley Hi’s ledger so it appears on paper to be breaking even.

    It isn’t.

  10. Or let’s sell it and be done with the socialist experiment in local government.

  11. Wow.

    We actually have a taxpayer funded enterprise that is working as it should; providing elderly & disabled people a safe and dignified care-home, and some people want to trash it.

    Thank you Joe Trio for your personal overview.

    Do you naysayers ever consider that there are those of us who do not have family resources, investments, or pensions beyond social security to live on?

    I am proud to live in a county that has this resource.

    As far as their taxing situation, that is a county board & citizens discussion. But, please don’t trash Valley Hi itself.

  12. I don’t care if it works.

    I don’t care if it is revenue positive.

    It’s not a proper function of county government.

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