Farm Bureau Endorses Skillicorn

A press release from political arm of of the Illinois Farm Bureau:

Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR endorses Allen Skillicorn

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) ACTIVATOR today announced Allen Skillicorn, republican candidate for the 66th state representative district, has been endorsed by the local ACTIVATOR committee.

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

Local trustee members endorsed Skillicorn based on his views, commitment to strengthening Illinois’ business climate and desire to be an advocate for farmers in the 66th state representative district.

Dan Ziller, Jr., lives on a farm near Huntley.

Dan Ziller, Jr., lives on a farm near Huntley.

According to Dan Ziller, ACTIVATOR trustee committee chairman, Skillicorn believes agriculture is a critical part of the economy in the State of Illinois.

He supports the preservation of the agriculture sales tax exemption on seed, fertilizer, farm equipment and machinery. Skillicorn also understands the hard work farmers put in on a day to day basis to raise the food, fuel, and fiber that are needed not only in Illinois, but around the world.

“The ACTIVATOR Trustee Committee agreed that Allen Skillicorn is the candidate for the job,” Ziller said.

“We look forward to helping him get elected as State Representative for the 66th State Representative District.”

The endorsement by IFB ACTIVATOR places Skillicorn in a group of select individuals who understand the leading role agriculture plays in Illinois. It proves that he comprehends the benefits of agriculture, Illinois’ largest economic sector.

ACTIVATOR, Illinois Farm Bureau’s Political Involvement Fund, is a voluntary, non-profit, segregated fund promoting the economic and social well-being of farmers which seeks to help elect pro-farm candidates no matter their party affiliation. ACTIVATOR trustees are local Farm Bureau leaders representing each county in the Illinois General Assembly Legislative District.


Farm Bureau Endorses Skillicorn — 4 Comments

  1. Same group gives money to Franks and Madigan if you needed another reason to question their judgement.

  2. Anyone who puts up campaign signs for a local election 4+ months before the election just failed to get my vote.

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