Harvard Man Reports Trump Sign Stolen

A Trump-Pence yard sign.

A Trump-Pence yard sign.

McHenry County Blog showed vandalism of a Hillary Clinton sign.

Now, to even the coverage, here a report from the Harvard Police Department about the theft of a Donald Trump sign:


On 09-01-16 at 1155 hrs, a Harvard Resident (m-73 yoa) reported an unknown person(s) took a political sign from his yard sometime over the last week.

How do I know it was a Trump sign?

I asked and that’s what the police report says.


Harvard Man Reports Trump Sign Stolen — 11 Comments

  1. My neighbor take’s his Trump sign in at night..

    I delivered one to a friend left it on her porch…it was gone before she got home

  2. Hopefully she will report the missing sign to the police.

    The article and comment make it at least 2 examples of missing Trump signs in Harvard.

  3. Based on previous posts on this blog, perhaps Mr. Gasser was unable to get the necessary Trump signs that he he promised the group of supporters, and they now have begun to take any Trump sign they see to be part of the Trump support group.

  4. We were given trump signs By the RNP that amounted to 2 per precinct….we were promised more…all precinct committeemen are collecting money to buy more signs….

    Hey Tom Why are you blaming Andrew Gasser?

  5. Hi Tom,

    Please feel free to email me at andrew@andrewgasser.com so we can deliver one for you.

    The sad fact is that many people are stealing Trump signs and we will get more.

    Thank you so much for your concern about our Trump Sign shortage.

    Perhaps you will be at our fundraiser tomorrow night and you can help us achieve that goal?

    Be Blessed Tom,
    Andrew Gasser

  6. On to more heinous crimes…

    Cal, will you post the info on the LITH hit and run yesterday that seriously injured a motorcyclist?

    More exposure increases likelihood of catching the vile person.

  7. To be clear, it’s not like there is an equal rate of sign destruction going on.

    This might happen a little with Clinton signs, but it’s happening all the time with Trump signs.

    Most supporters of Trump refuse to have signs or bumper stickers because they are afraid of the repercussions they could suffer.

  8. Trump-Pence signs will be in tomorrow at the Lake In the Hills, Republican event at the airport.

    All proceeds will go towards purchase of additional signs.

    Bring your checkbook.

  9. Although it is a pretty sad comment on their mafioso tactics; Joe is absolutely right.

  10. While they’re looking for the missing trump sign, maybe they’ll run across my missing Bernie signs.

  11. Were they taken by the few Clinton supporters in McHenry County?

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